How to convert Meters to Yards

To transform a meter measurement come a yard measurement, multiply the size by the counter ratio.

due to the fact that one meter is same to 1.093613 yards, you deserve to use this an easy formula to convert:


Meters and also yards room both units supplied to measure length. Keep reading to learn an ext about each unit that measure.

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The meter is characterized as the length of the route traveled by irradiate in vacuum throughout a time interval with a term of 1/299,792,458 of a second, according to the many recent 2019 definition.<1> One meter is same to 100 centimeters or 39.37 inches.

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The meter, or metre, is the SI basic unit for length in the metric system. Meters deserve to be abbreviated together m; because that example, 1 meter deserve to be written as 1 m.


The garden is a unit of size measurement same to 3 feet or 36 inches. The global yard is legally characterized to be same to precisely 0.9144 meters.<2>

The yard is a united state customary and also imperial unit of length. Yards have the right to be abbreviated together yd; because that example, 1 yard have the right to be composed as 1 yd.

we recommend using a ruler or tape measure up for measuring length, which deserve to be uncovered at a local retailer or home center. Rulers are easily accessible in imperial, metric, or combination with both values, therefore make sure you obtain the correct kind for your needs.

require a ruler? try our cost-free downloadable and printable rulers, which incorporate both imperial and metric measurements.

Meter to garden Conversion Table

Meter dimensions converted to yards meters Yards
1 m 1.0936 yd
2 m 2.1872 yd
3 m 3.2808 yd
4 m 4.3745 yd
5 m 5.4681 yd
6 m 6.5617 yd
7 m 7.6553 yd
8 m 8.7489 yd
9 m 9.8425 yd
10 m 10.94 yd
11 m 12.03 yd
12 m 13.12 yd
13 m 14.22 yd
14 m 15.31 yd
15 m 16.4 yd
16 m 17.5 yd
17 m 18.59 yd
18 m 19.69 yd
19 m 20.78 yd
20 m 21.87 yd
21 m 22.97 yd
22 m 24.06 yd
23 m 25.15 yd
24 m 26.25 yd
25 m 27.34 yd
26 m 28.43 yd
27 m 29.53 yd
28 m 30.62 yd
29 m 31.71 yd
30 m 32.81 yd
31 m 33.9 yd
32 m 35 yd
33 m 36.09 yd
34 m 37.18 yd
35 m 38.28 yd
36 m 39.37 yd
37 m 40.46 yd
38 m 41.56 yd
39 m 42.65 yd
40 m 43.74 yd


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