Then one day, the mirror claimed to the queen, “Snow White, O Queen, is the fairest of them all.”

Well, eye White ended up being the object of the queen’s hatred.

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The queen couldn’t was standing to have someone fairer 보다 she.

Of course, the story wouldn’t be the same if the queen in reality made an initiative to it is in fairer and gentler than Snow White.



What if the mirror had actually told the queen the she wasn’t kind enough? In yes, really fact, eye White was prettier 보다 the queen, however let’s imagine (we deserve to do that here), that the winter had provided the 5 things that the queen required to execute in bespeak to be the fairest in the land?

Would the queen have actually listened?

I’m walking to danger a guess and suggest that the queen likely wouldn’t have listened come the mirror. She would certainly likely have actually thrown a rock at the mirror and also continued believing she was the fairest.

It’s daunting for the queen to it is in objective around her beauty beauty or, for that matter, her very own faults.

First Place, 2nd Place, No Place

I freshly coached 3 university teams for a service competition. The challenge is open up to current students from schools throughout North America that are right now running a business. The optimal prize is $50,000, and the second-place compensation is $25,000 — a most money, specifically to a college student.



All 3 pitches i coached had wonderful businesses and business plans. All three were weak in the area that financials, and I common pretty lot the exact same advice with each that them. 2 of the groups listened and made tweaks to their pitches. The president of the 3rd team invested over 15 minutes arguing with me as to why he to be unable to carry out a 3- and 5-year forecast. Frankly, it shouldn’t have actually taken that much effort. He just refused come listen.

In the end, the two teams that walk listen and also made the crucial adjustments, not simply to the financials yet to the in its entirety pitch, won the an initial and second place. The team that didn’t listen didn’t also place. It’s no surprise. Their company idea to be excellent, however the chairman was too stubborn to listen to constructive feedback and also to handle criticism. He deflected. In the end, the lost. He will be a very daunting person to it is in in service with, and also although he’s a clever guy, I absolutely wouldn’t invest in one of his ventures.

Are girlfriend the Queen?

Do you hear to constructive feedback?

I have the right to think of a few situations over the last plenty of months wherein I’ve provided constructive feedback come an individual, and they refused to listen, which makes me concern why they involved me in the an initial place.

Given what ns write about (including in mine book, which you can download for cost-free from here), i’m often referred to as to help entrepreneurs with different areas of your business, and what presents as multi-year stagnant revenues and marketing problems might it is in something entirely different. Yes, marketing is likely a problem and needs to be addressed, yet what originally seems like a marketing problem is oftentimes a deeper trouble unrelated come marketing that demands to be handle first.

For example, it’s possible the owner is micromanaging the staff, and also the firm will never expand past the skills of the owner. Or the that company financials room a mess, result in bad cash flow. Both concerns should be addressed prior to addressing the marketing.

Fixing the marketing or rental a manager of Sales to grow the sales team could very well it is in a Band-Aid if no the cash circulation nor micromanaging space fixed.

I wrote a short article titled, “I Love You, you Perfect, currently Change. 5 Things You have the right to Do To come to be a better Boss.” In the post, I created the following:

People flourish by gift self-reflective and by making adjustments come their behavioral patterns. For those who space open-minded, that self-reflection can be cathartic. Because that those who believe they are perfect, the self-reflection could not result in improvement. After ~ all, they believe they space perfect, for this reason there’s no need to change.

I have news for you … if you believe you’re perfect, then you’re more than likely the queen.

If you’ve to be stagnant in the very same crappy job, or your firm sales have been flat for a couple of years, it’s most likely something you’re doing (or no doing).

Queen or Not, Invest in Yourself

Your ideal return ~ above time and dollars invested will be from investing in yourself. What that way is boosting your skills, connections, general and also industry knowledge, and also then — and also most important — your health and fitness.

Approach your investments and learning indigenous the perspective that there is constantly room to improve.

People have no problem throwing money far on apparel they nothing need, big homes, fancy cars, and also so on, yet they balk in ~ the prospect of taking a $1,000 course, a couple of days off to to visit an sector conference in another city, or hiring a consultant to carry out honest, objective feedback when required.

Whatever that is you pick to do, as soon as you identify that you have to make some transforms to the method you’re act things, approach the adjust as a an individual challenge, v an open up mind, and also listen come the feedback. If who is willing to carry out you through constructive criticism, maybe, simply maybe, yes sir a note of truth in what they’re saying.

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