One Tree Hill was a popular teen drama that followed the Scott brothers, sensitive an imaginative Lucas, play by Chad Michael Murray, and sporty Nathan, illustrated by James Lafferty, as well as their father, Dan (Paul Johansson), and his brothers Keith (Craig Sheffer). And also all the while, their various rivalries on and also off the basketball court played the end in spectacular melodrama. 

Lucas and also Nathan re-publishing the same father, but Lucas and his mother, Karen Roe, were exit by town uber-villain Dan. Once Lucas shoot his shot for the varsity basketball team and wins, the family"s net of connections only gets much more fraught as they battle to coexist. And also that was just the beginning for viewers at residence who were along for the weird ride. 

But amid all the infighting, romance, and tests of friendship, there room so numerous things in the drama One Tree Hill the leave united state scratching our heads as soon as rewatching the show. Right here are the things just adults notice in One Tree Hill.

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One Tree Hill features whole cast of teenage characters, many of who speak choose they currently majored in English literature. ~ above the regular, Peyton says things like, "Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true, you know? It"s the greatest moment of your life and also you get to suffer it with one person. Who"s standing beside you?" and Lucas? Here"s one snippet: "Truth is quiet absolute. Believe that. Also when that reality is hard and also cold and more painful 보다 you"ve ever before imagined. And even when fact is much more cruel than any type of lie." 

Even the non-academically oriented jock Nathan has gold nuggets that wisdom come impart. "Life is funny sometimes. It can push quite hard, yet if girlfriend look nearby enough, you can discover hope in the indigenous of children, in the bars the the song, and in the eyes of someone you love," he when said. "And if you"re lucky, if you"re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the human you love decides come love friend back." These room beautiful sentiments, but, in reality, most adults don"t also talk favor this allow alone high schoolers.

As Lucas Scott"s mom, Karen Roe, once said, "There is just one Tree Hill," and also everyone in the town sought themselves in a variety of different ways — from an imaginative outputs to romantic entanglements. But a shocking variety of the youngsters perform this completely on your own, left come their very own devices. 

In the early years, Brooke and also Peyton basically live alone in vast houses because of absentee parents. Brooke later moves right into an apartment ~ above her very own with only financial support from she parents. Haley, that was played by Bethany delight Lenz, supposedly has a large family of 6 older siblings, but we only fulfill two sisters — Taylor and also Quinn — and also her parental only show up briefly. Even when Haley it s okay pregnant during her senior year, she handles it alone. Every one of this adds to the drama, but it"s also a vast reach. If anything, staff at Tree Hill High must have called Child Protective services on these unsupervised kids.

With all the absence of parental and adult supervision, the youngsters the One Tree Hill acquire into all kinds of trouble on the regular. And as an adult the town hall the series, among the an ext disturbing facets of this is every the problematic teen sex and, well, way too much statutory rape walking on.

Rachel Gatina, played by Daneel Ackles, pretends to be 22 to have actually an affair through Nathan"s Uncle Cooper, and, also after that finds out she"s underage, your tryst continues. Brooke also pretends to be older and also dates Nick Chavez, who turns out to it is in her brand-new English teacher. Yikes. While Peyton is 18 once she days Fall the end Boy"s Pete Wentz, he was in his mid-20s, making your romance icky to watch together an adult. 

It"s additionally awkward how Nathan loses his virginity come his future wife"s sister Taylor, as provided by Fame10, and also how his mom, Deb, has actually an affair with his Uncle Keith. This is all disturbing, and it"s only heightened by the fact that anyone in Tree Hill nearly without exemption is hooking up with the same world in different love triangle permutations.

Tenderhearted Lucas Scott spends the beforehand seasons that One Tree Hill creating an autobiographical novel dubbed An Unkindness that Ravens that his mother Karen prints and also binds because that him as a graduation present. The slim volume looks sleek and elegant, and also it is quickly picked up by a publishing residence for wide release. Not long after, Lucas gets his novel optioned right into a movie and, in later on seasons, this makes room for director Julian Baker to enter the picture, who an initial dates Peyton and also later marries Brooke. 

