this page contains information as to why the actress Masiela Lusha who played carmen top top the george lopez shows. You will uncover the answer regarding why she left the present <1857>, last Updated: sun Aug 29, 2021

there has been alot of rumors as to why carmen left the show. I love the town hall carmen on the george lopez show. She was really funny. I in reality was going through alot of things she to be going through as a teenager with my paretns, i am every grown increase now, yet i gain watching the show still. Its too negative that lock fired her.. Well, to be honest, ns dont recognize if she was fired or not. In an interview, Masiela admited she was no mexican, ns thought because george lopez was mexican, everyone on this cast was mexican, no that it doesnt matter. It just goes to display you what a good actres masiela was. What perform you prefer the most about masiela? take it this quiz, and you will acquire the answer.

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George Lopez is probably one the the many racist human being in America. He"s a miserable human being that cares just for himself. Everyone that works for him claims he"s self-centered and also mean.
i know this blog is yes, really old however i still clock the george lopez display on nick in ~ night, and i love the show wholeheartedly other than the personality of carmen lopez she"s such a terrible character and really annoying nothing funny around her as for masiela lucha, i have actually no opinion the her, either method but, ns was so glad to view the character of carmen lopez leave the display
i can’t was standing george’s mother character either, especially when she accidentally shed down her house, then her automobile too both v 1000s that dollars in castle then expected george to accept those cases where now the mom began chauffeuring her approximately to and from bars through strangers do out v her in the automobile it was also ridiculous come watch! they do the grandma way too despicable and the mommy too # stunner # sometimes, and carmen just totally to annoying prior to she left, but that can have been planned for this reason we would certainly be happy she left she replacement sucked poor thou!and when the mom wanted the older problem girl to remain in carmen’s room, again, # stunner # illustration
btw, i’m watching it now while posting this since i wanted to discover out why carmen left after ~ i check out a ridiculous comment the was because george suddenly uncovered out she wasn’t latin?? ridiculous!
george lopezfired masiela lusha off the show, simply because he uncovered that she wasn"t a latino emigrant, yet was one emigrant indigenous albania.

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Wow. Way to research. Wrong. Everybody, cast and also crew alike, knew she wasn"t Latina. The wasn"t one issue. Treatment to try again?
she left becuase she had an innovative differences she to be quoted saying "he is funny together an gibbs but poor as a person"
Odd because he hired her to occupational on the display he co developed (anger management) she to be on a few episodes. I don’t think it had actually anything to carry out with him.
those to be rumors, george and also her room close tho on instagram and has claimed if alphabet does carry the show ago she is more then willing ns think castle had an innovative differences and she want to do other things but her and also george to be still well