15 keys From LA squid You had actually No Idea around Tattoos last forever-- and also apparently, so does the damages that LA Ink"s Kat Von D have the right to do to the careers and reputations of the world she works with.

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LA Ink actors photo Kat Von D and also Jesse James
reality shows based roughly tattooists, human body painters, and also people who do other develops of human accessory have come to be so prevalent that it has actually basically become a genre all its own. From Ink Masters and Bondi ink Tattoo to Skin Wars, if you"re interested in city hall a show around people getting their skin inked, painted, and/or pierced, there space plenty the options. However none that them would exist without the sub-genre"s first breakout hit: Miami Ink.

Miami Ink"s big breakthrough star to be tattoo artist and also model Kat Von D, and TLC saw an chance to capitalize top top Kat"s popular by moving her across the country and also giving she her own tattoo parlor and related spin-off show. Thus, LA Ink to be born, and quickly surpassed its predecessor in both popularity and infamy.

It didn"t take lengthy before LA Ink came to be less about the arts of tattooing and an ext about the drama that surrounded High Voltage Tattoo, especially in relation to its well known owner. From her high-profile break-ups to accusations that racism and shady business practices, Kat"s career as a tattoo artist, model, musician, and also fashion entrepreneur frequently took a backseat to she tumultuous personal life and diva-like behavior. In other words, in spite of the early stage premise, LA Ink eventually ended up being exactly prefer every various other reality show.

Here are 15 Dark keys From LA octopus You had actually No Idea About.

Kat Von D LA Ink
In August that 2011, it to be announced the the fourth season would be LA Ink"s last. Both TLC and also Kat Von D seemed to be in agreement on that. However, what wasn"t so clear is just whom it to be that actually pulled the plug ~ above the show.

A statement authorize by the network read, "TLC has chose that the existing season of LA Ink will be its last." it was absolutely worded in together a method that TLC was the one that made the call.

It didn"t take an extremely long because that the ever-outspoken Kat to require to Twitter and refute TLC"s claims, tweeting: "I love exactly how me deciding no to proceed doing LA Ink, turns right into it gift cancelled." She later on elaborated the she decided she was done v the present after the method it was picking to portray her separation with Monster Garage star Jesse James.

TLC never ever came earlier with anything else, letting the concern forever stay a situation of she-said/they-said.

Aubry Fisher native LA Ink and also Rock the Love
among the highlights that the an initial season of LA Ink was Pixie Acia, whom Kat to be so close v that she acquired Pixie"s face tattooed on her hip. Kat made Pixie the shop manager the High Voltage, and also the BFFs seemed as though they would be the love of the series.

The honeymoon period would prove to be short-lived. Complying with a fight in between Pixie and tattoo artist Kim Saigh-- and also other behind-the-scenes drama the viewers weren"t privy to-- it was revealed the Pixie wouldn"t it is in returrning for LA Ink"s 2nd season. She shop manager place was taken increase by Naheed Simjee in season two, who supposedly didn"t shake things up as much as TLC would"ve liked.

So, for the third season, the network brought in a ringer-- Aubry Fisher, that had already gained some notoriety together a contestant top top the VH1 show Rock of Love through Bret Michaels. Despite the rock-n-roll vibe the both shows, it was clear the Aubry was brought in specifically since she was likely to clash through Kat and the remainder of the crew. Her duty as a made villain just lasted a solitary season.

Jesse James and also Kat Von D
in spite of the fact that Kat to be gifted a display all her own by TLC, the truth is that she was actually fired from Miami Ink by she old boss, Ami James. If James is to it is in believed, Kat to be neither expert nor mature about the finishing of their association together.

James cases that Kat sent him a headshot the herself, with the handwritten post "Burn in hell," an anti-semitic slur, and also a drawing of a flaming Star the David. Tattoo artist chris Garver corroborates the story, saying the Kat personally handed the the photograph in question.

Not surprisingly, Kat denies composing the message, and TLC officially concluded the there was insufficient proof to continue with any kind of disciplinary activity against her. However, James had actually previously acquired a lawyer involved and forced TLC to do a handwriting evaluation which identified a "99% probability" that Kat wrote the message. Just how that equated to "insufficient evidence" is unclear.

12 Kat has a history of burning her old bosses

High Voltage Tattoo Storefront LA Ink
whether Kat actually composed an antisemitic keep in mind to she former Miami Ink boss or not, it"s apparent that there is bad blood between the 2 of them and also that they didn"t component ways amicably. Offered this and other cases that have occurred, it seems that burning bridges through her old employers is Kat"s M.O.

