When it pertains to recording and selling taped music, it is no secret that some artists have many an ext albums marketed than others. But why carry out they have actually the bulk of these records? Is it because they are far better at marketing your music, have great work ethic or are they simply more popular? The reality is, there is no simple answer to this question. Each artist has actually a different way of marketing their music and reaching out to your audience. Part artists count on record sales, and others perform not. Part artists have a team of an innovative talents that ensure that fresh contents is exit cyclically. Specific artists have actually the backing the a label that helps promote them, while others count on live independence promoters. However no matter who promotes your records, they all have one thing in common: the strength of marketing. If one artist deserve to maximise your marketing potential, they can expect come make and also sell more records.

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Now, some artists may not even sell countless records because of their lack of promotion. The fact is that many artists in reality do very well through the assist of a promoter or a label. This is due to the fact that labels and promoters usually have extensive ago catalogues that feature countless different artists" records. Also, this promotional projects usually have the benefit of purchase the rights to distribute music across multiple markets. Even though one artist may not break into the optimal 100 chart with their an initial single, lock will most likely make a dent when they start marketing songs that reach a wider audience.

Other artists have the the contrary problem. While part songs might be renowned with the audience, they may not sell enough to be picked up by a record label. For these artists to create brand-new recordings, lock must additionally spend time writing and also rehearsing. Not just does this take valuable time far from producing music, but it deserve to also impact artists sales and reputation.

A continuous release that albums walk not always equate to sales or success. However, it offers an outlet for artists come maximise their creative flow. Favor they say, "the more, the merrier". Also, with an ext album releases, perhaps there is a higher chance of having actually a smash hit.

Here is a list of part artists v the most albums:

The Fall


Mark E. Smith and also the gang have launched 100 albums in total. This includes 30 studio albums, 35 compilations, 30 live albums, and 5 half studio/half live albums. It"s one amazing degree of consistency, considering the band"s line up changes virtually every 5 minutes.

The main turning point in the Fall"s profession occurred in 1983 when Smith met Brix blacksmith in Chicago as the loss happened to it is in on tour.

The pair married within a couple of days. Brix, who at first played bass, join the team as their second guitarist, replacing Riley; her initial record was 1983"s Perverted through Language.

Smith"s American wife, Brix, lugged a more powerful pop melody feeling on the team, causing 2 U.K. Peak forty hits and recommended full-lengths such as the Frightening, wonderful civilization of the Fall and even This Nation"s saving Grace.

Adopting the contact for Escape course EP, the fall struck increase an alliance v ballerina choreographer Michael Clark, who eventually collaborated on a ballet referred to as I"m Kurious Oranj with note E. Smith.

The fall wrote the music and libretto simply for the ballet and carried out occupational on a couple of occasions in late 1984 and also early 1985; an album top top the music gradually came out in 1988.

By 1985, the Smiths had been collaborating through one another, leading to even an ext organised, melodic song such as the singles "No Bulbs" and "Cruiser"s Creek." Midway v 1985, Steve Hanley had to leave, and classically default Simon Rogers signed up as the short-lived bassist.

The brand brand-new lineup through Rogers videotaped This Nation"s saving Grace presented in 1985 to an excellent reviews. Rogers remained for one added album, 1986"s bend Sinister, despite he remained associated with the fall for plenty of seasons.

Bend Sinister was captured with Burns" replacement, Simon Wolstencroft. Adhering come its release, Rogers was thrived by keyboardist Marcia Schofield, which had earlier played in Khmer Rouge.

Out of every one of the bands produced during the" 70s punk revolution, none to be longer-lived, much an ext prolific, or perhaps an ext revolutionary than the Fall.

Throughout your profession, the band underwent assortment lineup changes, yet in the middle of everything was vocalist mark E. Smith.

The Mancunian artist began an unmistakably special format that frequently stayed far from classic song structures, preferring free form prose ranted end raucous, primitive rhythms motivated by garage rock, Krautrock, dub, follow me with additional types, v the famous ground being hypnotic repetition.

Drawing from influences like paranormal and also dystopian literature, he ceded his cryptic, bitterly sceptical text in an virtually incomprehensible snarl. His tracks have been graced v collage-like artwork strewn with handwritten scribbles.

Smith similarly employed inexplicable recording methods, incorporating i taken from home on a dictaphone or probably audio cassettes into expert mixed studio productions.

