MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- critical week, Miami dolphins running ago Jay Ajayi came to be the first NFL player to with 200 yards rushing in a game this season. ~ above Sunday, he additionally became the second player to accomplish that feat.

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Ajayi added 214 rushing yards in Sunday"s 28-25 success over the Buffalo Bills. Follow to Stats & information research, Ajayi is simply the fourth player in the Super bowl era to write-up back-to-back 200-yard rushing games. The last player to perform it was previous Dolphins running ago Ricky Williams in 2002.

The just other players to hit the note were Earl Campbell (1980) and also O.J. Simpson, that did it twice (1976 and 1973).

After the video game Sunday, Ajayi claimed he"s excited to be in such exclusive company.

"I wouldn"t have dubbed you crazy because it"s other that ns envisioned because that myself. I want to view myself on that level," Ajayi said. "I think I still have a most work to do and also I need to keep advertise forward. Yet I"ve constantly had the confidence in mine talent and ability."

The former fifth-round pick became an unexpected, emerging star because that Miami after losing the starting job to veteran Arian Foster in the preseason. Ajayi didn"t do the pilgrimage in mainly 1 versus the Seattle Seahawks since the team was unhappy with the method he tackled the benching.

Last week, Jay Ajayi came to be the an initial NFL player to with 200 yards rushing this season. Ajayi added 214 rushing yards in Sunday"s 28-25 victory over the Bills.AP Photo/Wilfredo LeeHowever, dolphin coaches have been impressed through Ajayi"s occupational ethic and preparation due to the fact that that point, and also it has paid off. Ajayi has been top top fire the past two weeks v 418 rushing yards and also three touchdowns against the Steelers and also Bills.

Ajayi and also the attack line have actually been the greatest bright spots for Miami (3-4) during its two-game win streak.

"I believe that I"m recording my stride ideal now and also continuing to do well," Ajayi said. "Just save being continual -- that"s my key focus. At the running earlier position, in ours room, we want to be the finest players top top the field at every times."

However, Ajayi"s 54 carries the previous two games have led to some wear and tear. Ajayi pulled himself from the video game late in the 4th quarter Sunday due to cramps.

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"Luckily we have actually a farewell week, therefore it"s every good," Ajayi said. "That"s the most carries I"ve had in a lengthy time. I just gotta store working ~ above hydration, but cramps space going to happen sometimes."

The Dolphins will certainly take a two-week break before returning come the field with a home video game on Nov. 6 against the new York jets (2-5).