Do 8 ounces equals fifty percent a pint? half of a pint is same to 8 liquid ounces (1 cup) or 16 tablespoons (0.2 litres). Depend on who’s the version you need.

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It is the term the is used for volume, oz for mass and they room distinct. A liquid ounce is an royal unit and a united state customary measurement system volume unit. Allow us recognize this by example, 1 liquid ounce that honey has actually a fixed of roughly 1.5 ounces however 1 fluid ounce that water has actually a fixed of 1 ounce. Therefore, if you guy an oz of liquid then you should constantly say ‘fluid ounce.’

It is one imperial and also US customary unit. Its price is pt. 1 us pint = 16fl oz. And also 1 imperial pint = 20 royal fl. Oz.

As we recognize that 1 us pint equates to 16 fl oz. Now, because that calculating the amount of water in a pint you have to multiply the number of pints through 16 and also divide it by the dimension of the water bottle in us fl oz. Because that example, because that calculating how numerous 10 oz water bottles have the right to fit in 6 pints:6*16 /10 = 9.6.

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Therefore, 9.6 water bottles of 10 oz deserve to fit in 6 pints.

1 us fl oz = 0.0625 pints. Thus, for converting it into pints you simply need to main point the worth of fl oz by 0.0625 or divide it by 16. Allow us get some an ext clarity top top it through the aid of one example,

If you want to calculate how plenty of pints is 8 fl oz the water, climate multiply 8 by 0.0625 which makes 8 pint is 8 fl oz that water.Its formula is:Pint= fluid ounce * 0.0625 orPint= fluid ounce /16

Here is the conversion table for you, for more clarity on other conversions:

US liquid Ounces to us Pints switch Table
US fluid OuncesUS Pints
1 US liquid Ounce0.0625 united state Pints
2 US fluid Ounces0.125 united state Pints
3 US liquid Ounces0.1875 us Pints
4 US liquid Ounces0.25 us Pints
5 US liquid Ounces0.3125 us Pints
6 US fluid Ounces0.375 united state Pints
7 US fluid Ounces0.4375 united state Pints
8 US fluid Ounces0.5 united state Pints
9 US fluid Ounces0.5625 us Pints
10 US fluid Ounces0.625 us Pints
11 US liquid Ounces0.6875 us Pints
12 US liquid Ounces0.75 united state Pints
13 US liquid Ounces0.8125 united state Pints
14 US liquid Ounces0.875 united state Pints
15 US fluid Ounces0.9375 us Pints
16 US fluid Ounces1 us Pints
17 US liquid Ounces1.0625 us Pints
18 US liquid Ounces1.125 us Pints
19 US liquid Ounces1.1875 united state Pints
20 US fluid Ounces1.25 us Pints
US Pints to US fluid Ounces counter Table
US PintsUS fluid Ounces
1 us Pint16 US liquid Ounces
2 us Pints32 US fluid Ounces
3 united state Pints48 US liquid Ounces
4 united state Pints64 US liquid Ounces
5 us Pints80 US fluid Ounces
6 united state Pints96 US fluid Ounces
7 united state Pints112 US fluid Ounces
8 us Pints128 US liquid Ounces
9 us Pints144 US fluid Ounces
10 united state Pints160 US fluid Ounces
11 united state Pints176 US fluid Ounces
12 united state Pints192 US fluid Ounces
13 us Pints208 US liquid Ounces
14 us Pints224 US fluid Ounces
15 united state Pints240 US liquid Ounces
16 united state Pints256 US fluid Ounces
17 us Pints272 US liquid Ounces
18 united state Pints288 US fluid Ounces
19 united state Pints304 US fluid Ounces
20 united state Pints320 US fluid Ounces