This is all very aspirational and also a large win for Lucas, but, as an adult the town hall the show, this whole process is absurd. First-time writer generally get a little starting advance, and also they usually need to keep their day jobs. And also Lucas" an initial book isn"t virtually long sufficient to gain a classic publishing deal at all whereby size and word counting really do matter. As soon as the movie adaptation that his novel fizzles out, Julian gets a new deal to turn it right into a television present instead. This likewise would never ever happen because millions that dollars had currently been sunk into a failed project.

Part the Tree Hill"s specific charm is its small-town vibe, even though countless famous landmarks from Wilmington, N.C., wherein the present is filmed, set a visual backdrop. And also yet magically, Tree Hill is a destination spot because that dozens of famous musicians come play in small venues. As soon as Peyton turns the old electric factory into all-ages club Tric, she soil some enormous names favor Angels & Airwaves, Lupe Fiasco, fall Out Boy, Tegan and also Sara, boy Cudi, and so plenty of more, as noted by Billboard.

But what it s okay even more far-fetched is once world-famous award-winning singer Sheryl Crow go an immediate acoustic set at Karen"s Cafe, and also so walk Gavin DeGraw, performing One Tree Hill"s design template song. Yes, this is super meta, but it"s also totally unreal.

The band The Wreckers additionally decides the she desires Haley to open up for she on tour as soon as Haley had actually only recently decided she want to it is in a expert musician. How does Haley, a high-school student, end up top top a huge cross-country tour? This is impossible on so numerous levels, unless a guardian was through her.

Karen"s cafe symbolizes so much in the One Tree Hill universe. The is a present of Karen"s strength and also resilience the she would certainly elect to be a public figure as an adult in the very same town whereby her high college boyfriend knocked she up and also abandoned her and also her child for much more than a decade. Karen is a solitary mother, business owner, and port in the storm because that many kids in town, not just son Lucas. 

Karen"s coffee shop is a sanctuary wherein the kids can have actually the sometimes wholesome minute with a chat end coffee or a low-key date. And it"s also the place where random celebrities protect against in and throw impromptu acoustic shows. This last allude begs a 2nd mention since how could Sheryl raven organize an occasion when the Karen"s coffee shop email deal with has an apostrophe in it? Yes, top top fliers and her organization card, Karen"s business email is "karen"scafe," together The Talko sharp out. Let"s be real — even youngsters should have actually noticed this one, not simply adults.

There is never a dull minute in Tree Hill, and, city hall One Tree Hill together an adult, it"s striking simply how many near-death experiences practically every character has during the course of nine periods that they every miraculously survived. Haley gets hit by a car while she"s pregnant, and she and the infant live. Nathan crashed a race car and lives. Lucas has actually a heart assault as a an elderly after control his medication to play quicker basketball, and also he lives. Peyton"s high-risk pregnant was assured to an outcome in she death, yet she as well lived. Clay and also Quinn obtain shot point-blank through a psycho stalker (one of countless in the One Tree Hill universe), and also they bleed out overnight prior to getting found. And also both live without any health complications.

These events are every core-shaking events and include to the emotional stakes of the story, yet watching castle play out together an adult is a various experience. Every solitary one that these an extremely well can have to be fatal in real life, but, in this soap opera, the incidents end up being mere anecdotes.

Soap operas are prone to exaggeration, and One Tree Hill sure fits the bill. The show"s very first four seasons followed Lucas Scott and company through high school, and also the main cast graduated in ~ the finish of the 4th season. In a surprising narrative twist that was the an initial of its type (via E! News), the 5th season walk a four-year time jump, and viewers accomplish the core cast after they"ve currently graduated from college. Unequal the bulk of college kids who finish up moving earlier home for a time, the Tree Hill crew fight fame, success, and money nearly immediately. 

Lucas is a bestselling novelist and also gets a movie deal. Brooke has actually taken her clothing Over Bros fashion line global and is the CEO. Haley is a teacher who shortly reignites her music career, and also Peyton decides to leave the document label she works for in order to begin her own, which instantly takes off. When this is all an extremely inspiring, it"s also incredibly far-fetched.

