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Being charged with a drug crime have the right to be devastating. In enhancement to delivering stiff sentences, drug crimes can involve substantial fines, frequently in the countless dollars. We have actually represented hundreds of clients charged through drug offenses and also can help you v this daunting time. The complying with is a review of several of the most frequently charged drug crimes.

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Mississippi Possession that a regulated Substance

(A) If less than 2 (2) grams or ten (10) dosage units, through imprisonment for not more than eight (8) years or a fine of not an ext than Fifty thousands Dollars ($50,000.00), or both.

(B) If two (2) or an ext grams or ten (10) or much more dosage units, yet less than ten (10) grams or twenty (20) dosage units, through imprisonment because that not much less than 3 (3) years nor much more than twenty (20) year or a well of not an ext than 2 Hundred Fifty thousand Dollars ($250,000.00), or both.

(C) If ten (10) or much more grams or twenty (20) or more dosage units, however less 보다 thirty (30) grams or forty (40) dosage units, through imprisonment because that not less than five (5) year nor more than thirty (30) year or a good of not much more than five Hundred thousands Dollars ($500,000.00), or both.

Mississippi “Simple Possession” of Marijuana

The an initial convictionearns a fine of in between $100-250;

A 2nd conviction within 2 years earns a well of $250 and also between 5-60 days in the county jail in addition to mandatory participation in a drug education and learning program; and

A third or succeeding conviction within two years earns a $250-500 fine and between 5 days and 6 months in the ar jail.

Possession of larger amounts is punished with harsher penalties:

30-250 grams earnsup come a $3,000 fine and also up to 3 year incarceration;

250-500 grams earns as much as a $50,000 fine and also 2-8 year incarceration;

500 grams to 1 kilogram earns as much as a $250,000 fine and also 4-16 years incarceration;

1-5 kilograms earns a as much as a $500,000 fine and also 6-24 year incarceration; and

More than 5 kilograms earns as much as a $1,000,000 fine and 10-30 year incarceration.

A conviction for the sale, trade, or distribution of marijuana of much less than 30 grams earns a maximum $3,000 fine and also up to 3 year in prison. If the lot is between 30 grams and also 1 kilogram it can earna fine approximately $30,000 and up to two decades in prison. Larger quantities can knife a fine of $5,000-1,000,000 and also up to 30 year in prison. The sale, trade, circulation of more than ten pounds in one by a person over period 21 earns amandatory life-sentence without possibility of reduction, probation, or parole.

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Mississippi likewise punishes because that “trafficking in a controlled substance,” which method when a human commits 3 offenses within 1 year in at least 2 different counties. Trafficking is punished by as much as thirty year in prison.