Key principles

The electrons surrounding an atom are situated in regions about the nucleus called “energy levels”. An power level to represent the 3-dimensional room surrounding the nucleus wherein electrons space most most likely to be. The an initial energy level is closest come the nucleus. The 2nd energy level is a little farther away than the first. The third is a small farther away 보다 the second, and so on.Each energy level deserve to accommodate or “hold” a different number of electrons before added electrons begin to enter the following level. As soon as the very first energy level has 2 electrons, the next electrons get in the second energy level till the second level has actually 8 electrons. When the second energy level has 8 electrons, the next electrons get in the third energy level until the 3rd level has actually 8 electrons.When the third energy level has 8 electrons, the next 2 electrons get in the fourth energy level.The electrons in the energy level the furthest from the nucleus are called valence electrons.Atoms in the same tower (group) in the regular table have actually the same number of valence electrons.


Students will again focus on the first 20 elements. Student will very first look in ~ a diagram and also animation to understand the an easy pattern of the arrangement of electron on energy levels about an atom. Students will be provided cards with information around the electrons and energy levels for each of the very first 20 atoms. They will certainly again try to correctly complement the cards through each element.

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Students will have the ability to interpret the information given in the periodic table to explain the plan of electron on the power levels about an atom.


Download the student activity sheet, and distribute one per student once specified in the activity. The task sheet will certainly serve as the “Evaluate” ingredient of every 5-E great plan.

About this Lesson

Be certain that the 20 atom surname cards space posted around the room. Friend will need the 5 cards ~ above the best hand side of every sheet. This class is intended together a follow-up to thing 4, great 2.

For lesson 4.3, students deserve to play the regular Table Game, game #2. This is one online variation of the periodic table card game from this lesson that you have the right to assign as class work or homework ~ students have actually played the game in the classroom.

Have groups work with each other to location each card with its correct atom.

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Show students the you have 80 cards (4 for each that the an initial 20 elements). Before distributing the cards, explain that every card has information about electrons and energy levels for the first 20 elements of the periodic table. The students’ project is to review the card carefully, number out which aspect the card is describing, and also put the map at the clues in the room for that element. Remind students the they will must count the electron in bespeak to recognize each atom. As soon as students know what their assignment is, distribution the cards to groups.


Have students look at for patterns in rows and columns of the first 20 aspects in the routine table.

Continue to job the image Periodic table of energy levels for aspects 1–20 and have college student look at their activity sheets to discover patterns in the variety of electrons within each power level.

Have college student look at the durations (rows walking across).

Number of power levels in every period

The atom in the first period have actually electrons in 1 power level.The atoms in the second period have electron in 2 power levels.The atoms in the third period have electrons in 3 power levels.The atom in the fourth duration have electron in 4 power levels.

How the electrons to fill in the power levels

First energy level = 1, 2Second energy level = 1, 2, 3, …8Third energy level = 1, 2, 3, …8