Aside native the problematic teen intimacy that first defines Brooke Davis — something that One Tree Hill actress Sophia shrub fought producer on because it was "inappropriate," together reported by USA Today — there are just too many large reaches in she story. Because that example, in Season 2, Brooke"s wealthy dad loser his job and sells everything, consisting of Brooke"s bed, together Vice noted. That goes ~ above to obtain a brand-new job the following week, and then they have actually an empty house. Yes, this sets up Brooke come be summary reliant on her friends and also boyfriend Felix, however it makes no sense. 

Also, once Brooke decides to start her fashion line clothing Over Bros the end of she apartment in high school, she does therefore using child labor — even though this is completely illegal and she"d be sue or even jailed because that this in genuine life. And later in Season 6, a 20-something Brooke i do not care a foster mom to a teenage girl. Just how does this also happen? 

Beloved Uncle Keith is the dad Lucas never had and also the companion that Karen never had. The is, before his horrific killing at the hands of his brother, Dan, during One Tree Hill"s Season 3 (via TVLine). The is loving and gentle, a Jack Pearson-type personality long prior to This is Us. But there is a huge hole in Uncle Keith"s arc that just adults would notice. 

After Dan finds the end Keith slept v his wife, Deb, Dan hires Jules/Emily, who is play by Maria Menounos, come pretend to loss in love v Keith v the intention of leaving him in ~ the altar. ~ this tremendous fiasco, Keith decides to leave Tree Hill for a while and also teach. However, Uncle Keith is a mechanic with only a high college degree and no higher education in ~ all. How can he all of sudden land a task as a teacher with no qualifications? also mechanics teachers need certifications. It to be an odd means to write the character out of the show"s key story.

After the departure of an essential characters Lucas and Peyton in ~ the finish of Season 6, One Tree Hill, one of several TV series that ongoing after they shed their star, make the efforts to reclaim its footing through introducing new characters and also storylines, part less efficiently than others. One of those personalities was Nanny Carrie, who Haley and Nathan hired to aid with your precocious son, Jamie, while Nathan recovered indigenous his back injury. Carrie has a psychotic break and decides she wants to change Haley. Carrie at some point ends increase kidnapping Jamie prior to getting killed by Dan Scott. This arc is extremely over the top, also for One Tree Hill.

Another bonkers storyline requires Nathan"s certified dealer Clay, who additionally gets set upon by a psycho stalker, Katie Ryan, who is his late mam Sara"s doppelgänger. At first, Clay thinks she is a hallucination, an illusion easily shattered once Katie shoot both Clay and also his girlfriend, Quinn. But Clay"s story gets even an ext bizarre. In his grief, Clay somehow forgot that he had a son. While it need to be touching when they lastly reunite, it"s actually just weird. One Tree Hill really jumped the shark in the final few seasons.

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Dan Scott to be a villain"s villain, and his evil machinations never ever stopped, even as the show tried come redeem him over and also over again. From him ultimately coming clean about having bring away his very own brother"s life to him rescuing Haley and also Nathan"s kid from Nanny Carrie, One Tree Hill kept in search of ways to justify his presence in a city that no him, and revisiting these arcs as an adult the town hall the show is puzzling indeed. 

But it gets worse when Dan only spends 5 years in prison for death Keith in cold blood and also covering that up. That"s impossible. He need to have gotten life in prison and also maybe eligibility because that parole after ~ a couple decades. And, after the gets the end of prison, Dan marries Rachel Gattina, the former classmate the both that his sons and the chick who had actually an affair v his brother-in-law, Cooper, as soon as she to be underage. That"s an dreadful lot to overlook!

When you have actually just one almost-fatal accident on a bridge, common sense must dictate that the bridge"s safety demands to it is in reassessed and, in ~ the really least, improve and also extend the guardrails top top both sides. But even ~ the accident in ~ the finish of Season 3 as soon as Rachel and Cooper commandeer Haley and Nathan"s wedding limo and also drive it turn off the leg going right into town, the leg remains just as the was. Due to the fact that of this, years later in Season 8, Haley"s son, Jamie, and Brooke additionally accidentally go off the bridge in the rain, and, as soon as again, they are lucky nobody died. 

Yes, this is all really dramatic, especially due to the fact that it echoes ago to One Tree Hill"s previous seasons for dark rigid effect. However in actual life, that bridge would have been completely reconstructed ~ the an initial accident to guarantee nobody would end up drowning in their automobile as it sunk to the bottom of the river.