meaning that ça va

Ça va is among the most usual greetings and also one the the most essential words to know in the French language. Ça va literally means “that goes”.

In enhancement to being supplied as a greetings, it’s provided in many other situations. We’ll watch at every one of usages in this lesson.

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usages of ça va

When used as a greeting friend may here the adhering to question. Right here ça va? is demanding a yes or no answer.

Question: Salut, ça va? Hi! How’s the going?Answer: Oui, ça va, merci. Fine, thank you.Answer: Non, ça ne vas pas. No, no well (literally: the does not go).

There are several ways of using ça va come ask exactly how somebody’s doing. Below “comment” is being added before ça va to average “how” space you doing?

Question: Salut, comment ça va? Hi! How’s it going?

The question “Comment ça va?” have the right to yield too many of different answers:

Answer: Ça va bien, merci. It’s walking well. This could also translate loose to “I’m walk well”.Answer: Ça va tres bien, merci. It’s going really well, thanks. Answer: Ça va mal. It’s walk poorly. (Or I’m not doing well, etc.)Answer: Ça va tres mal. It’s going really poorly.Answer Ça va comme ci, comme ça. I’m so-so.

more examples

You will hear lots much more uses of ça va sprinkled throughout the French language. Right here are a couple of common examples.

Ça va pas, non? (slightly acquainted language) That’s no okay!Bon, ben, ça va. (again, acquainted language). Well, okay. Ça ne va pas! (Said loudly). No street! You must be kidding!Ça ne va pas la tête! (Expression). Are you the end of her mind? are you nuts?Ça dare va bien. That looks great on you (article the clothing, etc.)Ne t’inquiète pas. Ça va aller. Don’t worry. It will be alright/fine.Ça te/vous va? Is it/that okay with you?Ça ne va add to du tout. It’s no going well anymore at all.

There are a lot much more examples that ça va. has lots of an excellent examples.

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