Does anyone recognize how far down indigenous the shoulder seam command rockers are an alleged to be placed? mine roommate and I have actually been digging with uniform regulations and even confirm the Bluejacket’s Manual and also we can’t find it anywhere. I’ve review from yahoo prize pages that it’s 1/4th, but a talk about a YouTube video said 3/8ths. Our squadron doesn’t perform uniform inspections very often yet we have actually a CoC comes up in November. Many thanks in advance!

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I have actually never been through a uniform inspection where they measured ingredient to see if that 1/8 the an customs off.

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Yeah, I figure they won’t, but I guess a ballpark estimate would have actually made me feel better. There’s constantly the bored chiefs walking roughly (lol).

4225. 4225. UNIT to know MARKS (UIM's). E1-E6 personnel assigned for permanent duty (not in transit), consisting of Naval make reservation Reinforcement and also Augment Personnel, are required to stay UIM's top top the ideal sleeve of dress Jumper uniforms and also short sleeved white shirts. Exemptions to compelled wear might be granted by the prescribing authority (area coordinators) to meet security requirements. Regulates will send UIM undertake exemption inquiry to your prescribing authority for approval. UIM's have 1/4 customs white block letters, embroidered ~ above a black background ½ customs wide, and room worn with the height edge parallel to and 3/8 inch listed below lower heat of shoulder sleeve stitching. Center them on the outer confront of the sleeve and sew castle on through colorfast blue thread. UIMs space authorized in 2 lengths, 5 inch and also 5-3/4 inch. The UIMs space lettered v the approved short title the the command, as had in the typical Navy circulation Lists (SNDL) parts 1 and also 2 (OPNAV P09B2-105). Wear the UIM that the parental command unless among the complying with exists: (1) have actually own UIC; (2) Tenant command non-collocated v parent command. ~ above reporting because that duty, men and women will certainly be issued 7 UIMs. Organizations are authorized to purchase UIMs indigenous O&MN funds. Any type of ship/unit that is decommissioned/dises­tablished or moved to reserve status must forward ten UIM's for historical purposes, to the Naval historic Center, Curator because that the Navy, Washington marine Yard, Washington, DC, 20374-0571. (For notified information, check out link.)