The Brit had actually sworn turn off princes prior to landing the function in "Cinderella," i m sorry he had actually to fight to to convince the studio he can play over a known-name actor.


Nicholas Galitzine, a cast member in "Cinderella," poses in ~ the premiere of the film, Monday, Aug. 30, 2021, at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Before ending up being Camila Cabello’s Prince Charming in her acting debut task “Cinderella,” Nicholas Galitzine had grown weary that auditioning for prince roles. Sure he has actually the looks, yet none the the Disney prince components he’d gone out for had actually come through, and he was start to think it wasn’t intended to be. As soon as the audition for “Cinderella,” i m sorry is the end today, did at some point come through, he had to hit tooth and also nail come prove to the studio that acquisition a opportunity on one unknown would certainly be precious it.

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It’s basic to view why Galitzine winner over the powers that be: the is together charming as a prince might be and also equally humble about his rise to stardom. Here, chats v the Southwest London native about landing the component and what provides this variation of the fairy tale, i beg your pardon costars Idina Menzel and Billy Porter, precious seeing.

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Nicholas Galitzine: It’s really funny because I had actually just screen-tested v the director for another prince because that a Disney project. Ns won’t speak which one, but I’d kind of been v the process with that — and also I was so gutted the it didn’t work-related out. And I stated to mine agent, “I’m swearing turn off princes for a tiny bit.” and then a pair of mainly later, this come over my desk and they said just how it was going to it is in an entirely various play top top this familiar fairy story that we know, and comedy to be involved and that singing was involved. And I to be like, “OK, fine. I’ll audition for one more one.” no expecting anything come come of it. And also this to be while i was shooting a project and also they love my original tape because that it. It was this really coveted duty because it was type of well-known that it was going to be Camila Cabello’s debut act. What go you song for her audition?

N.G.: It to be an pure train wreck of an audition. I had to sing a Queen track a capella, “Somebody come Love,” a capella for 2 minutes, i m sorry you recognize is hard sufficient anyway. I normally feel like you need to only ever sing a capella for like maximum 30 seconds. as well as working with Camila, what make you desire the duty so badly?

N.G.: i think it’s a much more humanized version of a fairy-tale prince. He’s much an ext real, he’s much much more honest, much less archetypal. And also I think a lot of of human being were gunning for the role. I think the studio originally can have wanted sort of a name human being for this things. I think it’s kind of the big an obstacle when you acquire to the type of the suggest where you’re in the industry, however you’re make the efforts to break through right into the upper echelons. So they really placed me with the ringer to type of to convince everyone the the duty was mine.

* In what methods is the a different version that a prince than what us think of?

N.G.: i think we often see this young man who is instantaneously pining over this woman that he doesn’t yes, really know. Prince Robert is very much a product that circumstance, born into royalty, but very frustrated v the way of living that he has to lead. He feels really caged, very trapped by social duties to be a certain person, to be a details man. He’s type of rebellious from that. I think what we’ve checked out with details royal family members. What about the fact you’d be singing in the movie — do you have a music background?

N.G.: It’s other that i really love. And I’m plan on release music actually adhering to the relax of the film, due to the fact that it’s something I’ve type of to be doing for myself because that the last couple of years. So it to be the perfect synergy between a pair of my passions being acting and also music. But it to be incredibly daunting having to sing alongside Grammy-nominated win artists, Camila, Idina, Billy, Minnie Driver has actually an amazing voice. I’m not sure human being will understand that. There space so many amazing voices in this film. And also it was definitely terrifying to undergo that due to the fact that the very first process of the movie was doing an ext of the prerecords. Together someone who’s never ever been musically trained, ns am sort of offered to being in a position where I need to kind of perform things top top the fly because I wasn’t trained as an actor, either, and I’ve really much learned on the job. So i think apart from this being together a funny experience, it was additionally a really educational one due to the fact that on the music side, ns really obtained to occupational side-by-side with such remarkable talented people and really learn and also pick up together much details from them as I could. What made you desire to it is in a performer to start with?

N.G.: i told Idina this as we were remaining in the hotel: as soon as I was choose seven or eight, I went to the first showing in the West end of “Wicked” through Idina. And also I remember simply being blown far by she voice, simply her performance and charisma. I lastly got to tell Idina, i was like, “Look, i think girlfriend may have inadvertently type of planted the performing seed in my mind when I was around eight years old because I came and saw you and I just was so taken by it, her performance.” and it was fairly surreal to be working with heroes of yours. walk Camila give you advice on singing?

N.G.: that was kind of a beautiful symbiotic partnership in a the majority of ways. There were nerves top top both sides since singing and performing, being in a record studio, it’s the end of my wheelhouse and also acting for her was out of hers. So i feel choose there to be so many different moments wherein we were kind of questioning each other tiny tips about how to do something. The singing, she was an ext familiar with, the acting i was an ext familiar with.

* After girlfriend left high school and before you gained into acting, what was your life like?

N.G.: What a s–t show. I was maintain my whole younger life to be a sportsman. Rugby was my main thing. I went to a institution two hrs away from wherein I lived due to the fact that it to be the ideal rugby college in the country. And at one point I was 2nd in London completing with the javelin. I was play county-level football. The was every sports, simply sports crazy. And also there was constantly just a small bit that a disconnect due to the fact that I didn’t understand whether I need to attribute the to mine Mediterranean heritage, being sensitive and also in touch through my emotions, an existential young man. However there to be some points that sports wasn’t rather providing and also I kept getting hurt and also it simply was one thing after the other. And also I gradually started to loss out that love v it. And also life has this yes, really funny means of, i think, opening one door when another closes.

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N.G.: The next project is a Netflix film referred to as “Purple Hearts,” which is around a young Marine and also a struggling musician who have very sort of politically polarized ideologies, who with desperate needs connect in an unlawful fake marriage to obtain the army monetary services from the marriage. And they’re kind of trying to negotiate your feelings for each other, where at an initial they seemed an extremely at odds and also grappling v the demons the they both have had to overcome. I think the U.S.’s relationship with the army is something really intriguing together a Brit due to the fact that I don’t think we have the specific same thing. Girlfriend know, the army is so affiliated in kind of politics allegiance with specific parties and your spiritual upbringing sometimes. So i think just getting into the headspace that this character for the preparations is super interesting.