Many the’s assets are characterized by your mil thickness. Our Geomembranes (Water Barrier and also Bamboo Barrier), because that example, have varying thicknesses that 30, 40 and 60 mil, while our root barriers are every 80 mil thick. But what is a mil?

A mil is a thousandth the an customs — .001 inch. It is a common manufacturing dimension. As soon as we make a product we specify the thickness as a mil.

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How do you visualize together a tiny dimension? In bespeak to aid people know what the mil thickness that a product is, I shot to provide them a suggest of reference. Because that example, I constantly explain the the 30 mil (30 split by 1,000 = .030) Geomembrane is about the thickness the a credit card.


(By the way, Wikipedia uses the exact same comparison! Well, in reality it supplies plastic identifier cards, however it’s the same idea. I’ve been saying this for years without Wikipedia’s help – actually I stole, er, obtained the line from owner Julian Ray. For those who room interested and also maybe a bit geeky favor me you might want to read more about mils ~ above the Wikipedia page.)

In the photos in this post, I’m measure the thickness of mine Clipper card (for the mountain Francisco transit system, MUNI) through both one old school and a digital micrometer to demonstrate this to compare (did I cite I to be a little of a geek?). That is simple to tell v the digital one that the Clipper card is .03 thick. The measurement is a little bit trickier v the old college one – mathematics is involved, plus the is hard to show the tiny marks the the micrometer in a photo. Even though i love my, er,’s brand-new digital micrometer, i always earlier up mine finding v Mr. Old institution trusty no digital micrometer.

Okay, so by now in this article you are conscious that the micrometer is offered to measure up thicknesses. Wikipedia states that micrometers “are supplied widely for an accurate measurement of small distances…. Micrometers use the rule of a screw to amplify tiny distances that room too little to measure directly into large rotations of the screw that are large enough to read from a scale.” That’s a small heavy because that me. I basically understand it as the sweet device that I usage to inspect quality top top the items us manufacture.

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So there you have it – a brief explanation the what a mil is and why uses the ax to define so countless of that products. But, honestly, I just wanted to display off the sweet micrometers.