10 Differences in between The Ouran High School organize Club Manga & Anime lovely shojo standard Ouran High School organize Club"s anime adaptation took part liberties through the initial manga.

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Ouran High School organize Club Manga and Anime Differences
Ouran High School host Club is a shojo romance produced by Bisco Hatori the was an initial released in 2002, and also since then, it"s come to be one of the most popular shojo collection to date. Ouran High School host Club follows the story that Haruhi Fujioka, a excellent honors student who receives a scholarship come the exclusive Ouran Academy.

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Unfortunately because that Haruhi, she breaks an high-quality vase and has come repay her debt to the organize Club, that assume that she"s a boy. Both the anime and also manga are brilliant and funny, but there are numerous differences between the manga and its anime adaptation worth noting.

Ouran High School organize Club Cherry blossom Season
everyone knows the there are 4 seasons — summer, fall, winter, and spring — in one year. In the anime variation of Ouran High School organize Club, the story consist of one institution year indigenous April come March. As the anime never made it past season one, it"s unclear once the students would certainly actually graduate.

In the manga, Haruhi and also the other personalities experience the changing seasons plenty of times within their an initial year, i m sorry isn"t really realistic. In enhancement to this, the personalities don"t graduate till volume 15, i beg your pardon is a an extremely long time to it is in in high school.

Kotoko Fujioka in Haruhi's Dream
Haruhi"s mother, Kotoko Fujioka, died from one unknown condition when Haruhi to be only five years old. She was an amazing attorney who embraced her household for who they are. She knew that Haruhi"s father, Ryouji "Ranka" Fujioka, was a cross-dresser and also accepted this about him.

Even despite it"s to be ten years due to the fact that her passing, Haruhi think of her mother quite fondly. What"s different in between the manga and also anime version of this collection is that in the anime, Haruhi calls her mommy "mom," when in the manga, she calls she "mother" or "mother in heaven."

Honey Senpai and also Usa-Chan Ouran High School organize Club
Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka is a third-year high institution student and also the eldest of all of the hosts. In spite of his brief stature and boyish appearance, honey is well-versed in martial arts and also makes a formidable opponent. He also has an substantial sweet tooth and likes cutesy things, much to his family"s dismay.

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One that the items that Honey likes to carry around is his stuffed bunny, i beg your pardon is his many prized possession as it was offered to the by his grandmother. In the anime, this bunny is recognized as "Usa-chan," while in the manga, the is well-known as "Bun-Bun."

7 The occasions Of The last Anime episode Didn"t take place In The Manga

Haruhi and Tamaki in the final episode
The Ouran Academy school Fair is an occasion that occurs in the very last episode of the anime. In this episode, Tamaki Suoh is engaged to Éclair Tonnerre, in ~ the advisement the his grandmother, and the organize Club is almost at the point of disbandment. However, the members the the host Club do every little thing in their strength to to convince Tamaki that their friendship is an useful and so is the host Club.

By the finish of the night, Tamaki realizes the error the his ways and also makes many bold decisions that might have finished badly because that him. What renders this episode interesting is that this occasion doesn"t take place in the manga at all.

Kaoru and also Hikaru Hitachiin room twins in the host Club and also are in the exact same year together Haruhi. Within the host Club, these two portray a taboo brotherly love that many of the host Club"s patrons love. The 2 are constantly teasing each other or others, playing practical jokes, and also generally just being mischievous.

In the anime, the twins" zodiac sign is Gemini. However, in the manga, the twins were initially Virgos. Their zodiac authorize was changed to Gemini later on in the series.

5 Haruhi"s sex Reveal Is various In The Manga

among the crucial moments in the collection was Haruhi"s gender reveal. There to be a an excellent deal of buildup, excitement, and nervousness about when the members the the organize Club would certainly realize the she to be a girl. Slowly yet surely, every member of the society realized in their own time. Tamaki, however, take it the longest in both the anime and also manga.

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In the anime, Tamaki discovers that Haruhi is a girl when he accidentally go in ~ above her an altering and notices Haruhi in a camisole. In the manga, Haruhi drops she identification card, which is picked up by Tamaki. On the card, that reads the symbol for female and sees her middle school photo where she had long hair.

one of the numerous important moments wherein Haruhi sees Tamaki as something more than a privileged and also over-the-top show-off is once he went out of his means to help her find for she wallet after it mysteriously finished up in a pond.

In the anime, he simply rolls increase his sleeves and also pants and also helps she look. In the manga, however, he completely takes turn off his blazer, shirt, and tie prior to helping her look. In addition, Ayanokoji, who threw the wallet in the pond in the very first place, likewise put razor knives in between the pages that Haruhi"s books.

3 one more Host Member conserves Haruhi On physics Examination Day

every year at the Ouran Academy, students room subjected to a physical examination day. Normally, this wouldn"t it is in a trouble for the hold Club, however they don"t want Haruhi"s gender to it is in revealed come the college student body, or rather she won"t be able to fulfill her society duties and also repay her debts.

In the anime, doctor Yabu is an odd man who accosts Haruhi, yet fortunately Tamaki is over there to conserve the day. However, in the manga, it"s not Tamaki that saves Haruhi, it"s in reality Honey.

Renge Houshakuji is an exchange student at Ouran Academy and is in the same class as Haruhi and also the twins. The entirety reason for she being at the school is because of Kyoya Ootori, that resembles a beloved personality from among her favorite date sims.

Renge shows up quite often throughout the anime series, also though she just makes a couple of appearances in the manga. In addition, in the manga, it"s Tamaki, no Renge, who says that Shiro becomes the "naughty" form and coaches him.

1 Tamaki Doesn"t follow Haruhi to The Supermarket In The Manga

one of the numerous enjoyable moment in the anime is whereby Tamaki and Haruhi"s father, Ranka, re-publishing in their worry around Haruhi going to the save alone. Ranka reminisces about how Haruhi would certainly do whatever by herself and also never desire or require his help. Even so, he would certainly follow her to the keep to make sure she to be okay, and also when caught, he would act silly and also make Haruhi laugh.

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In the anime, Tamaki complies with Haruhi to the store and acts silly once she discovers him, much like she father would certainly do. Yet in the manga, after ~ Haruhi finds Tamaki crying in the roadways they walk shopping together — and are adhered to by the remainder of the host Club and Ranka.

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