Whether you space just start your equestrian journey or you are a much more advanced rider simply looking to learn an ext about miscellaneous breeds, learning about the most well-known breeds is a good place to start. I placed together this reference overview as a quick source with info on countless of the most popular horse each other in the united States.

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So, what space the most renowned horse breeds in the US? The 15 most renowned horse each other in the unified States include the following:

Quarter HorsePOAMustangThoroughbredHaflingerPaintAppaloosaWelsh Ponies Tennessee walking HorseMissouri Fox TrotterArabianPercheronStandardbredBelgianHanoverian

You most likely recognize at the very least one that the breeds on this list. In fact, you may even own among them favor I do! In this post, we will certainly look at several of the backgrounds of each of these well-known breeds and also the qualities that do them as well-known as they are today. 

Most renowned Horse breeds in the unified States

Most riders and also horse lovers have actually a favorite steed breed. Even if it is it’s the breed you an initial learned come ride or a horse you have a unique bond with, we all have our preferences. There are characteristics that make details breeds more common than others. Some are preferred for their looks, some for their personalities. With more than 350 known equine breeds found across the world, it have the right to be difficult to recognize where to start. 

Here is an introduction of few of the most typical horse breeds in the US. 

Quarter Horse


The American Quarter equine is most well-known for its capability to sprint brief distances, conveniently outrunning other breeds in races v a distance much less than a quarter-mile. Easily the most renowned horse each other in the joined States, the origins of the Quarter horse date earlier to the mid-1600s.

The Quarter horse excels at quick, detailed maneuvers as result of their compact human body shape. Due to the fact that of this, you often discover Quarter horses participating in rodeos, barrel racing, and also other west riding events.

If you’d prefer to learn much more about quarter Horses, right here is the official American Quarter steed Association’s website.



Although they are relatively new to the scene, POA, or Pony of the Americas, is quickly becoming one the the largest cultivation breeds in the unified States. The each other was first developed in the 1950s, generally for west riding. However, it is now often seen in other events such together endurance riding, jumping, and even dressage.

Although this breed goes through the name “pony”, that physical features are much much more similar to that of a Quarter horse than that a timeless pony breed. I have actually a special location in mine heart because that this breed as my current pony, and one of the loves of my life, Tucker, is a POA.

You can learn an ext about POA’s here.



Small however sturdy, the Mustang is sometimes dubbed the “wild equine of the West”. However, this nickname deserve to be misleading. Mustangs room descendants the Arabian steeds that were brought to America by the Spanish. This each other is strong-boned, surefooted, and also exemplifies endurance. 

Mustangs have the right to have a wide variety of physics characteristics. However, they all possess the common attributes of endurance and surefootedness. Free-roaming mustangs still contact the west United says their home, with huge populations in Nevada, California, Oregon, Utah, and other says throughout the West.

Here’s the main Wikipedia because that Mustangs if you’d favor to learn more!



A well-known racehorse, Thoroughbreds room most famous for their agility and speed. Thoroughbreds are not only popular in the joined States, but about the world. Thoroughbreds have many favorable characteristics. For this reason, they are frequently crossbred to enhance existing breeds to create brand-new breeds. 

Thoroughbreds are popular for your agility and speed and are well-known as rather spirited animals. These features make them a common selection for racing although they likewise participate in other riding events.

Here’s a link for further reading top top Thoroughbreds!



A breed through an exciting history, the Haflinger, traces ago as much as the middle Ages. The Haflinger is reasonably small in size; however, their size does not impact their hardiness. 

This breed is sociable and also quite gentle, do them an excellent for beginner riders of every ages. However, your versatility enables them to likewise compete in high-level equestrian events. 

One distinctive fact around the Haflinger is the they always have a beautiful chestnut or palomino coat with a flaxen mane and also tail. The personality that a Haflinger can be described as energetic yet elegant. 

You have the right to learn an ext at the American Haflinger horse Registry.



A distinct colorful coat is just one of the defining attributes of the American paint Horse. Originating from quarter Horse and also Thoroughbred bloodlines, this popular breed is most often used in west riding events. You may have actually heard this breed referred to as a “Pinto”, however, this hatchet actually describes the color of the horse, not the breed itself. 

The American Paint horse is muscular v a low center of gravity. This combination makes them conveniently maneuverable, leading to them to excel in a variety of western riding events.

