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He explained:

""No Rain" come from as soon as I an initial moved to California, and also I was play songs top top Venice Beach because that change. Ns was having to come up through the material during the mainly after my construction job, and then ns would gain my guitar and also go under to the beach and open up a etc case. I"d beat on the Venice beach boardwalk for change, for sufficient money come pay because that parking and also chicken teriyaki. The was my weekend.

And it was motivated by just how hard it remained in LA. I had actually bouts of depression and the whole, "What am ns doing the end here? Am i going to go back to Mississippi? I"m never ever going back to Mississippi." ns would simply fight it and also stick to mine guns. Like, "I want to be a musician, I want to it is in out below in California. Ns don"t want to go ago home." I had actually nobody the end here. There was no family; i didn"t know a spirit out here at first.

So the song is about not being able to get out that bed and also find sorry to confront the day when you have actually really, in a way, nothing. The was choose rock bottom. Ns wasn"t also on medicine or drinking. It was just tough. The was simply a tough allude in my life. And also the cool thing around that song, i think a lot of civilization do analyze those text properly and can connect with that on the level, whereby "I don"t know why ns sleep all day and also I start to complain the there"s no rain." It"s simply a line about, I"d fairly it be raining so I have the right to justify myself by laying in the bed and not act anything. However it"s a sunny day, so walk out and also face it.

So that"s where the lyric and also the tune was inspired from, is just having to create songs. Climate being in the state the mind i was in and also having to come up with product to go play under on the beach for change. I played that song on the coast for change for end a year before Shannon Hoon in reality joined the band and also really make that tune a hit. I think that was a great song, and also Shannon made the a good song."

The track is the band"s highest-charting song, getting to number 20 on the us Billboard hot 100, and also number-one ~ above both the Album rock Tracks and contemporary Rock monitor charts.

Official Music Video

The ide for the official video clip was inspired by the "Blind Melon" album cover, which attributes a 1975 photograph of Georgia Graham, the younger sisters of blind Melon drummer valley Graham.

Heather DeLoach to be the very first to audition because that the role of the bee girl, and because she resembled Graham"s sister for this reason much, manager Samuel Bayer, who likewise directed "Smells like Teen Spirit," decided her.

Heather DeLoach recalled to MTV News her audition for the punishment girl:

They told me Sam didn"t watch at any other tapes. I went in v my hair in braids and also wearing those chunky glasses since they said to look nerdy. My mommy said we had to discover some glasses prior to we went in, so we ran to a local mall right prior to the audition and bought them, and Sam preferred them so lot they"re the very same ones I used in the video.

Brad smith recalled:

"At the time we to be doing "No Rain," it to be like, "This is great." yet I felt this way about every the various other videos. So you simply never know. Sam Bayer to be a killer director and shot one amazingly beautiful video clip that had a storyline in it, and people linked with that punishment girl. We carried the bee girl to life that was ~ above the front of the album cover."The video made #22 on MTV"s greatest Videos ever Made Countdown at the end of 1999.

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Rogers Stevens

Rogers Stevens provided his "Blind Melon" Strat for this recording. This guitar can be viewed in the official video for the song.

He defined the story behind this guitar:

"I to buy the guitar in Hollywood in 1991 at a music keep on Santa Monica Blvd. It was a new 1962 reissue design ... I"m assuming a so late "80"s design ... Creamy yellow color with a rosewood board. Ns seem come remember the neck gift on the chunky side — I"ve had Strats that the same make that felt somewhat slimmer. Overall, I"d say that etc was a little on the heavy side because that my taste. I favor Strats to be super-light. Anyway, I taped the entire very first record through that guitar, but nothing beyond that. Us were doing a festival gig in Europe (Glastonbury or Reading, ns think) and the jack shorted out. Ns took the guitar and also sort the "dropped" the by mine amp since I couldn"t uncover a stand adjacent and there was fairly a bit of adrenaline going in ~ the moment. For reasons I will never understand, Shannon take it this together an indication that i was completely done v the guitar and would never pick it ago up again. Probably in part antiquated common law scheme, one can say ns no longer had possession of the guitar, so i must"ve surrendered ownership. whatever the case, Shannon instantly picked, smashed it, and also threw it out into a group of around 300,000 drunken Englishmen. Ns wasn"t really heartbroken, i guess ... There will constantly be various other guitars the end there. I"ve frequently wondered what happened to it and would it is in happy come buy that back. I doubt it"s buried in the mud out there in the field…"

Christopher Thorn

Christopher mandrel plays the acoustic part of the song. That is seen using assorted Gibson acoustic guitars (notably J-45 and also Hummingbird models) in the official video and throughout live performances. lyrics to no rain by blind melon meaning