Dear Dr. Roach • ns recently had a nuclear stress test together a necessity for a kidney transplant. The results of mine test indicated that I had actually sustained moderate damages to mine heart together the result of a love attack. No further testing can be done since of the feasible effect the dye on my kidneys. Six months later in a follow-up atom test, my results were normal and also I to be told the the difficulty was one artifact. Would you describe what one artifact is? — M.J.N.

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Answer • one artifact, in this context, is something that deserve to keep the check from being interpreted correctly. People often think of clinical tests as critical — the anxiety test mirrors that one of two people you have actually blockages in the arteries in your heart or you don’t — however it typically is no so clear. Even a perfectly normal stress and anxiety test is possible in people with blockages, yet the enlarge the blockage, the much more likely we deserve to see them.

In women, breasts can obscure the photos from the radioactive dye used in a nuclear anxiety test, making the seem as though the inferior section of the heart no getting enough blood, which is among the most common artifacts leading to a false-positive diagnosis (when the test claims there is an abnormality yet there isn’t). It may be the on the follow-up test, the technician walk a much better job of put the camera.

Unfortunately, it also is possible that the second test to be a false-negative test. In the case, the first stress test was correct that you had heart damage, and the second stress test failed to determine blockages in the heart. This happens periodically when there space multiple blockages diffusely in every the blood vessels, since the main thing the doctor interpreting the check is in search of is an ext radiation (meaning an ext blood flow) in one part of the heart compared with another.

In fact, stress tests typically are quite precise at detecting health and disease. Once there room conflicting results, as in your case, occasionally the answer is clear from other data (including typical sense). Other times a an ext definitive check is needed, such as a cardiac catheterization (angiogram). Because these have actually risks, that imperative that the patient discuss with an skilled clinician even if it is the check is likely to provide information worth acquisition those risks.

The booklet on heart attacks, America’s No. 1 killer, explains what happens, exactly how they room treated and how they are avoided. Readers can order a copy by writing: Dr. Roach — No. 102, box 536475, Orlando, Fla. 32853-6475. Enclose a examine or money order for $4.75 with the recipient’s printed name and also address. Please enable four weeks because that delivery.

Dear Dr. Roach • last year ns was treated because that gout and was prescribed allopurinol (100 mg) once a day. Roughly five to 6 months after I started taking it, I ended up being lethargic and also was not feeling myself (I am a very young 77 year old) and also suddenly shed my feeling of taste. I was taken off the medicine and also still have little taste sensation other than citrus fruits, apples and spices. Ns was told that this could last for months, year or forever. Carry out you have any type of suggestions because that me? i am eating together before, hoping that ns will recoup my taste. — N.K.

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Answer • I absolutely found that allopurinol can cause loss that taste sensation, however the Food and Drug administration case reports nothing say exactly how long it can last. Unfortunately, i can’t find any type of reliable way (or even plausible way) to boost the likelihood of gaining your taste emotion back.

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