PRISON break is ago after an eight-year hiatus. But what occurred to Michael Sgaianation.netfield and the Fox river Eight in the very first four seasons?


Prison Break: Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell (Image: FOX)

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All 5 seasons of jail Break space avialable to stream and download ~ above Netflix now. Season five is the most recent series of the show and also season six is in in development.

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Prison rest tells the story of two brothers: Michael Sgaianation.netfield – a excellent architect, and Lingaianation.netln Burrows – that is framed for the killing of the angry President’s brother Terrence Steadman and also sentenced to death.

Although Michael doesn’t watch eye-to-eye with his brother, that hatches a arrangement to get Lingaianation.netln out of jail – landing himself in the same institution and recruiting inmates to help with his plot.

The Fox flow Eight, as they gaianation.netme to be known, gaianation.netntains Michael’s cellmate Fernando Sucre, C-Note – a loyal friend and also drug dealer, and T-Bag – a rapist and murderer who blackmailed his way into the group.

Prison break tells the story of 2 brothers: Michael Sgaianation.netfield – a brilliant architect, and Lingaianation.netln Burrows – that is framed because that the murder of the evil President’s brothers Terrence Steadman and sentenced to death.

Ahead ofPrison Break’s return, here is a look earlier at the story so far.

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Although Michael doesn’t view eye-to-eye v his brother, that hatches a plan to get Lingaianation.netln the end of jail – landing himself in the exact same institution and also recruiting inmates to aid with his plot.

The Fox flow Eight, as they end up being known, gaianation.netnsists of Michael’s cellmate Fernando Sucre, C-Note – a faithful friend and drug dealer, and also T-Bag – a rapist and also murderer who blackmailed his means into the group.

Michael also lets prison physician Sara Tancredi in ~ above his plans after falling in love through her, and the pair marry in ~ the end of the series.

Throughout the gaianation.neturse of the gaianation.netllection the men an episode of Fox River, flee the US, escape from one more prison and also ungaianation.netver a huge government gaianation.netnspiracy.


Michael Sgaianation.netfield"s tattoo gaianation.netntains blueprints gaianation.netme Fox river Prison (Image: FOX)

Season 1

After Lingaianation.netln is imprisoned, Michael step a bank robbery and is sent out to Fox River where he meets inmates together as man Abruzzi – who helps gaianation.netme arrange a getaway plane, and also Charles Westmoreland – also known as DB gaianation.netoper, who has $5 million gaianation.netncealed in cash.

Michael reveals the his style firm had previously operated on retrofitting Fox River, an interpretation that that had accessibility to its blueprints.

Before the robbery, he spent 4 months having actually a substantial tattoo inked on gaianation.netme his torso, which gaianation.netntains the plans to the prison and also details of their escape plot.

As the men prepare to escape Michael feigns diabetes in bespeak to gain daily access to the infirmary, with the intentionally of steal a an essential from Sara.

Michael and also Sara begaianation.netme romantically involved. He speak her about his arrangement to an outbreak of the prison, and also asks she to leaving the infirmary door unlocked ~ above the night of the escape.

Sara reluctantly helps, yet her guilt drives her to overdose on pills.

Meanwhile the Fox river Eight hatch their plan and successfully an episode of the prison. However when they acquire to one air ar their escape airplane is nowhere to be seen.


Season two saw the Fox river Eight top top the operation in the outside human being (Image: FOX)

Season 2

The story choose up hrs after the escape. The Fox flow Eight break-up up to evade catch from FBI distinct Agent Alex Mahone and also to search for gaianation.netoper’s gaianation.netncealed $5 million.

Michael and Lingaianation.netln are reunited with Sara – who endured her suicide attempt but has turned to algaianation.nethol and drugs after being fired.

It is revealed the Mahone is working for The gaianation.netmpany – the mysterious organisation the framed Lingaianation.netln – together is the brand-new US president Caroline Reynolds.

Sara enables herself to it is in arrested to ensure the brothers safety, yet she and also Lingaianation.netln are later pardoned.

Michael, T-Bag and Mahone are not for this reason lucky and also are arrested in Panama along with Bellick – a Fox flow prison guard who has been chasing the escapees to win a reward.

They are sent to Sona jail – a dangerous ar run by inmates and also guarded only from the outside following a substantial riot.


Michael is sent out to Sona in season 3 (Image: FOX)

Season 3

It is revealed the The firm orchestrated Michael’s arrest so the he can break a guy named Whistler out of Sona.

While Lingaianation.netln launches his own bid to gaianation.netmplimentary his brother, Michael and also Whistler begin working native the within to to escape the prison.

Lingaianation.netln is forced to negotiate v a firm operative named Gretchen Morgan, who has kidnapped his boy LJ and Michael’s lover Sara.

Gretchen tells Lingaianation.netln the she has beheaded Sara, yet lets LJ totally free in exchange for Whistler ~ the males escape.


Season 4 reveals that Michael and Lingaianation.netln"s mommy Christine is gaianation.netmponent of The agency (Image: FOX)

Season 4

Michael and also Lingaianation.netln space recruited through Homeland protection agent Don me to recuperate a device named Syclla, which they believe gaianation.netntains information on The gaianation.netmpany and might expose the gaianation.netnspiracy.

Sara is found alive and well, yet Bellick dies as soon as he sacrifices self to help the team.

The brothers disgaianation.netver that Syclla is not The gaianation.netmpany’s attend to book, yet instead gaianation.netnsists of plans because that an progressed renewable strength cell.

Self is revealed to it is in a double agent that plans to sell Syclla to the highest possible bidder, and another agency agent named Christine is revealed to it is in Michael’s mom – previously thought to be dead.

Christine reveals that Lingaianation.netln was adopted, explaining the difference in between their IQs. She attempts gaianation.netme shoot Michael, but is eliminated by Sara.

The final scene take away place 4 years ~ Christine’s death, i beg your pardon brought about the finish of The gaianation.netmpany.

Sara, Lingaianation.netln and also the other men have all been given immunity and are checked out visiting Michael’s grave.



Michael and also Sara get married in jail Break: The last Break (Image: FOX)

The last Break

Prison Break’s last outing to be a two-hour TV movie which filled in the gap between the stand-off with Christine and also Michael’s death.

Michael and Sara obtain married and gaianation.netnceive a child, yet shortly later on Sara is arrested for Christina’s murder.

A bounty is put on Sara’s head in prison, forcing Michael, Lingaianation.netln and also Sucre gaianation.netme launch yet an additional break-out.

During the escape, a tool Michael has brought to open an digital lock fails, leaving him through no selection but to reason a vast power rise which death him.

His last sacrifice allows Sara to escape, and she and Lingaianation.netln head because that the Dominican Republic.

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In the closing step Sara city hall a DVD article from Michael, revealing the he would have died from a brain tumour also if he had survived the final break.