This is a finish walkthrough for the game, Nancy Drew: Ghost dogs Of Moon Lake. This walkthrough is written for play in small Mode.

Begin the video game by learning that Nancy has actually received an invitation to Sally McDonald"s cabin on Moon Lake in Pennsylvania. As soon as she arrives at the cabin she finds that sall species of weird things have actually been happening. Because that instance, a tree falls in the driveway path, blocking her leave from the cabin and also the lake.

Upon perfect of the letter, walk front to the kitchen area. Revolve right and also look come the left that the ice chest top top the table. Pick up the bottled water. Zoom the end from this screen and turn left in the direction of the kitchen sink. Choose up thegloves in the sink. Look increase in the cabinet over the sink and pick up the flashlight and the map that the Forest.

Move away from the kitchen area and also walk to the earlier door by the coocoo clock top top the wall. Before leaving the cabin, click on the coocoo clock and then click the dial. Watch what happens. As soon as you relocate to leave via the door, the call rings. Answer the phone and talk to Sally on she cell phone. When your conversation ends or is disconnected, leaving via the door by the clock. As quickly as you exit the door, Red Knott reflects up. He"s a birdwatcher and also does most of his bird watching from a surrounding tree top top Sally"s property. What"s even stranger is that he does all of this at NIGHT only! Hhhhmmm, something"s odd around that character!

Speak to Red about everything. As soon as your conversation ends, walk roughly to the left the the cabin and enter the shed. Zoom in ~ above the seed cracker top top the shelf and you"ll see an iron and also a little chest. Pick up the small vital between the iron and also the chest. Zoom out and turn right. Zoom in on the wooden crate top top the table. Use the key you simply picked up on the lock that the crate. The key breaks off! Darn, there"s got to be another means to get into that crate. Head ago to the cabin. As soon as inside, rotate to departure through the former door. Ehhhh!! What"s that? Go out the front door and turn left 2 times. Lift the blue tarp and take 1 board. Notification that the cellar is locked. Likewise take keep in mind of the compass tile in prior of the cellar door. Head back to the cabin, but rather than go inside at this point, and since we"re having so much fun in the dark, top top a night v a complete moon, dogs howling, and also strange noises, lets keep having fun! rotate left and also head into the forest. Walk on! Don"t it is in chicken! You"ve acquired your woodland map, don"t you? just a few clicks into the Forest and also you"ll view a tree stump on your right. Takeboard # 2 on optimal of the tree trunk. Proceed forward, then right and use the map in her inventory to do your method all the method to the Cemetery.


One or 2 clicks forward into the cemetery and also you"ll watch a tombstone ~ above the left. Zoom in on the WALDO tombstone. Much more on that much later in the game! Grab plank #3 on the floor in the center of the path. Currently turn around and also head back to the house! you should have actually 3 plank in your inventory at this point, together with other items.

Now the you"re safely back at the cabin, revolve to walk upstairs. Read the plaque top top the wall. This will come in handy later on on. Together you room headed upstairs, you"ll have the chance to adjust from night come day. Switch to daytime. Head ago downstairs and move to the cabinet above the sofa by the telephone. Notification the 4 dog statues. 3 of them will move, yet one is stuck! We"ll have actually to figure out what we must make that one move! leave the cabin via the ago door (by the clock) and make your way around the cabin to the well pump. Zoom in top top the well and also use her bottled water to prime the pump. Take the bucket down below the pump. Turn and make your means to the dock wherein the boat is. Usage the bucket 4 time to bail the end the water in the boat. Seize the screwdriver at the bottom that the boat. Take the life jacket as well. The bucket instantly goes earlier into your inventory. Turn and go ago to the well. Put the bucket down and also pump some water right into the bucket. Leave the bucket there for now. Go approximately the cabin to the melted (the path bring about the left as you"re encountering the dock) and go inside. Zoom in on the wood crate ~ above the table and also use the screwdriver you picked up indigenous the boat on the screws that hold the lock in place. Within the wooden crate take the hammer/nails and the gas mask! Gas mask? oh my goodness, what"s Nancy in store for?

