The comfortable lawn tractor. At an affordable price.

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Built in Greeneville, Tennessee, our 100 series lawn tractors room our affordable, comfortable, easy-to-use lawn tractor line-up.



Quality has a color. It"s green and yellow. Developed in Greeneville, Tennessee, our 100 series Lawn Tractors are designed the best way, right down come the tiniest detail. This is what quality looks like.


Get right into what provides the 100 collection Lawn Tractor style so comfortable and welcoming. Right here. Right now. Before you even sit under on one yourself.


Peace of Mind

When you buy a john, there are no surprises. That"s since we have nothing to hide. You simply get the most an extensive warranty in talk lawn tractors.

Never drainpipe engine oil again.

We’ve readjusted the oil change. Revolutionized it really. See exactly how fast and easy changing your oil have the right to now it is in on 100 series Riding Lawn Tractors v the man straightforward Change™ 30-Second Oil adjust System. Only from john Consisted of on the E130, andE180 models.


Step One. Take it it off.

Lift the hood. Make certain the engine is cool, then, twist come remove. It’s the simple.


Step Two. Twist and lock.

"Grab" the new Easy Change™ Canister, twist and lock into place. Make certain the arrow on her Filter system aligns with the arrow on your engine.


Step three. Done.

Close the hood and also mow. Man proposal the easy Change™ 30-second Oil adjust System every 50 hrs or in ~ the end of your mowing season. Don’t drain engine oil ever before again.

Draining engine oil is so 2017.

The engine adjustments and brand-new technologies are in. The re-envisioned oil filter through a media design to resist breaking down in oil in time is here. The thousands of hrs of testing are done. The end an outcome is one all-in-one, oil and oil filter device like no other. The an initial of that is kind. And also thanks to the new John easy Change™ 30-Second Oil change System (“System”), you’ll never have actually to drainpipe the oil native 100 collection Riding Lawn Tractors1 again.

Here’s why: The brand-new System catches contaminants and recharges your engine with virtually a quart (0.8qt) (0.76 l) of brand-new oil. In fact, this System rises the lot of oil in the engine by practically 40%.2 your engine likes that.

What do you mean, I will never have actually to drainpipe oil from mine engine again? just how is the possible? The price is simple. We have emerged a better filtration system and filter style for ours 100 collection Riding Lawn Tractors1. This completely synthetic filter media has greater surface area which boosts its volume to host harmful contaminants. What’s more, the filter media is draft to resist breaking down in oil end time. Which means you’ll gain a cooler running engine. And also a cooler to run engine and far better filtering helps rise engine oil life. Man"s recommended oil company for 100 series Riding Lawn Tractors1, is to change the mechanism every 50 hours or once a season, whichever come first. Remember, the device replaces a section of her engine oil. And that"s plenty.

The mechanism uses john Turf-Gard™ Oil. making use of John Turf-Gard™ Oil guarantee you are using the specific oil specified by john engineers.

Testing. Testing. Testing. many thanks to thousands of hrs of rigorous and also extensive testing, you can feel confident her engine will certainly run because that years come come.

1The john straightforward Change™ 30-Second Oil adjust System is available on E120, E130, E150, E160, E170 and also E180 Lawn Tractors today.

2Compared to comparable V-Twin engine models that do not have actually the john easy Change™ 30-Second Oil readjust System. That includes equivalent 2017 models and also 2018 models there is no the System.

What is this new oil change system?

We adjusted the oil change. The all-in-one oil and oil filter system offers the owner the capability to adjust a portion of the oil and also the filter in less than 30 seconds.

What wake up to the remainder of the oil in the engine once the Easy change system is replaced?

The Easy readjust system replaces .8 quart that oil. The remaining oil in the engine is refreshed through the charge of new oil had in the replacement Easy adjust system. Combined with 40% more engine oil capacity, enhanced filtration and cooler to run temperatures which help extend oil life, the is no longer important to remove and dispose of all the oil in your engine throughout service.

What provides the Easy readjust system unique from other filters?

It is not simply a filter. That is a recently developed modern technology system that allows a new “filter” to come already charged through oil and enables you to eliminate an present filter and the contaminants within without tools and without making a mess. Beyond the filter, an innovation within the canister and on your engine renders this possible.

Models v the Easy readjust oil system use a completely synthetic filter the has more capacity come trap and also hold contaminants. The larger surface area that the Easy adjust canister acts choose a radiator helping the oil to continue to be cool.

Does the Easy adjust system somehow decrease the life that the engine?

The john 100 series lawn tractor models, with and without simple Change, room specified for the exact same lifetime and also are rigorously experiment to the exact same standards come ensure the life that the tractor meets expectations.

Can I include the Easy change system come an present tractor?

Because this system likewise requires distinct features within the engine, the Easy adjust system cannot be added to one engine that was no equipped through it at the factory.

Can I readjust all the oil if I pick to?

You can if you wanted to. Over there is one oil drain plug. The is not forced for maintenance.

How often do I require to readjust the Easy adjust canister?

Every 50 hours or when a year. The 100 collection Lawn Tractors with and without the Easy change system have actually the very same maintenance schedule.

What kind of oil is recommended?

We recommend just John Turf-Gard™ 10W30 Oil. The Easy adjust canister comes pre-filled v John Turf-Gard™ 10W30 oil.

How execute I recycle the old oil?

Many local government recycling programs, authorized retailers, auto fix stations, and auto components stores will puncture and recycle provided oil filters and oil.

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Do I ever need to include oil?

Yes. Consistent with our business recommendations because that this product, girlfriend should examine oil level everyday and include oil if required.