We"re answering the age-old question: exactly how much pasta per person? use our comfortable chart to determine just how much come cook based upon pasta shape.

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Broccoli Beef Lo Mein

My household loves pasta, however I"m constantly looking for various ways come prepare it. This food is much better than any Chinese restaurant selection I"ve tried.—Joan Crandall, Burlington, Connecticut
Taste of Home

Spaghetti Pork Chops

The moist chops simmer to perfection in a tangy sauce, then are served over pasta. This was among my mother"s most-loved recipes. —Ellen Gallavan, Midland, Michigan

Pesto Shrimp Pasta

A dash of red pepper put zip in this lively key dish. —Gloria Jones Grenga, Newnan, Georgia

Ground Beef Spaghetti Skillet

I remember my grandma make this stovetop supper plenty of times—we constantly loved Granny"s spaghetti! mine husband and also I now enjoy do it. You can quickly substitute soil turkey for the ground beef if that"s what you have actually on hand. —Jill Thomas, Washington, Indiana
Taste that Home

My ideal Spaghetti & Meatballs

One that my favorite childhood memories is going come the Old Spaghetti factory with mine family and ordering a big plate the cheesy spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread. Mine homemade cooking recipes reminds me the those fun times and also satisfies everyone"s yearn for good Italian food. —Erika Monroe-Williams, Scottsdale, Arizona

Monterey Spaghetti

I"m a working mom with 2 young boys. Our household leads a really active life, so ns make a the majority of casseroles. It"s for this reason nice to have actually a hearty side dish the youngsters will eat. Topped through cheese and french-fried onions, this tasty spaghetti casserole cooking recipes is a hit at our house. —Janet Hibler, Cameron, Missouri

Spaghetti with Bacon

As children, we constantly requested this dish because that our date of birth dinners. Our mother gained the cooking recipes from her grandmother. Now I pass on our tasty tradition. —Ruth Keogh, north St. Paul, Minnesota

Stovetop Turkey Tetrazzini

A an extremely special aunt mutual this funny spin ~ above creamy tetrazzini. Us think that even better the next day. —Tasia Cox, Niceville, Florida

Shrimp Puttanesca

I throw together these bold ingredients because that a feisty seafood pasta. —Lynda Balslev, Sausalito, California

Grandma"s Cajun Chicken & Spaghetti

I’m originally from Louisiana, wherein my grandma spoke Cajun French together she teach me her spicy chicken spaghetti. —Brenda Melancon, McComb, Mississippi

Florentine Spaghetti Bake

This hearty sausage entree will appeal come just about everyone. Mine daughter offer it regularly to her hardworking household on their wheat ranch in Montana. —Lorraine Martin, Lincoln, California

Spaghetti v Fresh Tomato Sauce

When my mother made this spaghetti sauce, the residence would odor so an excellent that I"d open the home windows to torture the neighbors. It also tastes wonderful the next day, as soon as the flavors have actually really melded. —Vera Schulze, Holbrook, brand-new York

Spaghetti v Sausage and also Peppers

Smoked turkey sausage through strips of new bell peppers is a healthy readjust of pace from Italian sausage or floor beef in her spaghetti. —Ginger Harrell, El Dorado, Arkansas

Creamy Chicken Fettuccine

Convenient canned soup and procedure American cheese hurry follow me the assembly the this creamy sauce loaded through delicious chunks the chicken. —Melissa Cowser, Greenville, Texas

Pizza Spaghetti

This recipe involved me once I experienced someone dip a slice of pizza right into a pasta dish. My wife and kids love it and also so execute my friends! —Robert Smith, las Vegas, Nevada

Rustic Summer vegetable Pasta

My veggie pasta proves friend can’t have too lot of a an excellent thing. Feel free to change it increase with everything fresh veggies are in the garden or farmer market. —Bryn Namavari, Chicago, Illinois

North Carolina Shrimp Saute

Seafood is an extremely popular in my state. I altered this recipe number of times and also now it"s important a family favorite. —Teresa Hildreth, Stoneville, phibìc Carolina

Grecian Pasta & Chicken Skillet

We love a homemade meal at the end of the day. But the prepare involved? no so much. Mine Greek-inspired pasta is lemony, herby and, thankfully, easy. —Roxanne Chan, Albany, California

Quick Carbonara

Carbonara is a dinnertime classic, but my variation cuts down on the moment it takes to make. Loaded v ham, bacon, olives, garlic and also Parmesan, it certainly doesn"t skimp ~ above flavor. —Carole Martin, Tallahassee, Florida

Church Supper Spaghetti

Because this cooking recipes feeds therefore many, I often take it to church dinners and potlucks. This vibrant dish additionally comes in handy once we have actually lots of help to feeding on ours farm. —Verlyn Wilson, Wilkinson, Indiana