After picking up the hammer/nails and the gas mask, go earlier to the house and also enter v the behind door (by the dock). Rotate to the right and also click ~ above the rotten boards on the floor. Zoom in a tiny closer and Nancy will certainly say: "This doesn"t look very safe!" use the 3 boards in your inventory and also then the hammer/nails. Walk to the wall, click on the post-it keep in mind .

Exit the shed and make your way back to the dock. You"ll require to gain the test kit indigenous Park Ranger Akers first. But, how? We require to get to the boat. Look very closely at the outboard motor. An alert that a sparkplug is missing. We"ll need to get one, yet where? usage Nancy"s PDA in her inventory and also note that she proposal calling Sally and also asking around a sparkplug. Revolve around and also head back to the cabin. Call Sally and also talk to herabout the dogs. Asking Sally around the three civilization she spoke with prior to she left. Additionally ask her around the sparkplug, sandpaper, wall hanging v the poem and if she"s mindful that she own her own cemetery. As soon as you"re finished through your conversation, you"ll recognize that Red Knotts is your just hope because that a sparkplug to fix the motor on the boat. He only bird watches at night time, therefore you"ll have to go come sleep for a little while! All the hiking and walking in nature has exhausted you out anyway! Head upstairs, and change to night. Come down and also exit the behind door. Turn ideal at the dock and go all the way down come the tree and also up the steps. Speak to Red about the sparkplug. In exchange for a sparkplug the asks girlfriend to take it digital images of bird in the Forest! five brother, one much more thing to get connected in! five well, say your good-bye"s to Red and return come the cabin. Gain some rest and start new in the morning! departure the cabin, head earlier into the woodland (use your forest map) and take pictures of an Orange bird, a Blue bird and aYellow bird. The Red bird and also other two birds will certainly elude you because that now. You"re as well obvious and also scare them off. What now? go back to the boat, click on the motor. Time come look under the hood, literally! Look in ~ the chart showing just how each the the 4 sparks have to be collection in order for the watercraft to occupational right.


Use her sparkplug from her inventory top top the optimal slot. Now use the driver for "torque" and change each of the 4 sparks according to the diagram under the hood. When all 4 have been set, nearby the lid, and also pull the cord. You"re off! first stop, Em"s Emporium. Talk to Em and also ask about the cassette player that Red left there. Put that in your inventory. Likewise ask about sandpaper. Appears that Red stocked increase on a lot of things! exit the shop and head end to the Park Ranger"s office. Satisfy Jeff Akers. Speak to him around a test kit (put the in her inventory, too), the cemetery and Malone. Ask that if the dogs are buried there. Climate take a look approximately the Park Office and note the computer system database. Look increase some historic facts about Moon Lake and also famous residents that once lived there. Leave the Park Office and head earlier to Sally"s. Check your PDA again and notification that Nancy need to listen come the bird calls now that she has the cassette player. Click the cassette player in her inventory, then use the cassette tape v the recorder. Listen to the miscellaneous bird calls.

Go ago to the cabin area and also around the next of the house to the well. Usage the check kit ~ above the bucket that water in ~ the basic of the well tap. Return the test water come Ranger Akers and then get ago to the cabin. All that boating around Moon Lake has exhausted you out! Why no take a fast nap? Head upstairs, readjust to p.m. And then go out to visit Red Knotts again. Ask him about the sandpaper. Take the sandpaper and leave him come the bird (lol). Go earlier to the house and zoom in top top the cabinet over the sofa. Use the sandpaper ~ above the 2nd statue. This publication the host and permits you to relocate the second statue. Turn the statues so they look like the diagram below:


