If you room trying to create a Greek mythology quiz, you should take a look at this guide before you acquire started! This guide will assist you uncover mind-blowing inquiries for a Greek mythology quiz.

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Step 1: ask Questions about Gods and also Goddesses

You wouldn’t be learning around Greek mythology if you no know about the gods and goddesses featured in this stories. You will desire to incorporate questions about gods and also goddesses the Greek mythology in her quiz. Just how you take it it come the mind-blowing level is by asking questions that incorporate both popular deities as well as the lesser-known deities.

It is important to know about the patriarchs and matriarchs that Greek mythology, favor Zeus, Hera, and also Athena, however it is equally vital to know about those lesser-known deities and what lock are known for, too.

Here are some examples of questions:

Which among the following gods or goddesses were not part of the Twelve Olympians?ZeusHeraHadesPoseidon

Answer: c. Hades

Who is the god of metalworking and blacksmithing?HermesHephaestusHadesHera

Answer: b. Hephaestus

Who is the goddess that agriculture?HestiaHarmoniaEnyoPersephone

Answer: d. Persephone

In this section, friend can additionally elaborate ~ above the answer, telling the backstory or details that contribute to the answer.

2. Questioning Questions around Greek Heroes

The mortal Greek heroes in Greek mythology room equally as important as the deities who help them. Few of the most influential Greek heroes incorporate Theseus, Perseus, Odysseus, and also Hercules. You will want to ask concerns related come Greek heroes together these heroes are linked with much of Greek mythology.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask around Greek heroes:

What to be the name of the monster that Perseus beheaded?CentaurThe MinotaurMedusaNemean Lion

Answer: c. Medusa

Which one is NOT one of the 12 Labors that Hercules?Kill the Cyclops PolyphemusSlay the Nemean LionKill the Lernean HydraCapture the Cerberus dog

Answer: a. Death the Cyclops Polyphemus.

Who helped Theseus death the Minotaur and escape the labyrinth?AndromedaAriadneAphroditeArtemis

Answer: b. Ariadne

3. Questioning Questions around Geography

Some of the most essential facts about Greek mythology involves the geographical location in which these events take place. Several of the most vital locations include Athens, Troy, mount Olympus, Colchis, and Crete.

Here space some instances of inquiries you have the right to ask around the location in Greek mythology:

Where did the Twelve Olympians live?Mount ParnassusMount GionaMount HeliconMount Olympus

Answer: d. Mount Olympus

Where did King Minos and also the Minotaur live?TroyAthensCreteColchis

Answer: c. Crete

Where go the last fight of the Trojan battle take place?AthensCorinthSpartaTroy

Answer: d. Troy

What coastline did Jason and the Argonauts set sail because that to retrieve the gold Fleece?ColchisTroySpartaAthens

Answer: a. Colchis

Finding the Facts

When you recognize the facts of Greek mythology, you room able to discover mind-blowing inquiries you deserve to ask on a Greek mythology quiz; inquiries that encompass gods, goddesses, heroes, and also geography.

Search for myths that incorporate both famed stories and also lesser-known stories due to the fact that all are crucial in relation to Greek mythology. Few of the best lessons taught in Greek mythology come indigenous the lesser-known divine beings or Greek heroes.

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Mind-blowing concerns will incorporate a variety of gods, goddesses, heroes, and also geography, all facets that make up the totality the Greek mythology.