The expression down to the wire means that there is a tense case in a competition wherein the result is just clear at or near the end.

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Example: There’s just a minute left in this basketball game and also the score is every tied up. Thus, it might be said that this video game is comes down come the wire, due to the fact that it’s difficult to tell that will win.

The origin Of ‘Down come The Wire’

It’s thought this expression originates from steed racing, but why? since in equine races, a cable was often hung across the complete line in stimulate to aid determine the winner. This was especially valuable in races the were really close towards the end. Thus, as the riders approached the finish line, they could be described as coming down to the wire, quite literally. According to World vast Words, the expression is provided in Scribner’s Magazine in July, 1889. Yes sir a story within the magazine title ‘How the Derby was Won’, and it offers some details around a steed race that recently took location at that time, saying:“As the finish of the was standing was got to Timarch operated up to Petrel, and the 2 raced under to the wire, cheered on by the applause that the spectators. They finished the first half mile that the race head and head, passing lapped together under the wire, and also beginning in earnest the mile which was however to be traversed.”So when the expression looks to have actually started with horse races, it later went ~ above to end up being the idiom that is today.

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Sentence Examples

Our school’s more quickly runners are contending in a race and so much they look same matched; so ns think this race will certainly come down to the wire.The trivia video game I played v my family members came to the wire; my two brothers were contending for very first place.Similar Examples:They space both neck and neck, so I have no idea that will come the end on top.This enhance will it is in a photo-finish!Note: are you finished reading about this phrase? If so, there are many more to check out on here! use the list close to the top to find them and also browse with our alphabetical list.Sharing is caring!
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