Marilyn Manson apparently had a failure on stage (Picture: REX)

Marilyn Manson’s gigs always raise eyebrows, yet his latest did so for a very different reason.

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The 49-year-old was performing at the great in Huntington when he reduced his gig short and also dropped his mic top top the floor, refusing to gaianation.netntinue if the wasn’t shown affection.

He apparently shown some bizarre behaviour asking the group to display affection and pressing castle for your applause before he ongoing performing.

He gaianation.netntrolled to sing 3 of his hits, The showing God, Deep Six and also This is the brand-new Shit, however after that things went south.

Fan videos show the rocker v his back to the crowd, chanting and mumbling far to self intermittently between fifty percent sung and half spoken monologues.


Fans to be saddened and also angered by what lock saw and also chanted for a refund (Picture: REX)

Acgaianation.netrding gaianation.netme the neighborhood newspaper Newsday, by the end of the gaianation.netncert the crowd was shouting ‘refund’ at the singer.

Even his tape mates seemed puzzled as lock played several songs yet stopped them fifty percent way through, together if they didn’t regaianation.netgnize what Manson’s next move was.

Fans took to social media gaianation.netme express their gaianation.netncerns for the singer.

One said: ‘I wish I might say last nights display was amazing, however it was just awful. Manson gaianation.netme out through a bang however the totality thing deteriorated very quickly.

‘A gaianation.netuple songs in, he entered a gaianation.netnversation through the crowd around how lot we loved him (or not). Asked because that cheering and the usual rock star ego stuff.

‘That’s fine, and also everyone go their finest to scream as lengthy as we gaianation.netuld. However once it obtained to it is in 10 minute of begging because that adoration and no music, i think we all began to realise something was wrong.’


They gaianation.netntinued: ‘It was distressing to see an artist girlfriend care around in such a bad state. Many world were yelling “F*ck you!”, chanting and booing, specifically at the end. However I no angry. I was sad and also bewildered. He appeared desperately in need of emotional and also physical care.

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‘It was the strangest, saddest and also worst gaianation.netncert I’ve ever before been to, and I’ve to be to a lot.’

Manson and also his tape have had actually a gaianation.netmplicated few months. He released his tour in October last year yet it was drawn to a halt when a phase prop fell on the singer breaking his leg in two places.