Fans of crime drama obtained six full seasons of that in Crossing Jordan, i beg your pardon ran from 2001 to 2007. In ~ the main point of the display is Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who is specialized to addressing crimes as a forensic pathologist. Played by Jill Hennessy, she might be the show"s center, yet she doesn"t handle these frequently disturbing puzzles on she own. The display is made entirety by a strong ensemble actors of actors who usage their respective skills to lug each personality to distinctive life.

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The tireless dedication this people lug to fixing mysteries v teamwork in between police and also medical experts makes the present enormously compelling. This passion frequently comes with a price, however. We obtain to check out that toll fee taken in all of Crossing Jordan"s characters. End the food of the series, this co-workers additionally develop different varieties of relationships through one another, varying from romantic come adversarial, giving the display even an ext depth.

After 117 episodes, NBC pulled the plug on the series. Happily, many of the stars have ongoing working in the people of TV and film. We"re below to look in ~ what Crossing Jordan"s actors has been up to because the present called it quits.

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From 2001 to 2007, Jill Hennessy starred on Crossing Jordan. As Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, a forensic pathologist working for the Massachusetts Office of the Chief clinical Examiner, Hennessy mixed human traits both an excellent and bad, expanding a character whose profession calls for someone through an astute sense of rigidity and logic.

Jordan is obsessed through using she talents to deal with murders, and the display finds she working v a mix the other clinical professionals and detectives. Of course, friends and also romantic interests pop in as well. The reason behind she drive? Her mommy was a murder victim. In enhancement to the deep emotional chaos this tragedy instilled in Jordan, it also initiated she desire because that justice.

Crossing Jordan wasn"t Hennessy"s an initial foray right into crime-solving on TV: She play an assistant district attorney ~ above Law & Order in the "90s. Because Crossing Jordan, she"s to be on miscellaneous shows, consisting of The good Wife, Yellowstone, and also The Blacklist. You can right now find her together Jenny Rohr ~ above Showtime"s City top top a Hill, one more crime-oriented program set in Boston, whereby she"s just one degree away indigenous the show"s star, Kevin Bacon.

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Steve Valentine appeared on every season that Crossing Jordan together criminologist Dr. Nigel Townsend. In enhancement to assessing the actions of killers and their criminal ilk, Townsend"s sarcastic wit defines his personality — the delivers cutting wise-cracks through ease. He"s faithful to Jordan, regularly helping her solve cases, sometimes at the detriment of his very own job.

Since Crossing Jordan ended its run, Valentine has ongoing to handle a selection of roles, including appearing as Derek Jupiter in the rock-and-roll comedy I"m in the Band. Psych, NCIS, Supernatural, and also Anger Management are several of the other shows he"s graced through his presence.

Another thing that has kept Valentine busy is his career as a magician. This is miscellaneous he"s been doing because that decades: In the 1990s, Valentine to be doing magic mirrors to complement his acting career if he gathered his resume. He proceeds to tour and perform in productions choose his one-man show, Steve Valentine"s Life and Other Deceptions. Valentine has also been a staple at Los Angeles" premier private magic club, The Magic Castle. 

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Dr. Garret Macy, play by Miguel Ferrer, is Jordan"s boss, the chief clinical examiner. He has actually a cool, unaffected vibe, though he does carry around his own an individual trauma — he just chooses to let that brew in ~ the surface, fairly than wear it on his sleeve. He"s additionally got some addiction issues, i m sorry come greatly into play when it"s discovered that his daughter Abby (Alex McKenna) is making use of heroin. Jordan"s emotionally nature is another landscape for him come travel. His character, choose Jordan herself, is a reminder that we never understand what"s walking on through someone, regardless of what we can assume.

