Susan is an avid coin collector of over 30 years, and has written 150 articles for The Spruce. She is a member that the American Numismatic Association.

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Disclaimer: "Past performance is no an point out of future potential values. Any type of opinions expressed below are simply that, an opinion and they reflect a personal buying preference for investing in coins. This opinions space not meant to denigrate or devalue any type of company's offerings, which may or may not increase in value over time."

#1 Worst Coin invest - TV Shopping show Dealers and also "Mints."

Number One on the list is the TV to buy network "coin dealers" and premium "mints" that sell nice feather commemorative coins for exorbitant prices. Unfortunately, this coins have actually no extr value beyond their bullion or confront value when you or her heirs ultimately sell them. Some of these so-called mints the sellcoins ~ above the TV and also cable-based shopping networks sell actual U.S. Mint coins that are practically always priced several times higher than the coins would expense from a trustworthy coin dealer!

These shows rarely sell anything that can"t be acquired somewhere else at an ext affordable prices, therefore don"t advertise buy from this TV shows! do a little research, and you"ll check out the same Silver Eagles at just a few dollars end spot price from traditional coin dealers. Uncirculated Morgan Dollars it seems to be ~ to it is in a prime product that TV purchase network coin dealers sell at one exorbitant price. They press these common coins as old and also rare. Once in fact, they can be purchased for a reasonable amount indigenous your local coin dealer.

Another area the TV purchase networks attribute in their coin reflects is evidence sets and Uncirculated Mint Sets. They commonly bundle these coins right into ten, twenty-five, or fifty-year collections. They state the they space "rare" or "difficult come obtain" because they have actually assembled this sets into multi-year runs. Your regional coin dealer have the right to assemble a collection of proof or Uncirculated Mint Sets because that you in ~ a portion of the cost. Therefore, never buy coins native TV to buy shows!

Finally, sets special the Presidential one-dollar coins space in complete swing. This so-called "coin dealers" assemble this sets for slightly over challenge value, placed them in a an elaborate case, and also sell them because that orders of magnitude over your true value. Don't loss for these fancy advertisements that put plain coins in sophisticated cases.

#2 Worst Coin invest - nationwide Collector's Mint

Second on the "do no buy" list are coins authorize by the national Collector"s Mint. The United states Mint has actually issued warnings around this company"s misleading advertisements in the past, particularly its "Freedom Tower" coins. National Collector"s Mint advertisements indicate that freedom Tower coins and also other medals have actually meaningful amounts of precious metal in them as soon as in actuality, they perform not.

Additionally, they create a large quantity the "tribute coins" i m sorry are copies of genuine U.S. Coins. They perform follow United claims law and mark each coin together "COPY" so they room not confused with genuine coins. However, lock charge all over from $15 come $30 every coin. The actual market value is just a few dollars. Therefore, this tribute coins do a bad investment.

Also, regardless of the perception they regularly give come the contrary, naught this "mint" makes has any kind of association whatsoever with the real United states Mint, and it is a generally welcomed opinion the the coins they offer are, and also will remain, basically worthless as an investment collectible.

#3 Worst Coin investment - Franklin Mint & similar Companies

Next on the "do not buy list" room coins and also medals native the Franklin Mint and other premium collectibles mints such together the Bradford Exchange, etc. They are aggressive marketers who carry out sell genuine bullion coins, but their coins usually perform not have any kind of premium after-market value among coin collectors and investors.

You will commonly find that once you buy a one-ounce silver coin that it is only worth the worth of its silver- bullion once you go to market it. Beware the rubbishsimilar come the Franklin Mint"s colorized Obama coins!

#4 Worst Coin invest - Spurious set

Another lousy invest is "spurious set" coins. This sets are well-known TV shopping network products. Friend can also find these sets advertised in magazines and at flea markets. "Spurious sets," are coin sets the are put together the end of lower-grade common coins follow to some theme.

The agency assembles the low-grade coins right into sets and places castle into fancy plastic holders through elegant packaging. Usual themes incorporate coins that were all produced during civilization War II, the Vietnam War, or they are from different nations that commemorated Marilyn Monroe or some various other bygone celebrity. Together coins space usually genuine, but they more than likely won't be precious what friend paid for them when you go to market them. 

#5 Worst Coin invest - amendment Coins

The final type of unsecured coin invest is modified coins, together as actual U.S. Mint assets that have actually been changed by adding holographic stickers or coloring. Coin collectors and also numismatists consider these coins together "damaged," and also you will only gain bullion value as soon as you go to offer them. Part dealers will discount the to buy price also further since of the added impurities that the paint and also other elementsapplied to the coins.

The Best varieties of investment Coins

According to plenty of experts, the best kind of investment coins are rarer, vital date coins issued by the joined States, in the ideal grade you deserve to afford. If girlfriend can"t bought to invest $2,000 ona coin come buy akey datein a high grade, climate purchase common coins in the ideal grades you can afford.

Lower-grade, typical coins have historically not appreciated as lot in value as crucial date coins do, for this reason they are most likely not a an excellent investment choice (although they're great for filling up the holes in albums, specifically with children helping out!)

In general, novicecoin collectors collection pre-1965 90% silver U.S. Coinage and silver human being coins in high grades. This coins space excellent options for the average human on a tight budget. Numismatists and also coin experts believe that most types of U.S. Nickels are undervalued. For obsolete coins, many Walking Liberty, Franklin, and also silver Kennedy fifty percent Dollars room underrated according to countless numismatic experts however only buy high-grade coins.

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A final area that coin investing to consider is the bullion coins, specifically coins that room traded in ~ close to spot price (as opposed to Proof silver- Eagles and other premium United states Mint offerings.) through the growth of China and also India and the likelihood the they will come to be "superpowers" in ~ the next generation, every precious metals are meant to climb over the lengthy term. Copper, in particular, is expected to boom compared to current prices. However, once purchasing precious metals you room accepting the risks and rewards that investing in a volatile market.