Map of the Mid-Atlantic US says The 7 Mid-Atlantic states are brand-new York, brand-new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and also West Virginia. Washington D.C. Is in ~ the territory of the Mid-Atlantic States, however is no a state itself. All however one that the Mid-Atlantic claims were amongst the 13 original colonies that declared independence native England in 1776, and formed the United states of America. Brand-new York is the largest and also most populated state the the Mid-Atlantic States, if Delaware is the smallest and also least populous.

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The term, Mid-Atlantic States, describes 7 U.S. States in the east U.S., extending from the southerly border the the new England claims to the northern border the the state of phibìc Carolina. This U.S. An ar also has the district of Columbia, whereby the nationwide capital, Washington, is situated. The Mid-Atlantic states are brand-new York, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and also West Virginia. New York is the largest and also most populous state of the Mid-Atlantic States, when Delaware is the smallest and also least populous. All yet one that these states were part of the 13 initial American swarms that fought for self-reliance from England and also became the United states of America.

New York

New York state flag brand-new York is the largest and most northerly that the Mid-Atlantic States. It includes new York City, the largest city in the joined States. Brand-new York City is the house of the Statue the Liberty, the Broadway Theatre District, the united Nations, wall Street, and many other well known sites. Brand-new York’s state capital is dubbed Albany, and also is located close to the border through the brand-new England claims of Vermont, Massachusetts, and also Connecticut.

The population of the state of new York is around 19.4 million, making that the 4th most populated state in the U.S. The Dutch to be the an initial Europeans to work out in new York, creating the colony of new Amsterdam in 1644, in what is now brand-new York City. Some areas in new York City still carry Dutch names, choose the neighborhood of Harlem and also the borough the Manhattan. But the English took end the nest in 1664 and renamed it new York. In between 1892 and also 1954, millions of new immigrants involved the U.S. Via new York Harbor. In fact, it is approximated that approximately 40% that the American public have at least one ancestor that involved the country through that harbor.

New Jersey

New Jersey state flag
new Jersey is situated to the west of brand-new York City, throughout the Hudson River. Many of the remainder of the state deals with the Atlantic Ocean. Brand-new Jersey additionally borders Pennsylvania to the west. Around 8.88 million civilization live in the state. The two biggest cities in the state space Newark and also Jersey City, both that which have populations in overfill of 200,000. The state capital, Trenton, is located in the central part of the state, ~ above the border v Pennsylvania. Atlantic City, on the southeastern new Jersey coast, is a renowned gambling and resort city in the U.S. Brand-new Jersey is also home to Princeton University, among the so-called Ivy league schools, which way that it is among the ideal post-secondary institutions in the country.

The state was originally the residence of the Delaware Indians. The Dutch, Swedes, and also Finns to be the an initial Europeans to clear up there. The an initial European settlement, Bergen, was established in 1660. In 1664, the English took new Jersey from the dutch and included it to their American colonies on the Atlantic coast. Many civilization consider the battle of Trenton, which became brand-new Jersey’s state capital, to it is in a transforming point in the Revolutionary War.


Pennsylvania state flag Pennsylvania is called after wilhelm Penn, who founded the American swarm in 1681. The state is located south of new York, west of new Jersey, and also north the Maryland. Pennsylvania’s population is an approximated 12.8 million, making it the 6th most heavily populated state in the U.S. Formally recognized as the republic of Pennsylvania, the state has some of the most essential historical web page in the U.S. Indeed, Pennsylvania is nicknamed “The Keystone State” for its important duty in structure what became the United claims of America.

Philadelphia, the biggest city in the state, is whereby the 1st and second Continental Congresses to be held. The second Continental Congress produced the U.S. Explanation of freedom that sparked the Revolutionary War. Philadelphia also served together the U.S. Resources for a time. The U.S. Structure was likewise written in Pennsylvania, together was the Gettysburg Address, i m sorry abolished enslavement in the country. The battle of Gettysburg, a town in the southern part of the state, to be a turning point in the U.S. Polite War, once the Union army of the north defeated the Confederate army of the south, ending the latter’s intrusion of the north Union states. Pennsylvania was also the home of Benjamin Franklin, who was a famed inventor, not to cite one of America’s establishing Fathers.


Delaware state flag
Delaware is located eastern of Maryland and southwest of new Jersey. That is the smallest and least populous of the Mid-Atlantic States. Actually, Delaware is the 2nd smallest state in the whole country. The state’s size and also its population of around 973,000 do it among the most densely inhabited states in the U.S. Delaware is additionally the lowest state in the country, being simply 60 feet over sea level.

