With bright, happy pictures, these things that begin with a-z cards room meant to aid your kids start on their journey that noticing native that start with letter a, b, c, etc. Every letter set comes with eight pictures with the object name. A title card, 2 cards with the pictures and their name in smaller print, and a card with just the words space included. Print on cardstock for much longer lasting cards. Cut ~ above the dashed lines and enjoy!

26 sets, 3 pages each.

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CCSS RF.K.3.A & RF.K.3.B

Please walk to this page to view the coordinating things that begin v a-z worksheets or this web page to see much more alphabet worksheets.


Things that begin with A Cards

Full of finding out fun, this words beginning with a cards encompass the indigenous acorn, airplane, alligator, ant, apple, arrow, and also astronaut.


Things that begin with B Cards

Bright & colorful, these words that start with b cards have actually the indigenous ball, balloon, bat, bear, bed, bee, bell, and also button. An excellent for early stage letter sound.


Things that begin with C Cards

These things beginning with c cards incorporate the words cake, candle, candy, car, carrot, cow, cat, and cup. Good for practicing start sounds!


Things that begin with D Cards

These words beginning with d cards room sure to be funny for you & your children to use. Has the words: dice, dinosaur, dog, doll, donut, door, dress, and duck.


Things that begin with E Cards

Things that begin with letter e are eagle, ear, egg, elbow, elephant, elf, envelope & eraser – & those are the indigenous on these cards! good for beginning sounds.

Want to find out some indigenous that begin with letter f? here you go – eight bright colorful cards with the indigenous fan, feet, fence, fire, fish, flower, football, & fork.

Time to find out some indigenous that start with g! Here’s some awesome cards to do simply that. They have the native game, garbage, gate, ghost, gift, girl, etc & gumballs.

Heaven aid us! We’ve obtained to teach words beginning with h. Heaven has heard! right here are h cards: hand, hamburger, hammer, hat, heart, hive, hook & house.

Here’s part words that start with i in handy to usage cards. They incorporate the words ice cream cream, ice, ice cubes, igloo, iguana, ill, ink, & iron. Have actually fun!

Have a difficult time thinking of things beginning with the letter j? Here’s some great ones: jacks, jack-o-lantern, jam, jar, jeans, jelly beans, jelly fish, & juice.

Kinda in require of some words beginning with a k? Well, here you go! some bright & happy cards with kangaroo, ketchup, key, kids, king, kite, kitten & koala.

Letter together is for this reason lovely…and here’s some words that begin with together cards for her letter that the week: ladder, ladybug, lamp, leaf, lemon, lion, lock, and log.

These words that start with letter m cards are just so special! They’re calling come you..come watch the words milk, mitten, monkey, moon, mop, mouse, mug & mushroom.

Can girlfriend name part words beginning with the letter n? require a small help? this cards are for you: nail, neck, necklace, nest, net, nose, nurse, and nuts.

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O give thanks to goodness! some really cute things starting with o cards! They have the words olive, oar, octopus, onion, orange, ostrich, otter and also owl.

Here’s part things starting with the letter p: paint, pear, pencil, pickle, pig, pizza, pumpkin, & puzzle. You can practice your ns sounds with these cool cards!

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