On optimal of Spaghetti is a great campfire song! You deserve to probably sing the first line or 2 - however what comes after "I lost my poor meatball"? Keep analysis for the complete lyrics!

This is in reality a parody the the track "On top of Old Smokey". Those indigenous are below too.

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This is a perfect tune for the whole family to sing around the campfire.


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The words

On optimal of spaghettiAll extended with cheeseI lost my bad meatballWhen someone sneezed.

It rolled turn off the tableAnd onto the floorAnd then my poor meatball Rolled the end of the door.

It rolling in the gardenAnd under a bushAnd then my poor meatballWas nothing however mush.

The mush was as tastyAs tasty could beAnd early on next summerIt thrived into a tree.

The tree was every coveredWith beautiful mossIt grew good big meatballsAnd tomato sauce.

So if you eat spaghettiAll spanned with cheeseHold on come to your meatballsAnd don"t ever before sneeze.

The books

The video

This clip is indigenous an old TV display called Swap Shop. It"s lacking the last couple of verses, but it"s quite funny!

The original

This track is a parody of one old folk song called "On top Of Old Smokey". The original song has plenty of versions. Right here is one:

On top of Old Smokey,All extended with snow,I lost my true lover, indigenous courting too slow.

On top of Old Smokey,I went over there to weep.A false hearted lover Is worse 보다 a thief.

For a thief, he will certainly rob youAnd take it what girlfriend haveBut a false hearted lover will send you to your grave.

On peak of Old SmokeyAll spanned with snowI shed my true loverFrom courting too slow.

Speaking that spaghetti....



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Trivia around On height of Spaghetti

The parody may have been written on a rainy day in 1957 through a team of children at a Florida job camp
."On top of Old Smokey" has actually been recorded plenty of times - by The Weavers, Burl Ives, Alvin and also the Chipmunks, and also ABBA, among others! The song and also its title have actually become component of well-known culture.There room restaurants called On optimal Of Spaghetti. Over there is a recipe book with this name. It"s a pasta cookbook, that course!


I haven"t supplied it myself, yet it gets terrific reviews
top top Amazon.

Now the you know the words come On optimal of Spaghetti, click below for too many more an excellent campfire songs.

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