Nana"s Italian Roulade

My great-aunt native Sicily taught my mother how to stuff and also bake a steak in a jelly-roll style. That unique and also really unique in our family. —Roseanne McDonald, job Creek, Oregon

Bruschetta-Topped Chicken & Spaghetti

I"m always on the lookout for healthy recipes because that my family. If you find yourself yearn Italian food, this delicious 30-minute meal hits the spot. —Susan Wholley, Fairfield, Connecticut

Stamp-of-Approval Spaghetti Sauce

My father is very opinionated, especially around food. This recipe received his virtually unreachable stamp of approval. I have actually yet come hear a disagreement native anyone who has tried it! —Melissa Taylor, Higley, Arizona

Mozzarella baked Spaghetti

This satisfying basic baked spaghetti recipe comes together and also will you re welcome everyone at your table. Add a salad and also breadsticks, and also dinner"s done. —Betty Rabe, Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Rosemary Shrimp through Spaghetti

I come up v this cooking recipes on a liven weeknight when I to be pressed for time. Currently it’s my go-to food whenever I require a quick, nutritious meal. Serve this v garlic bread so you deserve to scoop every last little bit of goodness off your plate! —Candace Havely, Sterling, Colorado

One-Pot Spaghetti Dinner

Mamma mia! those the secret to this one-pot spaghetti? A homemade jug sauce and also a one-pot cooking technique makes this family favorite recipe quick and also delicious. —Carol Benzel-Schmidt, Stanwood, Washington

Southwestern Spaghetti

Chili powder and cumin give a mild mexican flavor come this colorful one-skillet supper. With chunks of fresh zucchini, it"s a nice adjust of pace from typical spaghetti dishes. —Beth Coffee, Hartford City, Indiana

Slow-Cooker Spaghetti & Meatballs

I’ve been cooking for 50 years, and this dish is quiet one the guests inquiry frequently. That is my No. 1 standby cooking recipes and also makes remarkable meatball sandwiches. The sauce functions for any type of pasta. —Jane Whittaker, Pensacola, Florida

Mushroom Turkey Tetrazzini

This creamy, comforting casserole makes a great way to use up the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. And it’s a genuine family-pleaser! —Linda Howe, Lisle, Illinois.

Taco Spaghetti

I came up with this kid-friendly Southwestern cooking recipes one afternoon once I was using up leftover spaghetti and also ground beef. Once I"m lucky sufficient to have actually extra time, ns make 2 batches and freeze one. —Johanna valve Ness, Wichita, Kansas

Spinach-Beef Spaghetti Pie

With its point of view hair pasta crust, this cheesy floor beef, tomato and also spinach pie is constantly a hit as soon as I serve it. Each neat slice has layers the pasta, cream cheese filling and spinach topping. —Carol Hicks Pensacola, Florida

Rich small Spaghetti

It take away a small longer to do baked spaghetti, but the difference in taste, texture and also richness is fine worth the time. I offer this lasagna-style dish through a tossed green salad and breadsticks because that a hearty, healthy and balanced meal. —Betty Rabe, Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Hearty Garden Spaghetti

My husband and I want a pleasing dish the didn’t leaving a ton of leftovers. Mine spaghetti with beef and fresh veggies is perfectly filling because that four. —Wanda Quist, Loveland, Colorado

Italian Spaghetti through Chicken & Roasted Vegetables

When I get a craving because that homemade tomato sauce, i make a zesty batch come toss through chicken and veggies. The flavors execute wonders for penne, too. —Carly Curtin, Ellicott City, Maryland

Spaghetti & Meatball Skillet Supper

I occurred this one-skillet spaghetti and meatball food to reduced down on cooking time for liven nights. The beans, artichokes and also tomatoes bang up the nutrition factor, if the lemon and also parsley do it pop v brightness. —Roxanne Chan, Albany, California

Ham Pasta Toss

This is mine favorite enjoy the meal to make when I"m short on time. Girlfriend can likewise use various meats or vegetables relying on what you have on hand. —Sharon Gerst, north Liberty, Iowa.

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Chicken & Cheese Noodle Bake

This is the recipe my daughters and I frequently make for new parents when they come residence from the hospital. With its creamy spaghetti filling and melted cheese topping, this casserole holds a pretty cut and also comforts hungry tummies. —Fancheon Resler, Bluffton, Indiana

Beef & Spinach Lo Mein

If you prefer a great stir-fry, this beef and spinach lo mein will definitely satisfy. I discovered the recipe at an global luncheon, and also it"s now a favorite go-to meal. —Denise Patterson, Bainbridge, Ohio

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad

I combined several recipes come come up v my healthier twist on classic pad thai. Mine version has only one-third the sodium of frozen version you discover in the store. —Beth Dauenhauer, Pueblo, Colorado
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originally Published: January 13, 2021
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