Phantom the the Opera orchestra halved when show returns come West End. Picture: Getty
The West End present has been closed since March 2020. Picture: Getty

Phantom producer Cameron Mackintosh, and also the Really advantageous Group, speak this decreased orchestration, i beg your pardon is supplied for the UK touring production, has also already been “created for the international productions that the show”.

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“These orchestrations are just as thrilling and rich as the original however would not have actually been possible with the modern technology available in 1986,” they added.

There are great concerns the relocate will leaving musicians high and dry in what has already been a devastating year because that the arts.

Matt Dickinson, the percussionist because that Phantom, was ravaged to find out his job had actually been cut. “I sacrificed therefore much, willingly, to be a component of this wonderful show and yet I will certainly leave with nothing an ext than the shirt on mine back: no severance to speak of and my livelihood and also that of my family in absolute tatters,” Dickinson tweeted.

“I don’t even have the possibility to re-audition because that my job and also am unclear what the future holds.”

Horace Trubridge, basic secretary the The Musicians’ Union, stated the organisation to be “sad and also disappointed” through the move.

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Phantom's producer, Cameron Mackintosh, and composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Picture: Getty

The Phantom that the Opera, London’s second-longest-running musical, close up door its curtains on 16 in march 2020 as result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, it was promised that “the excellent original” manufacturing would return.

In august 2020, Lloyd Webber said: “Phantom will certainly be ago up there and also even better than before. We’re walking to have actually the original production and also it will be fantastic.”

The composer and orchestra have actually historically took pleasure in a nearby relationship. In April last year, the whole orchestra taped a online ‘All i Ask of You’ to “show your support and also respect because that Andrew”. Lloyd Webber claimed he was “incredibly touched” by their creation.

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The move to reduced the orchestra in half has been commonly criticised by industry figures, including British composer cutting board Hewitt Jones, who tweeted: “This has been a rumour in our industry for a while, yet here it is evidenced in plain sight. That is incredibly disappointing that theatre megaproducers set this kind of example.”

Meanwhile top top Broadway, Phantom’s producers have committed come return v a full pit and have condemned the “downsizing the musicians” in the West End.

Adam Krauthamer, president of the new York City musicians’ union, told Playbill: “Producers who take benefit of a global pandemic in bespeak to reduced live music are cheapening your productions and also robbing the audience that the complete experience of music theatre.”