These aspects made the loss stand out. Lock have likewise stayed a long-lasting impact on generations of alternative rock, indie, post-punk, and also lo-fi musicians, with identified disciples such together Sonic Youth, LCD Soundsystem, Pavement, and Gorillaz.

Throughout the so late 70s and early 80s, once they exit albums prefer Live at the Witch Trials and also Hex Enduction Hour, the fall had been at their atonal and abrasive most.

The tape experimented with dance music during" 90s albums favor Extricate and also Levitate. In comparison, 2000s era albums like The real new Fall LP and Fall Heads roll went in much more of a garage absent direction.

The Fall ongoing releasing eclectic, unforeseeable albums in location until 2017"s brand-new Facts Emerge. The band came to an finish when Smith passed away at the age of sixty in 2018.

Frank Zappa


The legendarily unexplained Frank Zappa has actually unveiled 119 albums, with 100 studio albums, 13 compilations and also 6 rock operas in enhancement to bootlegs. Thirty-eight the the albums became obtainable following his demise in 1993, through an additional, dance Me This, released subsequently.

In 1964 Zappa join an R&B band - the heart Giants - as a guitarist. Still, together he quickly took end the band"s leadership, they came to be renamed as the Mothers, through "of Invention" tagged onto it by Verve Records, the label that signed them.

Zappa augmented the Mothers" line up for the subsequent album, for sure Free, and also an even an ext driven music set, special off-the-wall story on American lifestyle and also alternative, secret tradition, collection up to experimental suites that songs.

With each succeeding album, Zappa obtained far much more self-assured in creating his music. His subsequent 1968 albums, favor We"re only in It for the Money and Lumpy Gravy, began to display screen Zappa"s revolutionary potential come test out the studio favor a compositional resource.

Cruising with Ruben & The Jets, nonetheless, was Zappa"s quick tribute to doo-wop.

His songwriting had likewise been growing more complicated with the period, together Uncle Meat, a mainly instrumental double album mix jazz, chamber music, doo-wop, live cuts and also dialogues, testified.

Out that the blue, Zappa disbanded the initial mother of innovation in respectable 1969, releasing two compilations of songs recorded in between 1967 and also 1969, burned Weeny Sandwich and Weasels Ripped my Flesh, in 1970.

After their commitment with MGM expired in 1967, Zappa and also Cohen created their label, aptly named Bizarre Records.

In enhancement to records by the Mothers, the label an in similar way supplied an outlet because that offbeat performers choose Lenny Bruce, Wild male Fischer, the GTOs and Alice Cooper (the latter two introduced through the right sub-label).

Albums special live performances by the team carried on being released ~ its dissolution. Nevertheless, and also content indigenous this heat up will still surface much more than two decades later.

As a singer, songwriter, rock guitarist, classical composer, recording producer, and also unexpected movie director, open minded Zappa to be as daunting to explain as his eclectic music was all through his 30-year career.

Zappa was without peer, a singular entity that branched the end in numerous paths. Follow me the way, that went ~ above to be by far the most far-ranging and significant musical artists of the later 20th century.

Although the fared much far better in Europe, specifically Germany and also Soviet Bloc states, Zappa"s impact was feeling wherever, as he branched turn off into huge band jazz blend on the cool Wazoo while creating much more conceptual albums v Zoot Allures and also Joe"s Garage.

In succeeding years, he shifted clear of rock-oriented music come his timeless origins while waging a fight through pancreatic cancer, i m sorry he eventually lost.

With his death in 1993, Zappa left a tradition that inspired many fans and musicians.

Johnny Cash


To date, the male in Black has launched a jaw-dropping 167 albums. However, a hundred 4 of the albums take place to it is in compilations. This provides him the recognised compilation heavyweight champion the the entire world. Cash an in similar way was maybe to develop 55 studio albums, in addition to providing his TV show, playing reflects for prisoners and also leading a life deserving of one Oscar-winning film.

Cash, one American icon, is generally regarded as amongst the most prominent American musicians, singers, performers and songwriters of the twentieth century. Cash, who began writing songs at age 12, displayed a love because that the music which enveloped his presence from an earlier age.

In 1955, Cash released his first single, "Cry, Cry, Cry", and also his first far-reaching hit, "I to walk the Line", in 1956. Along with many brand new songs, some of these an initial singles will be emerged into his very first album, Johnny Cash through His Blue and also hot Guitar! the married his an initial wife, Vivian, at period 22 and had 4 daughters, favor Rosanne Cash.