When the statues room moved into the positions shown above, a mystery panel is revealed. This should lead somewhere. Let"s inspect it out. Head under the measures (use your flashlight). Enter the basement, and also put far the flashlight (can"t go roughly wasting batteries, have the right to we?). Turn left, and also move forward. ~ above the upper appropriate side of the ugly wall surface there is a "hot spot." click on the hot spot number of times and also you"ll see a safe. Nancy says: "Looks choose a small hole!" turn around and exit v the metal door. As you space leaving friend will notification a newspaper write-up on the steps. Check out the newspaper article. Click the cellar door a couple of times and also exit the cellar. This door is now obtainable to use any type of time you want to return to the cellar. Enter the house, gain a good night"s rest and also start fresh in the morning v a phone speak to to Sally. Afterwards, head end to speak to Jeff Akers around the newspaper write-up on the action of the cellar stairs. As soon as you arrive, talk to Jeff Akers about everything. Sell to aid him perform some things around the Park Ranger Office. He"ll ask girlfriend to kind out part envelops in a box alongside the computer. Roman inn numerals! use the graphic listed below if you"re not existing on your roman inn Numerals!


After you"ve sorted the documents according come the correct Roman character sequence, read the envelops that are marked above. Go ago and complete your conversation v Akers. He provides you anhonorary park ranger pin.Put the in her inventory. Leave the Park Office and hop back into your boat. Head over to Sally"s cabin and downstairs to the basement again. Zoom in top top the wall surface safe. Use the pen Akers gave you top top the tiny hole slot and click on it again. Now, what"s the mix to the safe? Hhhhmmmm, inspect your PDA again and also you"ll check out that the date of Malone"s death seems to it is in appropriate! Click the dial and enter the adhering to combination: 012932 (for January 29, 1932, Malone"s date of death). Each time you rotate the dial to a number because that the safe, click the switch to the ideal of the dial. Viola! The for sure opens. Far better not touch that newspaper yet! mental what Ranger Akers said.....deer mice have actually been everywhere! use the gloves and also gas mask from her inventory and look v the journal. Review all pages. Nancy learns there"s a Speakeasy situated somewhere ~ above the property. She also picks up alocal map the the area neighboring Sally Malone"s place. Put that in your inventory, then close the book and also the safe. Placed the gloves and gas mask back in inventory and also exit the cellar via the stairs that lead earlier into the cabin. Head ago over the Park Ranger Akers and ask him for her test results. Also ask him around the gold hidden somewhere top top Sally"s property. Visit Em"s Emporium and ask Em about the newspaper article and the gold on Malone"s property. Go back to Sally"s and also check ours PDA again. You"ll view that Nancy keeps great notes! speak to Sally and tell her around the well water check results. Additionally discuss Malone"s gold. Time to take a rapid nap! at night, visit Red again in his favorite nest and tell that you"re having a slight trouble locating the other birds because that the camera shots. He"ll tell you the you should "blend in" prefer him and also you"ll require a camouflage outfit from Em"s Emporium. While you"re there, friend might as well ask him about Mickey Malone and William Akers!

Return to Em"s in daylight and ask she for a camouflage outfit. She"ll offer you one to wear if you"ll collect 12 "bait critters" for her. A bait box will automatically show up in your inventory. End up the conversation and also leave for the cabin. Time to go pest hunting! do your way into the forest again, and you"ll an alert that when you come close to a rock, or a log in or stump there"s a "hot spot". Rotate over every rock and stump, branch and also tree you have the right to find. You"ll collect part critters alright, but not 12. We think that you"ll have the ability to collect as numerous as 7 bugs throughout the day, and definitely the remainder of them at night. Go back to the house and also take a nap. Throughout the night, bright wormsappear under rocks and also fallen branches. Prior to heading ago into the Forest, check the compass stone by the cellar doors. You"ll discover some juicy and fat worms. Grab those! currently make your means back right into the scary Forest. When you"ve built up 12 bugs, and worms, head back to the cabin. Go to bed! In the morning, head end to Em"s Emporium and also exchange the box of critters because that the camouflage outfit. Currently head back to the cabin and also the Forest. If you"ve viewed the 3 remaining birds and also tried to take images of them, they will show up on your map. If not, climate look at the map posted above. The will show where friend can uncover the continuing to be birds...all yet the RED-TAILED HAWK. Get in the Forest, discover two the the staying birds (Red Cardinal and Yellow Bird up by the cemetery). Go back to the cabin, take a rapid nap and also at night go and visit Red Knotts. Questioning him around the Red Tailed Hawk. Rush back to the house, go to sleep and then in the morning, walk out in the direction of the dock. You"ll view a "hot spot" through the vast tree truck simply to the appropriate of the dock. Save YOUR game HERE! click the tree trunk and Nancy will certainly hear the Hawk. Turn and also look on top of the cabin roof. You"ll see the red-tailed hawk. As quickly as you"ve take away a picture of the eagle (click the camera numerous times), you"ll an alert the speaker box the hawk was perched on. You"ll be knocked out!