Ferrer started acting in the "80s and also caught a big break showing up in the blockbuster, RoboCop. Twin Peaks, Fallen Angel, and also On the Air are simply a few of the reflects he appeared on before landing his part on Crossing Jordan. As soon as that ended, he continued down the show"s crime-centric path, showing up on NCIS and reprising his function as FBI agent Albert Rosenfield in 2017"s Twin Peaks reboot, which sees the present pick increase 25 year after its initial air date. 

Ferrer"s dad to be the noteworthy actor Jose Ferrer, that was the an initial Hispanic actor to victory an Academy Award. Sadly, Miguel Ferrer died of neck cancer in 2017, but you deserve to still enjoy his occupational in the many standard movies and TV reflects he showed up on.

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Kathryn Hahn is one liven actress, and that has been consistent since she started proactively working in the beforehand 2000s. She resume boasts a an extensive list that TV shows and also movies: Parks and also Recreation, Girls, Transparent, and also the title duty of eve Fletcher in Mrs. Fletcher are amongst the collection she"s graced through her presence due to the fact that playing Lily Lebowski top top Crossing Jordan. Recently, she"s swollen superhero fans" minds through her jauntily enigmatic portrayal that Agnes ~ above Disney+"s WandaVision, i m sorry merges old institution sitcoms through the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On Jordan, Lily Lebowski is another member that the medical examiner"s team, a grief counselor through a an excellent disposition and also an eccentric personality. She character additionally has some romantic liaisons v boss Dr. Garret Macy.

Hahn won"t be slowing down any kind of time soon. Her slate of projects includes The Shrink next Door, a dark comedy starring will certainly Ferrell and also Paul Rudd. She dram Phyllis, the younger sister that Ferrell"s character, Marty Markowitz. This isn"t the very first time she"s operated with Ferrell, either: Step Brothers fans will certainly remember Hahn as Alice, the unhappy mam of the jerky Derek (Adam Scott), who finds she dream male in Dale Doback (John C. Reilly).

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Ravi Kapoor portrayed Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Vijay on Crossing Jordan, a forensic entomologist working with the Boston crew. He has a pair of intense storylines throughout the series. One centers about his continued desire to attach with counselor Lily Lebowski. A harsher plot involves him walking missing, just to be later uncovered in the custody of homeland Security, who have wrongly profiled him together a terrorist.

Like some of his fellow actors members, Kapoor showed up on NCIS ~ the display ended. He"s been on other shows too, including The Kominsky Method and also Little America. Kapoor is busy on the silver display screen as well: Movie fans can record him together Dr. Manmohan in The Starling alongside Daveed Diggs, Melissa McCarthy, and Timothy Olyphant.

Kapoor also has writing and also directing credits under his belt. The co-wrote and directed 2015"s Miss India America, a comedy-drama around high-achieving teen from Orange County who competes for the location of miss out on India National.

In 1986, Jerry O"Connell play Vern Tessio in Stand through Me. He functioned alongside a bunch of other then-young actors who have remained in the spotlight, choose Wil Wheaton, Kiefer Sutherland, and also Corey Feldman. O"Connell has actually been going an in similar way strong since that movie debuted. His character on Crossing Jordan to be Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Hoyt, a passionate police detective that works on situations with Jordan. He appeared on much more than 80 episodes, ending up being a constant in the 4th season. Hoyt has feelings for Jordan, but it takes her until the end of the collection to involved terms v her very own feelings around him. As soon as she does, she allows him understand that it"s reciprocal. 

Billions, Carter, and also Star Trek: lower Decks are several of the reflects O"Connell has worked on due to the fact that Crossing Jordan closed up shop. The is likewise an admitted fanatic of reality TV, particularly Bravo shows and The real Housewives franchise. He"s even hosted a show called Play through Play wherein he and a dashboard review miscellaneous episodes that Bravo shows. Occasionally his wife, Rebecca Romjin, join in the fun.

