The fuses in her Mini Cooper are responsible because that anything electrical, so once one that these materials goes awry, you"ll know precisely where come look with help from this article.

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This article uses to the first Gen Mini Cooper (2001-2006).

The Mini Cooper is equipped with two fuse boxes: one is under the hood and one under the dashboard. The two fuse boxes carry fuses that are responsible because that all electrical components. World are frequently shocked once they establish how plenty of parts avoid working since of a an easy fuse. Before taking your vehicle apart come fix tiny issues, constantly go to her fuse box to examine the most basic solution of every –a swollen fuse. Read on to discover some things around the fuse crate in the Mini Cooper.

Fuse crate Locations

Most cars have actually two fuse boxes: one under the dashboard and another under the hood, in the engine compartment. The plan of fuses space different, however. Because that instance, the headlight fuse is different from one auto to the other. Some might have that in the fuse crate that is under the hood, when others could have the in the box that is within the vehicle. The internal fuse box is located on the driver"s side footwell, if the engine compartment"s fuse box is right alongside the battery.

Figure 1. Internal fuse box.

Locating Fuses

Now that you know where the fuse boxes space located, the following thing is to locate the particular fuse you require to check or replace. For instance, anytime something electrical-related goes bad, whether the dome light quit working, or the stereo isn"t playing anymore, the first thing to perform is to examine if the fuse is blown, even before checking the bulb itself. The fuses room designed to cut the electrical flow whenever over there is too much voltage that can cause electrical overheating.

There room two places that will lead you to your wanted fuse. The very first place is your owner"s manual, which has the fuse box diagram that will display you whereby each fuse is located and also what is the responsible for. The second and most usual place is ~ above the back cover the the fuse boxes. So, remove the fuse crate cover, whether it is the inner box or the engine compartment one, then rotate it approximately to watch all the fuses inside.

Figure 2. Earlier of fuse box cover.

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Understanding Fuses

What"s the function of gaining to know the fuses if girlfriend don"t know exactly how to examine them for damage? after you"ve located the wanted fuse, use the plastic fuse removal device that is inside her fuse box to remove that details fuse. Girlfriend can also use your fingers and also remove it that way. When you eliminate the fuse the you wanted to check, host it up to a light to acquire a great visual, and also check the tiny wire inside of it. The cable is designed to break once there is too lot voltage, which create a shortage and also stops the voltage from flow through. If the cable is broken, this means you need a new fuse. If the metal bar is one piece, then the fuse is not the culprit.