You awaken inside the tiny shed top top the side of the cabin. It"s ~ above fire! Nancy"s bound up but can tho kick through her feet. You require to obtain the chisel under so girlfriend can cut the ropes around your hands and also feet and also get outta there prior to the whole thing burns up. Here"s how to safely acquire out:

1) with your feet, absent the nut cracker toy so it drops on optimal of the air pump.

2) absent the shovel that"s stand up between the shelves on the right and the various other shovel ~ above the left. It will loss to the left.

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3) currently kick the compressed air tank to the left of her feet. You might have to kick it a pair of times, however eventually it will record the rag ~ above fire on optimal of the shovel.

4) now that the rag is burning, absent theshovel again. That will autumn towards the shelf and also ignite the can.

5) usage your feet when again, and kick theair pump straight in former of friend feet several an ext times to cause the deserve to to role to the rope that holds the chisel.

6) The rope will burn and also the chisel will certainly fall.

You"re out of the shed now, yet the shed is on fire. Run over to the well wherein you left the bucket that water. Take the bucket the water and use that on the fire. As quickly as you have actually put the end the fire Red Knotts appears (convenient of that isn"t it? You"ve never seen the in the daytime!) Anyway, when you"ve finished your conversation, you"ll be in the cabin talking to Sally ~ above the phone. When your conversation ends, walk upstairs, shower head and change into part fresh clothes. Head the end to the tree wherein Red likes to cave out and also talk to him. Ask him around the gas can be ~ behind his seat. Offer him the camera through the 6 digital photos on it.

The following morning, head over to Em"s Emporium and also ask her whereby she finds she antiques. Questioning her whatever else that"s available. Visit Jeff Akers and ask about Joe Akers and also William Akers. Speak to the a second time (he"ll apologize because that his rudeness!). Ask about his grandfather.

Return come the cabin and notification the ladder top top the left next of the house. Walk increase the ladder and also you"ll find that the speaker crate is no much longer there! That"s curious! Must have been those sound you heard while sleeping the other night! take it a hike the end to the cemetery and also examine thefour dog tombstones (close come the crypt). An alert the paw prints top top the crypt. You can open the crypt and step front if you want, yet there"s nothing to watch in there.

Once back at the cabin, go ago downstairs to the cellar door. You"ll see a framed photographon the door. Take it that and also then go visit Jeff Akers. Questioning him about the photograph and also if he to know the two world standing in the photo. He"ll offer to help you find out who the woman is. Go back and get some sleep. Come earlier the following day and he"ll provide you Vivian"s phone number. Now we"re acquiring somewhere! in ~ the cabin, call Vivian. Ask she everything. Eventually, Vivian will sell to send friend the small key to Waldo"s headstone if you"ll send she the picture of Mickey and her. End up up her conversation and rush over to the Ranger Station. Asking Jeff Akers to letter the photograph to Vivian because that you. Then return to the cabin and sleep for a couple of days (2pms, and also 2ams). Go back to the Park Office and the crucial will have actually arrived. Take the key and rush ago to the cabin. Run v the Forest, skipping and hopping past logs, please branches and also yellow ribbons tied approximately the ole oak tree in the direction of the cemetery. When there, usage the small an essential on Waldo"s headstone. You"ll hear a click. Now the tricky part. You must click on the letters that assignment WALDO to adjust it to read BALDO. To do that, follow these an easy steps:

1) click D 2 times.

