On now in 1914, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Was established at Howard college by 3 young African-American students—A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse and also Charles I. Brown—as a tool to deliver company to the basic community.

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The organization’s deep convictions about brotherhood, scholarship and also service is reflect in that is motto, “Culture because that Service and Service because that Humanity.”

Over the food of its 106-year-history, Phi Beta Sigma has actually been consisted of of one elite group of men across various sectors who proceed to boost the global community, including actor Malik Yoba; singer, actor and also civil civil liberties activist harry Belafonte; and also NFL star Richard Sherman.

In solemn event of Founders’ Day, take it a look at other significant members the the fraternity below.

Rep. Man Lewis (D-Ga.)

SANTA BARBARA – DEC 6: man Lewis in ~ the “Selma” & Legends Who paved the way Gala in ~ the Bacara resort & Spa ~ above December 6, 2014 in Goleta, CA –Shutterstock

Lewis has been the U.S. Representative because that Georgia’s fifth Congressional District because 1987. The is additionally a civil civil liberties icon and has been dubbed “one that the many courageous people the Civil civil liberties Movement ever before produced.”

The politician was the youngest speaker at 1963’s march on Washington, and also he has actually spent more than five decades protesting unjust in the united States. Lewis has likewise written number of acclaimed books, including a three-part graphics memoir around the brutality he challenged in throughout the 196 5 “Bloody Sunday” confrontation that occurred during a march indigenous Selma to Montgomery, Alabama titledMarch.

The civil civil liberties leader has actually received countless honorary degrees and also was vested the Medal of freedom by former President Barack Obama. Throughout his fight for racial equality, Lewis has actually been arrested 45 times, including 5 times as a congressman.

Huey P. Newton


The activist was best known because that co-founding,with Bobby Seale in 1966, the black color Panther Party because that Self-Defense, a militant company based in Oakland, California, that was main to the Black power Movement.

The pair developed the team to combat cases of police brutality and also racism. They many notably produced a free breakfast routine to feed the youngsters in their communities. In the so late 1960s, the black color Panthers had an ext than 2,000 members in chapters throughout the nation.

After Newton’s legit troubles, stints of jail time and rumored battles with drugs, the group disbanded in 1982. In 1989, the revolutionary to be shot dead during a drug dispute.

Scottie Pippen

The former NBA superstar play 17 periods in the league. The is finest known for his time top top the Chicago Bulls (1987-1998), playing alongside Michael Jordan, a pairing that contributed to winning six league championship titles.

Victor J. Glover


Glover, who has actually been a NASA astronautsince 2013, is additionally and a command in the U.S. Navy. The holds four degrees: a bachelor of scientific research in general engineering; a grasp of science in flight test engineering; a grasp of scientific research in systems engineering; and a grasp of army operational art and science.

Before becoming an astronaut, Glover i graduated from the U.S. Air pressure Test Pilot School and also was one F/A-18 Hornet pilot.

In august 2018, he to be assigned to be part of NASA’s commercial Crew advance Program. He will certainly fly on the SpaceX Crew’s very first post-certification mission to the International an are Station.

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George Washington Carver

Library of Congress

Carver was born right into slavery in Missouri, reportedly one year before the exercise was outlawed in the joined States. He to be an farming scientist and inventor who occurred hundreds of provides for sweet potatoes, soybeans and also peanuts (he did not develop peanut butter, i m sorry is frequently claimed).

In 1890, the scientist attended Simpson college in Indianola, Iowa, prior to being motivated to take up botany at Iowa State agricultural College, i beg your pardon is currently Iowa State University. A year later, he was the an initial African-American college student to attend the college and also he went on to knife a his master’s degree there.

After gift recruited by Booker T. Washington in 1896, Carver headed the agriculture department in ~ Tuskegee institute (now University) for 47 years.

He passed away in 1944 in ~ the age of 78.

Roker is the existing weather anchor NBC’s Today show. Throughout the Dec. 14, 2018, episode, he to be honored because that being with the network for 40 years.The weather forecaster hold the Guinness people Record for the longest uninterrupted live weather report, which that earned on Nov. 14, 2014, after ~ 34 hours of reporting.He is an honorary member of Phi BetaSigma.

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Al Roker

InstagramAl Roker/Instagram

Roker is the current weather anchor NBC’s Today show. Throughout the Dec. 14, 2018, episode, he was honored because that being through the network because that 40 years.The weather forecaster holds the Guinness people Record because that the longest uninterrupted live weather report, which he earned on Nov. 14, 2014, ~ 34 hrs of reporting.He is an honorary member the Phi BetaSigma.

Here’s a look in ~ the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma in ~ the 2019 ATL Greek Picnic Stroll Off: