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You are watching: Maple story how to level up fast has actually a vast array of means to assist you level-up faster and become ready to hunt an ext and an ext powerful foes!

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Link & Legion System

All work possess Link an abilities which deserve to be common with other characters on the exact same account and also server, and also a couple of of lock are an especially useful for speeding up your leveling speed.


Link skill - Elven BlessingLevel-up your Mercedes character to transfer link Skills! You can transfer Link skills to other characters that will allow you to earn an additional 10% EXP when you reach Lv. 70, and secondary 15% EXP once you reach Lv. 120.Link skill - Combo kill BlessingLevel-up her Aran character to transfer link Skills! You can transfer Link an abilities to other personalities that will enable you to permanently earn secondary 400% Combo death Orb EXP when you with Lv. 70, and second 650% EXP as soon as you with Lv. 120.Link ability - Rune PersistenceLevel-up her Evan character to transfer attach Skills! You can transfer Link skills to other personalities that will increase Rune expression by 30% once you reach Lv. 70, and also by 50% once you reach Lv. 120.Attacker impact - ZeroPlace Zero characters as a Legion member to receive an . Once you reach Lv. 130, 160, 180, 200, and also 250, you"ll gain second 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12% EXP respectively.

Field Hunting

Try come look for searching zones that have actually turned into Burning Fields since they have been untouched through Maplers because that a long time. You deserve to enjoy in between 10% and 100% extr EXP through battling there!


* Only areas with Lv. 100+ monster can become Burning Fields.


Mysterious stones called Runes may unexpectedly appear in hunting grounds! Activate this Runes to gain a 2x EXP bonus and also other special impacts that last because that 2 minutes. Learn much more in the Rune Maple Guide!


Rune buff durations will boost if you carry Evan"s link Skills.

Combo Orbs

You can develop combos v the more monsters you eliminate without acquisition a break. Every time you reach 50 combos, a Combo Orb will certainly be created, which you can insurance claim for bonus EXP, and also the higher your combos, the more EXP you deserve to earn.



Even if girlfriend exceed 2,000 combos, friend can also earn gold Combo Orbs because that as long as you store the combo going.Transferring Aran"s Link an abilities will boost the quantity of EXP earned native Combo Orbs.

Party Buff

Party buff, a boon that"s unique to party play! type a party v a character with the explorer job "Bishop" and also have them usage their holy Symbol ability to buff girlfriend with second 50% EXP.


Additional EXP can additionally be earned while using Night Lord"s "Showdown", Demon Slayer"s "Demon Cry", and also Pirate"s "Roll that the Dice" skills.

EXP Coupons

EXP coupons allow you come earn extr amounts of EXP from searching monsters, and can it is in earned in a variety of ways:

1. 2x EXP coupons deserve to be earned through the  attendance check.


2. EXP coupons deserve to be claimed from Sunday"s Monster Park boxes.


3. Rest EXP coupons have the right to be got if you have actually been missing from because that a duration of time.

The much more days friend don"t log in in, the much more EXP coupons you deserve to earn.

Absent because that 2 or more daysAbsent because that 3 or much more daysAbsent because that 4 or much more daysAbsent because that 5 or more daysAbsent for 6 or much more days
2X EXP Coupon (15 min) x3
2X EXP Coupon (15 min) x4
2X EXP Coupon (15 min) x5
2X EXP Coupon (15 min) x6
2X EXP Coupon (15 min) x7

Use Items

Some other items will likewise grant EXP bonuses when used:

1. The too much Gold potion from the Monster Park Coin shop will certainly give second 10% EXP for 30 minutes.


2. The EXP buildup Potion will certainly give secondary 10% EXP because that 2 hours.



You can have EXP coupons, extreme Gold Potions and also EXP accumulation Potions in ~ the exact same time and also they will certainly stack through each other.However, girlfriend cannot usage 2 EXP buildup Potions at the very same time (but can be used alongside other impact potions).Effects from some EXP coupons can not stack v each other.

3. "E.X.P. Entropy" will rise EXP earned indigenous Kritias by 50% for 1 hour.



How to earn added EXP using Equip items.

1. Pendant the the Spirit


The Pendant the the heart is a pendant the grants extr EXP the much longer you have it equipped.

How to acquire a Pendant the the Spirit

Fairy Bros" day-to-day Gift Attendance CheckSunday"s Monster Park BoxMu Lung Dojo point ShopEvent RewardsEXP Bonus based upon Pendant that the Spirit"s equipped timeUp to an hour ~ equipped1 - 2 hours after equipped2= hours after equipped
10% extr EXP
20% extr EXP
30% extr EXP


You must have the pendant equipped on the personality equipment window in bespeak to knife the additional EXP.You deserve to only equip 1 every character.If girlfriend equip the "Prepared Pendant that the Spirit," you deserve to earn 30% additional EXP instantly upon equipping the item.

2. Kinship Ring


You have the right to earn secondary 10% EXP by having actually this items equipped. If you are in a party v others who have actually a Kinship Ring equipped, girlfriend will obtain an 5% added EXP every party member (up to +30%).


Complete searches with the header to obtain Kinship Rings.

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