2) click on W 2 times.

3) click the U 2 time

4) click the E 2 times, and finally

5) click on the U 2 times! Viola, the tombstone has revealed a secret passage come the Speakeasy.

When you"ve done it correctly, the crypt opens. Go down right into the an enig passage and you"ll realize quickly that your flashlight batteries have worn out! oh no! currently what? revolve around and also walk front a pair of clicks. Move the computer mouse cursor end to the left next of your display screen until you obtain a Left Arrow. Turn left and also then put the cursor on the middle of the web page for the "hot spot" to open up the crypt door. Exit and run, don"t walk, through the woodland and back to the boat. Push that outboard motor to the limit together you rush over to Em"s Emporium. What much better place to gain handy little flash irradiate batteries, right? Ask she for some batteries. She"ll phone call you the in exchange because that the batteries, she"d prefer you come arrange the coke screen according to the illustration she offers you. (see photo below). As soon as you"re finished, turn back to Em and take the flashlight batteries. Currently skip waves ago over come the cabin and also make your means back to the cemetery. As soon as there, you"ll need to do the "letter jumble" again top top the tombstone.


Back at the cemetery, use the same method as described over to open the tombstone. Through fresh batteries in her flashlight, you"re good to go on a tunnel search! once down inside the tunnel, follow it along until it splits right into two different directions, left or right? Let"s walk right! Why not? take the best path all the means until the end. There will be a large metal door. Click the handle and also Viola! You"ve found the Speakeasy. Look at every the paints of all four dogs. Zoom in on every one and also Nancy will note the dog"s favorite places on the map in the inventory. Iggy"s is already marked with an "I" on the former porch the the cabin.





It is very IMPORTANT the you make note of each dog"s colored COLLAR. Lock are: Lucy = environment-friendly collar, Xander = Red collar, Vitus = Blue collar and also Iggy = Yellow collar.,

Move come the double-doors with the board throughout it, and remove the board. This will allow accessibility from the basement that the cabin come the Speakeasy in the future. Turn and also go behind the bar and look at Iggy. Turn and face the rest of the bar and you"ll check out the spigot puzzle! currently what? The idea behind this puzzle is to click the spigots one at a time and also then push the red button. This causes the letters to rotate. There appears to be no logical explanation for the correct sequence that letters, however they must be arranged as X, V, I and also L (Roman Numerals: 10, 5, 1 and also 50). To attain this, make the adhering to moves:

1) Number the spigots 1-4 going from left to right.

2) click the very first spigot one time and also then click the red button.

3) Repeat this process 2 much more times. It will land top top the X

4) Click the second spigot 1 time and also then click the red button.

5) Repeat this process 2 an ext times. It will certainly land ~ above the V

6) Click the third spigot one time and then press the red button.

7) Repeat this process 2 an ext times and it will certainly land ~ above the V

8) Repeat the same procedure as the vault 3 spigots and it will certainly land top top the I. A mystery passage is revealed! Oh, no, no another secret passage!


Turn to the left and also move come the photographs that the dog on the wall. Zoom in ~ above the photograph of the 2 dogs playing on the porch. Click the photo and also you"ll be earlier in the tunnel. Relocate 10 actions forward into the tunnel (use your flashlight), and turn right. Friend will watch a new passageway. Enter here. Relocate forward one time and zoom in on Iggy"s Mosaic.

