Biggoron’s Sword

The Biggoron’s sword side quest involves a number of steps that ultimately lead come a reward that is comparable to the Giant’s Knife yet is unbreakable. The Biggoron’s Sword is an extremely solid weapon and also can be an extremely helpful throughout the game. The procedures for obtaining it are provided below.

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Kakariko Village

The first steps can be completed once attach becomes one adult. Begin off by speaking to the woman from the Cucco side pursuit that you completed in Kakariko town to obtain the Bottles early on in the game – she is located on the southern side the Kakariko town near the Cucco pen. Speak come her together adult Link and she will administer you through a special type of egg (called a Pocket Egg) that have the right to be offered to hatch a pocket Cucco. She asks that you take it a Cucco in addition to you and allow it come “CUCCOOO” in order to wake someone up.



The Pocket Egg will should hatch right into a Cucco prior to you deserve to proceed v the following step. You have the right to wait and enable it come hatch normally by permitting a full day to pass or you have the right to use the Sun’s track to speed up time and also force the egg to flower quicker. Use the Pocket Cucco to wake up Talon who can be found in the an initial house near the center of Kakariko village (shown in the screenshot above).

Take the pocket Cucco earlier to the mrs who provided it to you – target her and then pull the end the Cucco. She will certainly then provide you with “an extremely beneficial Cucco” named Cojiro.


This following step need to wait till you have derived Epona the Horse.

Head to the Kokiri Forest and also then enter the lost Woods. Take it the first left to where the Skull Kid offered to hang out. The creepy man from Kakariko town is currently sitting up against the tree stump. Usage the Blue Cucco, Cojiro, to wake the male up. The man will ask girlfriend to deliver some “stuff” come the old hag in the potion shop in Kakariko Village. Agree to take the “stuff” which ends up gift an Odd Mushroom. You now have a time limit for taking the strange Mushroom to the old hag.

This is a continual run for the most part, however you will have to manipulate Epona the end in Hyrule Field. Girlfriend can also use the Magic bean Plant to speedily do it come the bridge to leave the shed Woods / Kokiri Forest. Just drop off of the Magic bean Plant as soon as it hovers over the bridge.

Ride earlier to Kakariko village and get in the medicine Shop (the northernmost home on the ideal side, along the method to the fatality Mountain Trail) and go with the passageway leading out back. Rise the steps and enter the red residence to find one more Potion Shop through the “old hag” inside. Use the video clip below to assist guide you:

Head ago to the shed Woods to wherein the weird male was sitting. Rather of the man you will discover a small girl. She will certainly tell you that he is currently lost and also has become a Stalfos. Use the Odd Potion near her (or when targeting her) and she will tell you the he left his saw and that friend should give the medicine back to her. Agree to give it to her and she will provide you v the Poacher’s Saw.

Travel to Gerudo Valley and use Epona to jump throughout the gorge (or Longshot across) and give the Poacher’s Saw come the grasp Carpenter standing exterior of the tent. That will trade you the Poacher’s experienced for the Broken Goron’s Sword and will suggest that girlfriend visit Biggoron to acquire it repaired. The next actions of the side quest cannot be completed though till after you have completed the ice cream Cavern later in the game.

The continuing to be steps deserve to only be completed after the ice cream Cavern dungeon.

Head up the death Mountain Trail, increase the cliff wall, and look turn off to the appropriate side that the display screen to uncover a large Goron sitting there. Speak come him and he will certainly tell you the he is the finest when it concerns making blades. This Biggoron is affiliated in the Biggoron’s next quest and also the last stages indicate gathering and also returning items to him. Pull out the damaged Giant’s Knife close to the Biggoron and he will tell girlfriend that, while that would favor to repair it, his eyesight has left him due to an eruption at the volcano yesterday. Biggoron will provide you with a Prescription, the following item associated in the next quest, and will ask friend to take it to King Zora.

Approach King Zora (after you have actually unfrozen him making use of Blue Fire native the ice Cavern) and administer him with the Prescription. King Zora will review the Prescription and will administer Link v the ingredient to do the Eye Drops that Biggoron requires. The King will certainly give connect the Eyeball Frog.

The Eyeball Frog demands to it is in transported to the Lakeside laboratory at Lake Hylia as easily as possible (3:00 minutes). Unfortunately you cannot usage the Serenade of Water that Sheik just taught you to warp to Lake Hylia as a faster way – you have to run over there on foot.

Run under the stairway leading the end of King Zora’s Chamber and follow the flow bed down the Zora’s River. Hop ~ above Epona and also ride come Lake Hylia. Usage the video below to help guide you:

The following step is to take it the World’s best Eye Drops ago to Biggoron. This run also involves a a time border (4:00 minutes) and it pretty much requires friend to have planted a Magic p Plant in the mound of soft soil in former of the Dodongo’s Cavern in order to do it up in time.

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Ride Epona out of Lake Hylia and ago to Kakariko Village. Run through to the fatality Mountain Trail and then drive the Magic p Plant approximately the optimal of fatality Mountain. Run towards the climbable wall surface and usage either her Longshot or your

Fairy Bow come kill every one of the Skulltulas top top the wall surface and then climb up to Biggoron. Use the video clip below to assist you:

Biggoron will carry out you through a Claim Check to come ago and claim the knife at a later on date. You need to wait 3 days in total however you have the right to use the Sun’s tune to rate the passage of time. Beat the Sun’s song 6 time to do 3 days go past and then existing the Claim inspect to Biggoron again to get the Biggoron’s Sword together your reward. The Biggoron’s sword is much an ext powerful than the

grasp Sword but it calls for two hands 2 wield. This means that link will not be able to use his
Hylian Shield
while he has the Biggoron’s knife equipped. The Biggoron’s knife is extremely useful throughout the game.