We all were witness to a surprising and hot change from Matthew back in 2016 — but seeing him again in 2018 is even better, specifically when it’s v Sammi Hanratty.

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While us all remember Matthew as Woody on The Suite Life top top Deck, Sammi also starred in the franchise on the OG show, The Suite Life the Zack and Cody, as Holly, a smart girl who hustled youngsters her age, just like her dad.

Holly ultimately outgrew she thievery and also actually checked out sleep away camp, and had Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) together a counselor.

JJJ Note: and yes, that’s Cierra Ramirez you watch in that throwback pic.

Sammi and Matthew reunited this week and also snapped some significant glow-up pics for all your fans. Examine them out below:

A little suite life reunion even though we were on different ones and also never actually worked together???????????? pic.twitter.com/tfi9Ykuy7W

— new year, brand-new hummus (
MattTimmons) January 8, 2018

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Fri, 28 April 2017

Woody & Addison indigenous "Suite Life ~ above Deck" rejoined & The Glow-Up is So genuine


Matthew Timmons just provided us all the feel — and made our jaws drop every at once!

The former Suite Life ~ above Deck star — who had the most major glow-up ever — rejoined with his on-screen girlfriend, Addison, play by Rachael Kathryn Bell.

The 2 met up for a cool brand-new shoot, all while providing us some significant nostalgia feels.

“#woodyandaddisonforever share this to prove Addison & Woody ended up being the hottest pair off Disney..let’s be honest,” Matt captioned ~ above Instagram.

YES, Addison and also Woody were constantly the ideal couple! (Sorry Cailey)

lover shoot through
abstractcharms and the every time 4eva bae
rachaelkathrynbell excellent by the amazingly sweet and also talented (fellow vegan)
alivialatimer ? #woodyandaddisonforever re-publishing this come prove Addison & Woody came to be the hottest couple off Disney..let's be honest ????????

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matttimmons) on Apr 25, 2017 at 7:55pm PDT

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Photos the 'Matthew Timmons'

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Sat, 30 January 2016

You will certainly Not recognize Suite Life ~ above Deck"s Matthew Timmons anymore (Transformation Pics!)

Matthew Timmons quietly and secretly Neville Longbottom-ed anyone on Earth.

The 23-year-old actor, who you recognize as Woody from The Suite Life on Deck, absolutely left Woody behind after the collection ended.

Just during the last year, Matthew has actually been share hot, hotter, and more than warm pics top top his Instagram.

Check the end all the transformation pics below!

“Here’s the 387th picture of me in this jacket forgive ME because that LOVING THINGS,” Matt joked in his recent pic.

Thanks for every the Twitter and also Insta scream outs and also all! likewise thank you all for all the nice things y'all space saying! ??

— Matt Timmons (
MattTimmons) January 30, 2016

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Wed, 11 march 2015

Brenda Song, Dylan Sprouse & more Mourn "Kirby" Windell D. Middlebrooks death - review Their Tweets

We’re still emotion the suddenly loss that The Suite Life top top Deck‘s Windell D. Middlebrooks.

More that his co-stars took to Twitter after ~ hearing of his passing including Brenda Song, Dylan Sprouse, Matthew Timmons and also Paris Berelc.

In case you let go this sad news, Windell was uncovered unconscious at house on Monday morning (March 9) in the mountain Fernando Valley. He was then transferred by ambulance to a hospital whereby he was found dead. Apparently, it does not show up there was any type of foul pat involved.

Read Brenda, Dylan, Paris and also Matt‘s tweets below:

I am so very heartbroken#WindellMiddlebrooks

— Brenda tune (
BrendaSong) march 11, 2015

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Tue, 26 April 2011

The Suite Life Graduation top top Deck -- first PICS!

JJJ is therefore NOT prepared for this!

Dylan Sprouse, Matthew Timmons, Debby Ryan and Cole Sprouse throw their hats increase in the air in this brand-new quiet from The Suite Life ~ above Deck.

In the series finale “Graduation ~ above Deck,” once Mr. Tipton selling the ship, Zack (Dylan), Cody (Cole), London (Brenda Song) and Bailey (Ryan) find themselves embarking on separate journeys after ~ graduation.

Maya (Zoey Deutch) accepts a peace Corps assignment in Africa and also breaks up v Zack, while Cody and Bailey room anxious around their relationship surviving through college.

As they explore plans for the next chapter in their lives, relationships room tested however they realize street cannot conquer the strong bond formed in between them.

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“Graduation on Deck” premieres next FRIDAY, may 6
8PM ET/PT top top Disney Channel. 20+ pics inside…

Graduation ~ above Deck clip: “The Letter indigenous Yale”

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Thu, 24 in march 2011

Matthew Timmons is a "Friends" Freak!

Matthew Timmons walk crab crazy in this quiet from The Suite Life Movie, premiering FRIDAY on Disney Channel.

We captured up through Matthew, 18, in Vancouver come chat about the movie, twins and also what’s happening with Woody. Inspect it:

On where and also what Woody is doing: “The funny thing around Woody is that, in the movie and the series, he simply bounces around. He’s Zack’s best friend however yet he’s friends v everyone and also in the movie, he’s kind of doing the same thing. That bounces from friend to friend. In the movie, though, Woody start off v Zack. Cody has given this letter to Zack to give to Bailey and we’re trying come ‘lose’ the letter. Then later on, Woody is through Bailey and also trying come be she friend and comfort her.”

On the series finally getting a movie: “I believed it to be great. Finally. Even ago when castle were finishing Zack and also Cody and doing a spinoff On Deck>, i was reasoning ‘Why take under a an excellent show for this reason soon?’ ns was so excited about the movie. That was definitely time. The fans have actually been asking around it because that the longest time. They have been law this for six years and it’s together an established show that we’ve certainly been wait for it.”

On if Woody would certainly be a an excellent match for Bailey or London: “(laughs) ns love this question. Girlfriend know, Cody and Bailey just work so well together that Woody and also Bailey…it’s like Ross and also Rachel on Friends. You can’t yes, really imagine those 2 without every other. And also London…she’s simply in lala land. Ns don’t think London also remembers Woody’s name half the time (laughs). Ns love Brenda, she’s so great at gift London and just a great actress all around. Yet it’s sort of funny, top top the series in some episodes you’ll check out Woody actually gain the girl. Yet after that illustration they never re-appear. Woody’s a player.”

On comparing Suite Life to his obsession, Friends: “I love that show. I deserve to tell friend what’s walking to take place next, the lines…everything. Yet I to be watching it the other night through Debby ago at the hotel and also I preserved really to compare it come our show. The friendships, the whole present is based upon the closeness of 6 friends and it’s actually how ours is. You view Cody and also Bailey, and Zack and also Woody and then there’s London and Moseby (a father number to her). Friend actually view why it’s been on the wait for 6 years.”