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memory Verse:

" i am the great shepherd; I know my sheep and also my sheep recognize me." man 10:14

Story Reference:

Psalm 23, "The lord is mine Shepherd."

Printable holy bible Phrase Cards:

Print out the cards onto map stock, reduced them apart, and send one house with each child. This city is various than the one top top the abc worksheet below.) The kids can additionally make for your cards. (Available to members, above)

to teach Concepts:

God is like a great shepherd: He to know us, leader us, protects us, and also keeps united state from harm.

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Early arrivals Activity

1. Do a Cotton ball Sheep snapshot

Before course print out the trends for the sheep.

(Printable Patterns easily accessible to members and also as an prompt download above.)

In course have your children color the picture very first and climate glue noodle balls, fiberfill, popcorn, noodles painted white, or crinkled up white tissue document onto the sheep"s body.

This craft have the right to be make two different ways. You have the right to print the end the sample of the entirety sheep and also just have actually the youngsters glue top top the materials. This functions okay yet they often tend to cover up components of the head with the cotton. You can also print out the body and also head trends separately.

When the kids are all done gluing the noodle on, then they adhesive the head sample on height of the cotton as shown in the picture above.

2. Lamb the God Cup craft

What you will need:

9-oz. White Party Cups

Pink Pompoms

Cotton Balls

Blue paper (Optional)

White fancy PencilsWhite Glue

Card Stock


What to do:

1. Prior to class publish out the lamb Head sample onto cardstock (Heavy Paper) and also cut that out. (Printable Patterns available to members and also as an prompt download above.)

2. Tape the pattern onto the file cup equivalent the leaf of the sample to the bottom edge of the document cup.

3. Reduced out about the pattern, and then fold under the ears.

4. Publish out the Background pattern onto blue paper. (Available come Member only on The resource Room.)

5. Cut the cotton balls in half so they room thinner and go farther.

6. In course have your kids glue noodle balls top top the sheep pattern, attract a confront on the cup, color the legs through white crayon or colored pencil, and glue a pink pompom on because that the nose. Then have them glue the cup head come the pattern page.

The Lesson

How would you define God? What is he like? (Let the kids answer and write your answers on the board.)

Here are several of the methods God is explained in the Bible: he is ours rock, a sanctuary from the storm, our hiding place, a gardener, spring of life water, bread the life, friend, light of the world, master, morning star, doctor, king, judge, ruler, savior, teacher, and also our creator.

Today we are going to look at how David explains God. Go anyone psychic what David"s task was? He was a shepherd prior to he ended up being king. He explained God together the an excellent shepherd in Psalms. Walk everyone know what a shepherd is?

If God is ours shepherd, what does the make us? Sheep.

Did you recognize that we room a lot favor sheep? can anyone think the a way we might be like sheep? ( hold up a stuffed sheep and let the children come up with some ideas.)

Sheep require a shepherd to guide them, protect them and assist them. We require God to guide us, protect us and aid us too.

Tangled up

Sometimes sheep gain themselves tangled increase in brambles since they aren"t looking where they space going. Your fleece is thick and also the much more they shot to cost-free themselves, the an ext stuck lock become. The shepherd needs to come and cut the lamb free.

Fall over

Sometimes sheep autumn over and can"t get up by themselves. The shepherd needs to come and aid them up.


Sheep don"t constantly pay fist to where they space going. Occasionally they space so concerned around what they room eating the they often tend to wander off and also get lost and the shepherd has to go out and also look because that them.

We need God to assist just like sheep need a shepherd to assist them once they get in trouble. We require God to assist us do the ideal things. Sheep require the shepherd to save them once they are in trouble. We require Jesus to save us from our sins. He passed away for us so we can be forgiven of our sins and also live forever through him in heaven.

We space a lot like sheep. There room so many things walk on around us the we periodically forget around God and also what the wants united state to do. Rather of analysis our Bibles and praying, us wonder off to do other things. We require the holy Spirit to overview us and remind us around God.


Sheep can"t safeguard themselves very well. They don"t have actually sharp claws or spicy teeth and also they don"t run an extremely fast. The shepherd has to protect his sheep from danger animals. He carries a rod or stick that he offers to fight off any type of wild animals. We likewise need God"s protection. We can go come him as soon as we are in trouble or scared, and he will comfort us.

God is our shepherd. That is a great shepherd. A an excellent shepherd knows each one of his lamb by name. He not just knows your names, but he to know every thing around them. He knows what castle sound like. He deserve to tell by the means they cry if they room in trouble, shed or sick. God, her shepherd, to know everything around you. That loves you just the way you are, bad things and all. The knows once you space sad, happy or lonely.

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A an excellent shepherd never ever leaves his lamb alone.(Psalm 23:6) God will never ever leave you since he is your great shepherd. (Matthew 28:20)

The scriptures tells united state (Open your Bible and read the verse) in man 10:14, " ns am the great shepherd; I recognize my sheep and also my sheep know me."


Father, say thanks to you for being our good shepherd. Thank you because that protecting us, and also guiding us, and also dying on the overcome so that we could be saved. Forgive us as soon as we don"t constantly follow you. Store us on the right paths and also show united state the method you would choose us to go. Amen.