Over 2 thirds of every Fortune 500 carriers are Delaware entities. In fact, there are an ext corporate reality in the state 보다 there room residents. If you want to shop top top the cheap, then Delaware might be the ideal location to perform it, as it is one of the five U.S. Says that walk not have a sales tax. The very first European settlement founded in present-day Delaware was the of the new Sweden firm in 1638. It was taken over by the netherlands in 1655, climate by the English in 1664. After the English took over, Delaware to be governed from new York, then from Pennsylvania. That was lastly given status as a separate swarm in 1701. Delaware is nicknamed “The an initial State”, because it to be the an initial state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787.


Maryland state flag Maryland is situated south that Pennsylvania and also west the Delaware, through some eastern coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. Maryland’s northern border to be formerly part of the Mason-Dixon Line, which to be the border the separated states that banned slavery in the north from claims that enabled it in the south. About 6 million world call Maryland home. Baltimore is by much the state’s biggest city, with a populace of about 609,000. Maryland was established as one English swarm in 1634. It was called in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria, the mam of King Charles I.

It remained in Maryland wherein Francis Scott an essential wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner”, upon witnessing a fight during the battle of 1812. The song came to be the U.S. National anthem. During the U.S. Polite War, Maryland was among the southern says that continued to be in the Union, regardless of slavery being legal over there at the time. The Maryland Gazette, started in 1727, is the oldest continuously published record in the country.


Virignia state flag
Virginia is the southernmost state of the Mid-Atlantic States. It is situated southwest of Maryland, eastern of West Virginia and Kentucky, and also north of north Carolina. The state’s populace is an estimated 8.5 million people. Virginia was called in respect of Queen Elizabeth I, brothers so-called Virgin Queen. The state is nicknamed “The Birthplace of a Nation”. Indeed, the very first English settlement in what became the U.S. Was Jamestown, Virginia. Thus, Virginia to be the first of the original 13 American colonies. In addition, the Revolutionary battle in i beg your pardon the U.S. Winner its independence ended in Virginia v the surrender the British armed forces commander Charles Cornwallis in ~ the battle of Yorktown.

The state’s capital, Richmond, was the resources of the Confederate claims of America during the U.S. Polite War. Virginia is likewise home come the college of William and also Mary, i beg your pardon is the second-oldest college in the U.S., having been established in 1693. At once Virginia was when composed, not just of its present-day territory, but likewise the region of what ended up being the says of West Virginia and also Kentucky.

West Virginia

West Virignia state flag
West Virginia is unique amongst the Mid-Atlantic says in that it is the only one the does not have actually direct access to the Atlantic ocean via one ocean coast or an adjacent river. The is totally landlocked, surrounded by the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland. West Virginia has actually a population of around 1.79 million. The state is situated within a day’s drive of 75% of the U.S. Population. West Virginia is nicknamed “The mountain State” since it is the just state that is situated completely in the Appalachian mountain range.

West Virginia is additionally the third most forested state in the U.S. One forest, the Monongahela Forest, covers almost a million acre of land. West Virginia may not have come into being if it were not for the U.S. Polite War. The people of the mountainous western region of Virginia protest the state’s decision come secede from the U.S. And join the Confederate States. As a result, they formed their own state, dubbed West Virginia, which was formally admitted come the Union together a state on June 20, 1863.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Is no a state. D.C. Means District the Columbia, i beg your pardon was created to organize the U.S. Capital, Washington. It is located on the eastern shores that the grape max River, in between Virginia and also Maryland. Washington D.C. Is self-governing, which means that it is no under the jurisdiction of any type of U.S. State. It is called after George Washington, the an initial President of the joined States. It to be he who picked the specific site on the potomac River on i beg your pardon the city would certainly be built.

The city was established in 1790, after ~ both Maryland and also Virginia ceded land the was to be part of the nationwide capital. All three levels of federal government are based in Washington D.C. Capitol Hill is the structure that residences the U.S. Legislature, composed of the house of Representatives and also the Senate. The White house on Pennsylvania way is the residence the the U.S. President. The supreme Court, the greatest court in the country, is likewise based in the capital.

Mid-Atlantic (United States)

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RankStateArea (in km2)PopulationCapital City
1New York141,29719,440,469Albany
2New Jersey22,5918,626,207Trenston
7West Virginia62,7551,778,070Charleston