Look, too, at the network map beside Iggy. Doesn"t look acquainted does it? move forward again and also zoom in ~ above Vitus. Study his mosaic and also his map grid. Still doesn"t look familiar. Again, relocate forward a pair of times and also zoom in ~ above Lucy on the boat. Likewise look at she map grid. Now move to Xander"s Mosaic and also zoom in. Nancy will mark his favourite spot top top the map she hold in she inventory. Look in ~ his map grid. Familiar? No. Go ago to Lucy"s map grid. Zoom in. The looks nearly identical come the map in her inventory. The key now is to enhance the 4 dog"s favorite spots (as ~ above the map in your inventory) come the map grid next to Lucy. Use the grids top top the map in her inventory and also the grids top top Lucy"s map grid and click on those four tiles. Girlfriend should click on these:


When you"ve done that the map grid will slid come the side, revealing another secret passage. Get in the passage and go all the way to the end. There"s one more door, yet where"s the key? turn around and also exit this little passageway. Revolve right and head down the tunnel hallway past Xander"s mosaic and also map grid. In ~ the intersection turn right and also head up the passage. The left i is a dead end. At the finish of the right passageway, friend will check out that you"ve opened an additional room. Enter the room and walk about to the left. What carry out we have actually here? tiny doggies! Aren"t they just precious?


Pet the dogs and then relocate farther roughly their cage and also examine the goodies top top the tables. You"ll check out the speakers that to be on the roof that the cabin, you"ll find Denti-glow toothpaste, a silent dog whistle and all sorts of stuff! Ah, what"s this? A key? might this vital fit the door under the tunnel? Let"s take it it and see! rotate around and head back past the dogs (you deserve to pet them again, if you"d like). Go earlier to Lucy"s map grid and also punch the 4 tiles again. Get in the passage and also use the crucial you picked up at the dog kennel ~ above the door. You"re now in the fine Room.

Immediately turn around and also pick increase thewell wheel. Put it in your inventory. Turn ago around and move come the right, where several wheels are on the wall by the pipes. You"ll see 2 wheels ~ above the left, a gap and also then one more wheel. Zoom in ~ above the room between the 2-1 wheels. Placed the wheel on that pipe. Zoom in on the water level gauge and you"ll see a "hot spot" just behind the wheel you simply placed. Something"s missing! use your screwdriver to organize the wheel in place. Zoom out and zoom in top top the left-most wheel. Rotate that wheel. Turn to the appropriate again, and turn the newly inserted wheel. Currently turn the right-most wheel. Clock thewater level gauge walk up. The fine is currently full. Take out the screwdriver, and put the wheel ago in her inventory. Zoom out and turn left. You should now be encountering the well door. SAVE YOUR video game HERE.

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rotate the center wheel and then revolve the left handle. Go into the well. Go down the well and also turn around. What"s this? one more puzzle? Oh, no!

Remember the dog collar colors? Well, right here we go again. We absolutely hope you took good notes that the dog"s tombstones! perform you psychic your roman Numerals? Well, you require to match the dogs an initial letter in roman inn Numerals to the exactly dog collar color! Confusing? No, no really. Eco-friendly was Lucy, Red to be Xander, Blue was Vitus and also Yellow to be Iggy. So, if using Roman numerals, what would Lucy be? l = 50. What about Xander? He would certainly be 10. And also Vitus would be 5 and also Iggy would merely be 1. Revolve the numbers on Lucy"s and collection it at 50. Revolve Xander"s and collection it at 10. Now relocate to the blue numbers and collection that at 5 (that"s 0 5). Iggy is just one, so collection his at 0 1. Oops, among Vitus"s numbers moved. Go earlier and reset Vitus and Iggy. When you"ve done that, a pipe will extend from the reduced right next of the door. Usage the wheel you choose up and also place the on the pipe. Turn the wheel, and enter the room. Move forward and examine the gold bars. When you"re finished you need to leave the room and tell somebody! Turn and start heading up the ladder. What? Company? It"s Em! Turn and also go ago into the room through the gold bars. Click the down arrow and enter the grate. Go up the various other side and through the grate. Turn and shut the door on Em. Don"t watch back! walk up the ladder. Enjoy the end!

Another Nancy Drew secret has been solved!

This walkthrough will be update often.

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