When Kat opened up High Voltage, it to be within around a mile of her previous Los Angeles employer and also that was viewed as a significant sign of disrespect-- especially due to the fact that Kat had TLC"s aid and the linked publicity the a TV show, which intended she would obtain a lot more attention than the various other shop. In an industry built about mutual respect and a password of great faith, the move felt prefer a deliberate effort by Kat to drive organization away from her former employer, which is frowned upon.

As previously mentioned, Kat didn"t have actually the kindest parting words for TLC ~ the finishing of LA Ink, either. Provides one wonder if she ever ends a organization relationship on confident terms.

Season three of LA Ink marked a significant turning allude for the show in regards to making that much an ext conflict-driven (and, presumably, not having actually Kat"s an individual drama it is in the entire focus that the series). Together with the addition of required villain Aubry Fisher, the producers decided to begin featuring interactions with rival shop American Electric and also its key artist, Craig Jackman.

As it turned out, Jackman and his shop were simply a little too great of competition for Kat and company. Jackman had actually a very professionally-run shop the didn"t have any type of of the chaos or drama the High Voltage, and rather 보다 stir increase a compelling rivalry, Jackman and his shop just ended up making High Voltage look that lot worse through comparison.

As the development of a "rival" wasn"t pass the sparks that producers had actually hoped, Jackman and American electric stopped gift featured on the show following the 3rd season.

10 There to be a "B-team" that tackled walk-in clients

when the present was on the air, you had to wait till the filming day was done to even get in the door if girlfriend were just a continual ol" tattoo seeker. And you wouldn"t be seeing any type of of those renowned artists.

High Voltage had a whole an additional team of artists whose job it to be to take care of the walk-ins and also run the ar like a consistent tattoo shop when the cameras weren"t rolling. As soon as a usual filming day finished in the early on evening, High Voltage would basically flip over right into a constant tattoo shop v a totality different collection of artists who were never featured ~ above camera.

Just to it is in clear, no one is making any type of judgment calls regarding the talent level the the so-called "B-team" of High Voltage artists. Castle just, for every little thing reason, weren"t the ones preferred to be among the actors members of LA Ink. It"s additionally entirely possible that some simply decided to remain strictly tattoo artists quite than "celebrities."

In a Reddit AMA conducted by someone claiming to have functioned for Kat at High Voltage because that a time, a tattoo artist claimed that his association with Kat actually hurt his place in the sector rather 보다 helping it.

Due to all the persona drama centering around Kat and the multiple examples of her not conducting it s her in the ideal way from a organization perspective, the artist states that a many doors were closed to him after people found the end he had worked for Kat, specifically in the Los Angeles area where, that says, Kat"s surname is tarnished among the local tattoo industry.

While celebrity tattooers favor Corey Miller and Guy Aitchison did simply fine in spite of their expert proximity to Kat, because that artists that aren"t already established and world-renowned, it can be best to leaving Kat"s name off the reference page of your resumes.

8 Producers actually toned down the drama

Whenever there is a list of secrets around a fact show, among the entries is inevitably something follow me the lines of, "Producers ratcheted increase the drama because that TV." In the situation of LA Ink, over there was certainly something afoot concerning how the drama was portrayed-- just it was around toning the down rather of ramping the up.

LA Ink absolutely presented High Voltage together a chaotic setting full of clashing personalities, and that became much more and more what the display became around as the went on. But sources connected with the LA Ink and High Voltage have claimed that producers actually did a same amount of modifying drama out of the show-- likely at the request of Kat, who was frequently the reason of, or at the very least at the center of it.

Maybe one of the factors TLC ended the show is since the editing spending plan was far an ext than lock bargained for.

Another pal viewers gained to view Kat Von D interact through on the present was make-up guru Jeffree Star, a celebrity in his very own right that had gathered a fair amount of fame through his music career and social media presence. Alas, together it appears to walk with many of Kat"s high-profile relationships, she friendship v Star ultimately went up in an extremely public flames critical year via a war of words end Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al.

Among the accusations levied versus Jeffree from Kat is the he not only squelches on organization deals, however that his "inappropriate behavior" promotes "drug use, racism, and also bullying." seems like good reasons come sever expert and personal ties with someone, right?

There"s simply one problem-- Kat likewise admitted that she spent years "putting up with" and even apologizing for said habits - implying the she to be fine v all that racism, bullying, and promotion the drug usage until Jeffree obtained on her bad side, and also only then did she suddenly have actually a trouble with the all.

6 Customers had come "audition" to it is in tattooed top top the show

when the show could have made the seem together though anyone have the right to just walk in turn off the street and also get a tattoo from one of High Voltage"s celebrity tattoo artists, that definitely wasn"t the reality. In order because that a customer to it is in featured top top the present getting a tattoo from Kat, Corey Miller, Hannah Aitchison et al, they had actually to go v an audition process in front of LA Ink"s producers.

