Like plenty of other Toyota vehicles, the process to reset the oil adjust (Maintenance Required) light on the Toyota Highlander is lot the same. Follow these measures to reset the oil adjust indicator light.

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2020-2021 Models

Press “Left Arrow” or “Right Arrow” and also select the “Gear” icon on the info display.Use the Up/Down arrows to toggle come
Vehicle Settings“.Press and also hold the “OK” button.Use the Up/Down arrows to toggle come “Oil Maintenance“, then press “OK“.Select “Yes“, then press “OK“.

2008-2019 Models

With the vehicle running, press and also hold the “Trip” button or display adjust button to move the display screen to “Trip A“.Turn the vehicle fully off.Press and also hold the “Trip” stem switch on the odometer.Continue to hold the “Trip” switch while convert the ignition to “On” without beginning the engine. Because that push switch ignition models, push the switch once.Release the “Trip” button as soon as the expedition meter is set to every zeros, and also you’re done.

2001-2007 Models

With the auto running, press the “Trip” stem switch to toggle the display to show the full odometer mileage.Turn the ignition to the “ACC” or “Lock” position.Press and also hold the “Trip” stem switch while turning the ignition come the “On” positionContinue hold the “Trip” stem button until the display screen shows every zeros.

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After performing these steps, the oil reminder should now it is in reset ~ above the Toyota Highlander. By default, the oil reminder irradiate will display every 5,000 miles driven.

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