Key PointsAccording come Boyle’s Law, one inverse relationship exists between pressure and also volume.Boyle’s law holds true only if the variety of molecules (n) and also the temperature (T) are both constant.Boyle’s regulation is used to guess the an outcome of presenting a change in volume and also pressure only, and also only to the initial state that a fixed quantity of gas.The relationship for Boyle’s Law have the right to be expressed together follows: P1V1 = P2V2, wherein P1 and V1 space the early pressure and also volume values, and P2 and also V2 are the worths of the pressure and also volume the the gas ~ change.

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Termsisothermin thermodynamics, a curve top top a p-V diagram because that an isothermal processBoyle’s lawthe absolute pressure and also volume of a offered mass of limit gas are inversely proportional, while the temperature continues to be unchanged within a close up door systemideal gasa theoretical gas composed of a collection of randomly-moving, non-interacting suggest particles

Boyle’s Law

Boyle’s law (sometimes described as the Boyle-Mariotte Law) claims that the absolute pressure and also volume of a offered mass of border gas space inversely proportional, listed the temperature continues to be unchanged within a closed system. This have the right to be stated mathematically together follows:


History and Derivation the Boyle’s Law

The legislation was called after chemist and also physicist Robert Boyle, who released the original law in 1662. Boyle confirmed that the volume of wait trapped through a fluid in the closed quick limb that a J-shaped tube reduced in precise proportion to the pressure produced by the fluid in the long component of the tube.

Boyle’s LawAn computer animation of Boyle’s Law, mirroring the relationship in between volume and pressure as soon as mass and also temperature are held constant.

The trapped wait acted much like a spring, exerting a force opposing the compression. Boyle referred to as this effect “the spring of the air” and also published his results in a pamphlet v that title. The difference in between the heights the the two mercury columns provides the push (76 cm = 1 atm), and also the volume the the waiting is calculated from the length of the air column and also the tubing diameter.

The legislation itself deserve to be stated as follows: for a fixed amount of suitable gas kept at a addressed temperature, p (pressure) and V (volume) room inversely proportional—that is, as soon as one doubles, the various other is reduced by half.

Remember the these relations host true just if the number of molecules (n) and also the temperature (T) space both constant.

Interactive: The Volume-Pressure RelationshipGases can be compressed into smaller volumes. Exactly how does compressing a gas impact its pressure? operation the model, then adjust the volume of the containers and also observe the change in pressure. The moving wall surface converts the effect of molecular collisions right into pressure and acts together a pressure gauge. What happens to the pressure when the volume changes?


In an commercial process, a gas confined to a volume of 1 L at a press of 20 atm is allowed to flow into a 12-L container by opened the valve that connects the two containers. What is the final pressure that the gas?

Set increase the difficulty by setting up the known and also unknown variables. In this case, the initial pressure is 20 atm (P1), the early volume is 1 l (V1), and the new volume is 1L + 12 together = 13 l (V2), because the 2 containers room connected. The brand-new pressure (P2) stays unknown.

P1V1 = P2V2

(20 atm)(1 L) = (P2)(13 L).

20 atom = (13) P2.

P2 = 1.54 atm.

The last pressure of the gas is 1.54 atm.

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BoyleAn advent to the relationship in between pressure and also volume, and an explanation of just how to settle gas problems with Boyle’s Law.

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