My Kingdom because that a steed Meaning

Definition: 1) A king can lose his kingdom because he lost his horse; 2) something little and insignificant is needed an ext than a kingdom in ~ the moment.

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The full phrase is a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse. However, civilization often change this expression by substituting something they require for the word horse. Commonly it is something that is otherwise unimportant, yet highly vital at that exact time.

Origin that My Kingdom because that a Horse

This expression originates from the play Richard III, by the English playwright wilhelm Shakespeare, from around the year 1592.

In the play, the king loser his horse in the center of a battle. He claims this line due to the fact that having a steed is really important come him in being able come fight well. If that does not have a horse, he can lose the battle, and therefore his kingdom.

This heat highlights the truth that something that generally is not essential can end up being quite vital at a moment’s notice.

Examples the My Kingdom because that a Horse

In the dialogue below, two friends are enjoying a day out in the country. The woman uses a variation of the quote to express exactly how strongly she wants something.

Tina: i’m glad us hiked therefore far, however I really have to use the bathroom.

Keanu: that is walking to be difficult, since we’re miles far from any type of bathrooms. You could just go behind a tree.

Tina: yet I didn’t bring any toilet paper.

Keanu: five well. Nothing you deserve to do about that now.

Tina: Ugh. This is awful. Restroom paper, toilet paper, my kingdom because that toilet paper.

In this example, 2 friends are pointing out a divorce that the male is going through.

Jonah: here are the divorce papers. Mine lawyer gave them to me to authorize today. I’m so happy this whole devastating marriage is almost officially over. Every I have to do is sign it, and then the marriage will it is in done.

Tatiana: Well, ns happy for you. You worthy some peace from the whole ordeal. What are you waiting for? walk ahead and also sign the papers.

Jonah: i don’t have a pen. I can’t believe this. Do you have actually a pen?

Tatiana: No, sorry.

Jonah: ns can’t believe something so little is hold me earlier from something for this reason big! A pen, a pen, a kingdom because that a pen!

Tatiana: Oh, look! I uncovered one. Right here you go.

More Examples

This excerpt comes from an article about the physical continues to be of the actual King Richard III. The excerpt describes Shakespeare’s play and the affect it had actually on people’s perception of the previous king.

The second example comes from a testimonial of a play. It provides the expression simply due to the fact that it is just one of the most famous estimates from the play.


The phrase my kingdom because that a horse is a famed line from the play Richard III by Shakespeare.

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In contemporary contexts, civilization use it to emphasize how essential a typically insignificant item is at the moment.