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2013 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis code 729.1
Short description: Myalgia and myositis NOS.ICD-9-CM 729.1 is a billable medical code that can be supplied to show a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 729.1 should only be offered for cases with a date of company on or prior to September 30, 2015. For insurance claims with a date of organization on or ~ October 1, 2015, use an indistinguishable ICD-10-CM password (or codes).You space viewing the 2013 version of ICD-9-CM 729.1.
Abdominal muscle painBenign acute myositisButtock muscular painButtock painCervical myofascial ache syndromeCysticercosis myositisDiffuse muscle tendernessEosinophilic myositisFibromyalgiaFibromyositisFibrositis and also nodular fasciitisFibrositis the neckFocal nodular myositisInclusion human body myositisIntercostal myalgiaLingual myositisLumbar myofascial ache syndromeMaxillary myositisMuscle painMuscle pain, abdominalMuscle stress and anxiety painMusculoskeletal painMyalgiaMyalgia (muscle pain)Myalgia/myositis - multipleMyalgia/myositis - shoulderMyofacial pains syndrome through lumbar involvementMyofacial pain syndrome through thoracic involvementMyofacial tender pointsMyofascial pain syndromeMyofascial pains syndrome, cervicalMyofascial pain syndrome, cervical (neck)Myofascial pains syndrome, lumbarMyofascial pains syndrome, thoracicMyofascial soft pointsMyositisMyositis (muscle inflammation)Myositis due to cysticercosisMyositis in sarcoidosisMyositis of ankleMyositis of bilat anklesMyositis the bilat feetMyositis that bilat forearmsMyositis the bilat handsMyositis that bilat lower legsMyositis the bilat shouldersMyositis the bilat thighsMyositis the bilat top armsMyositis the bilateral anklesMyositis of bilateral feetMyositis that bilateral forearmsMyositis of bilateral handsMyositis of bilateral reduced legsMyositis that bilateral shouldersMyositis that bilateral thighsMyositis of bilateral upper armsMyositis that footMyositis of forearmMyositis that handMyositis the left ankleMyositis of left footMyositis that left forearmMyositis the left handMyositis of left reduced legMyositis that left shoulderMyositis the left thighMyositis of left top armMyositis of lower legMyositis of ideal ankleMyositis of right footMyositis of ideal forearmMyositis of best handMyositis that right reduced legMyositis of best shoulderMyositis of right thighMyositis of right upper armMyositis that shoulderMyositis of shoulder regionMyositis the thighMyositis of top armNematode myositisPain in buttockPain on movement of skeleton muscleParaneoplastic myositisPrimary fibromyalgia syndromeProliferative myositisProtozoal myositisSkeletal muscle tenderSuxamethonium painsThoracic myofascial pains syndromeViral myositis
Applies To
Fibromyositis NOS
ICD-9-CM Volume 2 index entries comprise back-references come 729.1:
Fibromyalgia 729.1Fibromyositis (see also Myositis) 729.1scapulohumeral 726.2Musculoneuralgia 729.1Myalgia (intercostal) 729.1eosinophilia syndrome 710.5epidemic 074.1cervical 078.89psychogenic 307.89traumatic NEC 959.9Myofascitis (acute) 729.1low earlier 724.2Myofibrositis (see likewise Myositis) 729.1scapulohumeral 726.2Myositis 729.1clostridial 040.0due to posture 729.1epidemic 074.1fibrosa or fibrous (chronic) 728.2Volkmann"s (complicating trauma) 958.6inclusion body (IBM) 359.71infective 728.0interstitial 728.81multiple - check out Polymyositisoccupational 729.1orbital, chronic 376.12ossificans 728.12circumscribed 728.12progressive 728.11traumatic 728.12progressive fibrosing 728.11purulent 728.0rheumatic 729.1rheumatoid 729.1suppurative 728.0syphilitic 095.6traumatic (old) 729.1Neuromyalgia 729.1Neuromyositis 729.1Pain(s) (see likewise Painful) 780.96muscle 729.1intercostal 786.59musculoskeletal (see additionally Pain, by site) 729.1neuromuscular 729.1rheumatic NEC 729.0
muscular 729.1Rheumatism, rheumatic (acute NEC) 729.0myositis 729.1Soremuscle 729.1Syndrome - see additionally Diseasemyofascial ache NEC 729.1
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