The Beatles may have been well-known as “the Fab Four,” but when girlfriend look in ~ the songwriting credits 2 names always appear: man Lennon and Paul McCartney. It took till late in the group’s visibility for George Harrison to find his way as a songwriter.

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In fact, that wasn’t until Abbey Road, the band’s last studio album, the a Harrison track (“Something”) reached No. 1 ~ above the charts. Together for Ringo Starr, the band’s carefree drummer, there weren’t many songwriting credits come speak that on any Beatles albums.

The only two Beatles song Ringo got sole credit for to be “Don’t happen Me By” (1968) and “Octopus’s Garden” (1969). However, he did song lead vocals on several tunes. Besides his very own two tracks, you’ll record him singing the command on “With a little Help From mine Friends” native Sgt. Pepper’s.

However, Ringo’s best hit is the song world associate him with the most. That would certainly be “Yellow Submarine,” and also it came awfully close to topping the Billboard warm 100 in 1966.

‘Yellow Submarine’ charted because that 9 weeks and also peaked in ~ No. 2.



June 1966: The Beatles to visit a press conference in Munich, whereby they got the golden Otto award because that being ‘the best Beat team in the World’. Keystone Features/Getty Images

After The Beatles damaged up in 1970, each tape member began successful solo careers. George Harrison would be the first to score a No. 1 struggle (“My Sweet Lord”) in 1970. Next up would be Paul McCartney v “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” in 1971.

However, Ringo beat the great John Lennon to the punch. In 1973, Ringo struggle No. 1 on the Billboard warm 100 v “Photograph,” a track he wrote v Harrison and recorded v his solo band.

Just two months later (January the ’74), Ringo do it ago to the height of the charts through his rendition that “You’re 16.” Lennon didn’t make it there until November of that year, once “Whatever it s okay You through the Night” struggle No. 1.

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Ringo almost made it to No. 1 through The Beatles but, together the speak goes, periodically you have to do it yourself to make certain it’s done right.