He received several country Music association Awards, Grammys, and extr awards, in categorisations that selection from vocal and talked activities come album notes and video clip clips. In 1999, Johnny Cash obtained the Grammy Lifetime success Award. In 2004, Rolling rock Magazine rated Johnny Cash # thirty-one on their perform of the hundred best Artists of all Time.

In a profession that spanned nearly five decades, Cash was the personification of nation music to numerous individuals globally. He taped songs that may be related to as rock and also roll, folk, rockabilly, blues, and gospel and also inspired every one of those genres. Throughout his almost fifty-year profession, Johnny Cash sold an ext than ninety million albums. That will proceed to occupy a commanding place in music history.

In the 1960s, Johnny Cash evolved into an admirer and an excellent friend the Bob Dylan. He published the liner note to Bob Dylan"s 1969 release, Nashville Skyline, the Johnny Cash received a Grammy compensation for best Liner Notes. Working, performing and also singing indigenous the consequent years, Johnny Cash"s career appreciated a rejuvenation. The attained brand new recognition in the 1990s. Johnny Cash put a minimum of two hit singles every year on the nation music charts for thirty-three years running. Also, an ext than 53 million copies of his record albums are offered after 1959.

Songs as Folsom prison Blues and I to walk the Line have grown to be a nationwide heritage. In his eighth decade, he got over a brand new generation that admirers through his songs" interpretations, varying from standard ballads to modern-day rock bands" dark and also moody tunes. The 1960 solitary ride This Train received a gold record, together did the 1963 album Ring of Fire and also the 1968 LP Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.

In 1964, Cash, a one-quarter Cherokee Indian, recorded the album, bitterness Tears on indigenous American themes. That exact same year, he came out in ~ the Newport individual Festival, breaking under a perceived obstacle in between country and folk music genres. Dylan featured Cash top top his Nashville Skyline album, and Cash taped several of Dylan"s songs.

Five decades after Johnny Cash"s at Folsom prison album to be recorded, it continues to be together mythical as ever. In 1969, Cash evolved into a global hit together he overshadowed The Beatles by marketing 6.5 million albums. Cash gained the nickname guy in Black" for his trademark all-black stage outfit. While folks noticed it to be a fashionable statement, Cash reminded lock that black was the colour of protest.

Other artists with many albums include:

Buckethead: Buckethead is insanely efficient. Since 1992, he has actually released 166 studio albums. An exploit made a lot an ext remarkable through the straightforward fact he composed 123 of lock in the previous three years. Critical year, 59 albums were released by him, i m sorry is over an album a week. Surprisingly, those albums are just the pointer of the iceberg. If you think about every one of his other undertakings, Buckethead"s last figure concerns 204 albums.

Elvis Presley: as soon as he was no gallivanting all approximately Vegas in a jumpsuit or even chilling in ~ Graceland having actually a cheeseburger, Elvis created albums like there is no tomorrow. Till his death in 1977, the King created an ext than sixty albums, including countless soundtracks and collections. Surprisingly, however, Elvis is much an ext prolific from beyond the grave. Over there are currently 87 compilations after his demise. However, the is beside nothing compared with the 130 albums produced by Follow that Dream (a document label specifically releasing unheard that Elvis recordings). In entirety, Elvis has turned increase on a frankly absurd 313 albums.

Merzbow: Masami Akita, AKA Merzbow, is a Japanese noise" artist who can make a legit statement to be the foremost prolific musician ever even though some would certainly argue his noise" is no music. Please have a listen. Friend will discover what we are implying. Anyway, Merzbow has actually unveiled 418 albums since 1980. That is a release each month because that 35 years! Which is composed of a remarkable 279 studio albums and 74 live albums. Presume every album is 40 minutes in length, that is about 278 hrs of music.

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Nana Mouskouri: that is the world"s biggest-selling, mrs singer? Madonna? Beyonce? Lady Gaga? Nope, nope and also nope. The is Nana Mouskouri, a Greek songstress who is still abundant at the mature old age of 80. Nana has sold more than 300 million documents globally. She is in enhancement perhaps more than likely the many prolific musician of all time. Also though that is challenging to situate a actual figure, it is believed she"s developed 450 albums in your entirety. All the more impressively, she has actually recorded in 15 distinctive languages.