Ken Howard"s career began in theater in the late 1960s. Around that exact same time, film and television got included to his resume. He won a Theatre civilization Award because that playing cutting board Jefferson in 1776, and a Tony Award followed the next year. The made a large mark in the "70s on the TV show The White Shadow, play a former skilled basketball player because that the Chicago Bulls that takes a project coaching a team in South main Los Angeles. The show covers a lot of pressing issues, including drug problems and also child abuse.

Howard played Max Kavanaugh on Crossing Jordan, showing up in much more than 50 episodes as Jordan"s dad. One more somewhat troubled figure, Max is traumatized by the killing of Jordan"s mom and also left his project as a police officer under bad terms. He currently lives his dream of running a bar, and he and also Jordan regularly clash, each having solid personalities and being vulnerable to stubbornness. By the show"s end, the two concerned an understanding that enables them to interact better.

After Crossing Jordan, Howard worked actively until he passed away in 2016 at age 71. The is remembered for the wide range of roles he take it on, in everything from daytime soaps like The Young and also the Restless to comedies favor 30 Rock.

Ivan Sergei showed up on Crossing Jordan"s 2nd and 3rd seasons. He play Dr. Peter Winslow, a medical examiner and recovering medicine addict because that 22 episodes. His character pipeline the show without any fanfare or finality. Winslow does gain mentioned by Nigel, though, so audiences can assume the personality is still approximately in-universe.

Charmed fans recognize Sergei together Henry Mitchell, one of his post-Jordan roles. Other shows he"s remained in include Granite Flats, Twisted, and also BH90210, a reboot of the popular Beverly Hills, 90210, which follows a team of friends indigenous high institution to past college. In this reboot of that show, Sergei theatre Nate, Tori Spelling"s husband. The two worked together back in the mid-"90s in the thriller, Mother, might I Sleep v Danger? In that classic, Sergei theatre Spelling"s obsessive, creepy friend Billy Jones.

Sergei is liven on the silver display screen as well, with roles in movies like The Butterfly Guard.

Now an Academy compensation winner, Mahershala Ali spent a season top top Crossing Jordan. He played Dr. Trey Sanders, who is working on a study grant. Sanders and also Jordan don"t always see eye-to-eye, yet he"s more jovial 보다 not, enjoying gift in the mix and also working on situations with the team.

Crossing Jordan was in reality the first TV present Ali appeared on. Indigenous there, his career became a mix of TV shows and movies. Because Crossing Jordan ended, he"s appeared on The 4400, House of Cards, and Luke Cage. Notably, Ali starred as Wayne Hays top top the third season that HBO"s acclaimed series, True Detective. Most prominently, Ali won Oscars in 2017 and also 2019 for his functions in Moonlight and also Green Book, respectively.

In enhancement to acting, Ali is likewise a musician. The snagged a record deal in the so late 2000s, and also recorded a rap record as Prince Ali. That doesn"t show up that there will be a follow-up musical relax anytime soon, unfortunately. However, Ali"s recent work-related does incorporate parts in Swan Song, a sci-fi drama the explores human cloning, and also the titular duty in the MCU Blade reboot.

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Leslie Bibb joined the Crossing Jordan family in the show"s fifth season. She appeared on 14 episodes as Tallulah "Lu" Simmons, a psychologist and also homicide detective. Her character is tasked v helping Woody Hoyt occupational through several of the trauma he"s endured on the job. The 2 characters end up being romantically associated for a short stint. 

Bibb functioned for a solid decade before landing that role, showing up on number of TV shows, Popular and also The huge Easy amongst them. After ~ Jordan, The Following and also Burning Love were a pair of the mirrors on i m sorry she made multiple appearances. Movies are also part of her resume: In Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Bibb play reporter Christine Everhart. Much more recently, her films incorporate the horror comedies The Babysitter and its follow-up, The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Horror is something she seems resolved to save exploring, offered her duty in The Inhabitant alongside Dermot Mulroney. In regards to her personal life, Bibb keeps things a lot less spooky: For much more than a decade, Bibb has been partnered v actor Sam Rockwell.