Learn more at the American Paint equine Association’s main website.



This list would not be finish without discussing the Appaloosa. Easily one of the most popular breeds in the joined States, it is a versatile breed that excels in countless equestrian disciplines. Its leopard-spotted coat is just one of the most distinct characteristics, back it varies in sample from horse to horse. You may be acquainted with this each other from one of its numerous television or movie debuts!

You deserve to read more about them on the Appaloosa steed Club’s website.

Welsh Ponies 


Welsh Ponies space friendly and also intelligent. This character qualities make the each other easy-to-train and incredibly versatile. Welsh Ponies space quite famous with younger riders. However, they excel at practically any talk discipline, do this breed a wonderful an option for horse lovers of any kind of age. 

Learn an ext at the Welsh Pony and Cob culture website.

Tennessee walking Horse


With a calm disposition and smooth gait, the Tennessee Walking steed is one ever-popular riding steed in the joined States. This breed is a larger breed identified that is sturdy yet elegant. Naturally flashy in their movement, the Tennessee Walking equine is a popular display horse. However, castle are also quite usual for satisfied riding.

Read much more about Tennessee Walking horses here.

Missouri Fox Trotter


With its beginning dating back to the early 19th century, the Missouri Fox Trotter is quite famous for trail riding. This breed is defined by its speed, stamina, and smooth gait. The Missouri Fox Trotter has actually proven beneficial for many individuals including casual trail riders, cattlemen, hunters, and also even riders v minor physical disabilities.

Here’s the main Missouri Fox Trotter each other Association website.



One of the most conveniently recognizable steed breeds, Arabians have actually an arched neck, large head, and also high tail carriage. Castle are particularly known because that endurance riding as they have strong, sound bodies and incredible stamina. Arabians very first arrived in the americas in the at an early stage 1500s, where they eventually came to be the structure stock for the Mustang. 

You deserve to learn an ext from the Arabian equine Breed Association.



A draft horse, well-known for their intelligence and good disposition, the Percheron is constantly ready to work. Although quite big in size, this breed conveniently adapts to a wide range of climates and also conditions. Percherons space most frequently used together draft horses, frequently used because that sleigh rides, parades, and carriages. 

Despite your size, the patience disposition the Percherons actually makes them a good horse because that first-time horse owners. To learn more about this incredible breed, you deserve to go here. 



Standardbreds space easy-to-train and also quite people-oriented. They room most commonly used in the United claims for exploit racing, however, they also excel in a number of other equestrian disciplines. Standardbreds are likewise popular in the Amish community as buggy horses! Although Standardbreds were first developed in north America, castle are currently a famous breed in many areas of the world. their solid build and wonderful disposition are right for many riding situations. 

Here is much more information around Standardbreds.



The Belgian Draft steed breed is among the strongest, largest breeds. Although they space most typically used as working horses, castle are ending up being increasingly famous for both showing and pleasure riding. Belgians in the United says are not rather as big as their European counterparts, however, they have similar characteristics and also build.

Here is much more information around Belgian Horses.



Originating in Germany, the Hanoverian is popular for its tremendous temperament, strong ability, and also physical appearance. Hanoverians are fairly trainable and are frequently seen competing in Olympic equestrian events. This each other excels in tasks such as dressage, jumping, and also eventing. 

One that the points I love most around horses is that you never ever learn every little thing there is to know. I have constantly enjoyed learning about the various history behind specific breeds and seeing the role they played to obtain us where we room today. The each other on this list have stood the check of time, proving themselves as favorites throughout countless generations. 

Here is more information around Hanoverian horses.

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Related Questions

How do you choose the right horse breed?

There space several components to consider before you purchase your first horse. Few of these incorporate the size of the horse, personality characteristics, experience, and also riding goals. Additionally, friend should additionally consult an equestrian who is an ext experienced together they will have the ability to offer valuable insight into a horse breed that would be a great fit for you. Here’s my short article on picking a steed Breed for more reading. 

What is the finest horse breed for beginner riders?

As a beginner rider, that is vital to choose a reliable, reputable horse. Although there are numerous horse breeds the qualify, a few stand out as right for the beginner rider. 4 minutes 1 Horses, Morgan Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, and also American Pain equines all make an excellent breeds for someone just learning come ride.

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