Despite the apparent requirements-- a strong on-camera presence, physics attractiveness, and also a willingness to be contempt guided on your "dialogue"-- candidates had actually to have a compelling story come tell around why lock are acquiring the tattoo they wanted. Once selected, the customer would then be filmed as if they just strolled in and were conference everyone for the very first time.

Interestingly, numerous tattoo artist say that they don"t frequently let client pour your heart the end while they"re acquiring inked, together the artists have to concentrate top top what they"re doing fairly than be distracted by story of new children and departed pets. Yet watching someone obtaining tattooed in quiet doesn"t precisely make for an excellent television.

if Hannah Aitchison-- who was a featured artist on LA Ink for its an initial two seasons yet was left out of the season three restructuring-- is a renowned tattooist in her own right, her brothers Guy has actually a much more impressive background in the industry.

Featured together a guest tattooist on LA Ink from time to time, Guy"s perform of celebrity client on would certainly make everyone envious. But he also has a really special distinction, which is that, at age 21, he had the honor of giving rocker/director plunder Zombie his very an initial tattoo. Zombie is a celebrity in his very own right in the tattoo human being for his impressive collection that ink, and to know that the all started with a man Aitchison piece needs to make the tattooist feel pretty proud.

4 Kat"s Guinness civilization Record didn"t last very long

while it could not be completely fair to speak to it a public stunt since the profits went come charity, it was nonetheless a clever little bit of marketing once Kat determined to try and set the world record for most tattoos provided in a 24-hour period and have it chronicled on LA Ink. Through the end, she had tattooed "L.A." ~ above 400 people, which supposed the successful setting of the people record.

Despite the money the was elevated for charity, the glory of being a Guinness world Record holder to be something Kat didn"t get to gain for long. Shortly after, her ex-boyfriend, Oliver Peck, set out to break her document specifically as an act of revenge, and also he successfully damaged her document by tattooing 415 civilization in 24 hours.

For what it"s worth, the act the vindictiveness was soon put to shame as soon as Peck"s record was broken by number of subsequent tattooists who virtually doubled that number. The present record stands at 801, set in 2008 by Phoenix-based artist Hollis Cantrell.

In enhancement to LA Ink giving the false impression that world could just walk right into High Voltage Tattoo and have your torsos tattooed ~ above TV by Corey Miller or Amy Nicoletto in a matter of minutes, it likewise misrepresented another major aspect of tattooing: exactly how long the inked art takes to apply.

Big, complicated tattoos that take increase someone"s whole arm or ago and have actually dozens of small details commonly take multiple access time of several hrs to complete. And yet, the customers on LA Ink appeared to have the ability to get enormous pieces excellent in a solitary afternoon visit.

In enhancement to lot of appointments being cut together to look like one, the customer and the artists would both have to make certain to undertake the very same clothes and wear your hair the same way so as no to offer away the the tattoo was taking multiple visits throughout multiple days to finish.

2 Kat"s lipstick line has consisted of colors choose "Underage Red" and also "Celebutard"

Kat eventually included "make-up designer" come her lengthy list of titles when she released the brand Kat Von D Beauty. In enhancement to a heat of various varieties of make-up, the star of the brand is certainly the fluid lipstick. And, similar to everything rather Kat is connected with, she lipstick hasn"t to be without its share of controversy.

In an effort to put her own personal stamp on her lipstick, Kat offered the shades names prefer "Crucifix" (deep chocolate), "Damned" (black cherry), "Bauhau5" (deep raspberry), and "K-Dub" (bold fuchsia). Yet some the the names drew criticism, beginning with "Celebutard," i m sorry beauty store chain Sephora traction from that shelves following substantial backlash. Kat likewise took warm for a shade referred to as "Underage Red," though that one continues to be on sale v Kat defiantly refusing to pull it or also apologize because that it.

It"s most likely not a big surprise the Kat appears to gravitate in the direction of romantic relationships v high-profile partners. The alone isn"t a reason to slam her, as famous world tend to date other well known people. It"s frequently easy to do it seem prefer a celebrity has had an excessive variety of relationships, when in actuality, they often haven"t had much more than the typical "civilian" has had.

Where things acquire a tiny sketchy in regards to Kat"s celebrity boyfriends is that her break-ups through them often seemed come correspond with some LA Ink milestone, usually the beginning or finish of a season. She an extremely publicly canceled a plan publicity tour for the display during one of her break-ups through Jesse James, speak she just wasn"t up for it-- which, that course, probably carried her and the present even more press 보다 a standard press tour would have.

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And of course, the truth that her boyfriends-- Jesse James, Nikki Six, Deadmau5, Steve-O-- are often additionally the kind of world who friend wouldn"t placed it past to be in a partnership for their own publicity functions doesn"t really aid Kat"s instance in that regard, either.