Nursery Rhyme miss Susie had actually a Steamboat (Hello Operator) v Lyrics and Clapping Instructions


Miss Susie had actually a Steamboat (often called Hello Operator) is famous a Schoolyard rhyme. The is often used as a clapping game (clapping instructions in the video clip below).

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Miss Susie had a Steamboat/Hello Operator is sung in several various versions with tons of different verses. listed below we have gathered some common verses. Obtained other verses? Please write them down in the comment field below. Thanks! More clapping games? view all hand clapping games!

Warning: this happiness is because that the earliest kids! they love it... :) Miss Susie had actually a steamboat, The steamboat had a bell. Miss out on Susie checked out heaven, The steamboat went to $&#/$&Hello operator, Please provide me number nine.And if friend disconnect me ok chop of your /&$#%$Behind the frigerator There to be a piece of glass. Miss out on Mary sat upon it. The went right up she "%"$(=Ask me no much more questions, you re welcome tell me no an ext lies. The boys are in the bathroom, Zipping under their "$%$&/&Flies room in the city, The bees room in the park. Boys and girls space kissing In the D-A-R-K D-A-R-K D-A-R-K dark dark dark Dark is favor a movie, A movie’s favor a show. A show is prefer a TV screen, and also that is all i knowI know I understand my mother, I understand I recognize my pa. I understand I understand my sister v the fourty acre bra. Brother’s like a sister, A sister’s choose an aunt. One aunt is like a loved one Who likes come rave and rant.I wish I had a nickel i wish I had actually a dime ns wish I had actually a boyfriend that kissed me every the time! mine Ma gave me a nickel my Pa gave me a dime. My Sister gave me a boyfriend, Who"d kiss me all the moment My Ma took back the nickel, my Pa took earlier the dime. Mine Sister took back her boyfriend, and gave me Frankenstein! he made me to wash the dishes, the made me wash the floors, he made me to wash his underwear, So i kicked him the end the door i kicked him over London, i kicked him end France. Ns kicked him come Hawaii, where he learned come Hula dance! mine mothers like Godzilla, mine fathers choose King Kong. My sister is the stupid one that taught me this dumb song.Hello operator, Please provide me number ten.

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And if girlfriend disconnect me, I’ll song this song again!

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