When Al Pacino as Tony Montana states "Say hello come my small friend" towards the end of Scarface (1983), you have the right to bet he"s not introducing a personal acquaintance. No, that screams this renowned movie line together an army of opponents have infiltrated his stronghold and are closing in to death him. The "little friend" is an AR-15 assault rifle equipped v a grenade launcher. Tony knows he will not endure this fight -- and also it"s apparent to the audience too -- however the brutal drug lord is walking to take as numerous of his enemies out together he can. That"s Tony Montana"s style. The is a fighter who"d quite die in a hail of bullets 보다 surrender.

What Is The tiny Friend Anyway?

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When the "little friend" went up for auction in 2015, Darren Julien of Julien"s Auctions defined it as "a non-firing prop M203 grenade launcher mounted to a non-firing prop M-16 armed forces style attack rifle." That"s a small inaccurate; when the grenade launcher was initially attached to an M-16A1, cinematographer man Alonzo decided that the AR-15 would certainly be much easier to film. The weapon showed up in various other films, most notably the 1987 action hit Predator, in i beg your pardon Arnold Schwarzenegger wields it against a deadly extraterrestrial enemy. In both movies, the weapon fired live rounds, yet the exercise of using live ring in filming to be banned following the 1993 on-set death of Brandon Lee.

The win bidder paid $54,000 for the gun.


“Say Hello to My little Friend” began out through a coked-out Al Pacino punch rival drug dealers come smithereens in the incomparable Scarface. Today, the famous phrase has pervaded itself into many elements of daily life. If you ever before watched MTV’s Cribs, you’ll understand that that a quasi-law that rappers, basketball players, or anyone with a marble staircase must own a Scarface poster.

The 1983 classic was a retelling the a 1932 gangster movie by the exact same title yet with way, way more cocaine. Apparently, Al Pacino saw the original and immediately witnessed the potential for a remake. Ns Diddy, who professed to have seen the movie 63 times, “for the lessons,” remains grateful. 

"You Wanna F**k with Me? Okay. You Wanna play Rough?"


Director Brian De Palma and also Al Pacino want to do the movie together grisly, visceral, and also hardcore as possible. That desire for realism caused a range of exciting decisions. Because that instance, in ~ one allude the movie hosted the record for much more F-words offered in a movie through 226.

The longer line, like most of Tony"s utterances, walk contain an F-bomb:

You wanna f**k through me? Okay. You wanna beat rough? Okay. To speak hello come my tiny friend!

Pacino also actually snorted a infant laxative that they provided as cocaine. According to Pacino, that wasn’t great for his sleep passages, “For years after, ns have had things up in there. Ns don’t know what taken place to mine nose, however it’s changed.”

Miami not So Nice


The areas were among the only facets that failed the authenticity test. At the time, news that an extremely violent medicine movie, centered roughly a Cuban born immigrant in Miami developed a backlash. Naturally, many Cubans and also Miami inhabitants didn’t desire their city shown as such. The Miami Tourist board eventually decided that Scarface couldn’t shoot in Miami. Therefore, Los Angeles, Santa Barabara, and even brand-new York to be Miami-fied to give that tropical feel. 

Attention come Detail


The i can not qualify to shoot in Miami just hardened the crew’s commitment to realism. As soon as Tony Montana screams, “Say hello to my tiny friend” and begins laying waste come his enemies, the muzzle flashes on his AR15 space synched perfectly. That was many thanks to the production team fitting the prop firearms with electronic synchronizing tools designed to fire only once the camera shutter to be open. Such attention to detail rarely happened back then.

De Palma’s commitment to realism ran into problems with the MPAA, the people that rate movies for parental guidance. The an initial three time De Palma submitted the movie, the came earlier with an X rating, which would mean fatality for crate office numbers. Producers climate arranged a meeting between the MPAA and also real medicine officers, that praised the veracity the the film. The just scene De Palma couldn’t gain in to be a chainsaw dismemberment, i m sorry the screenwriter Oliver rock learned native the DEA actually happened. 

It to be The ‘80s

Judging by how well she"s aged, Pfeiffer could have been the only celebrity not partaking in the "80s booger sugar. (abcnew.go)

To depict the mam of a cocaine lord, Michelle Pfeiffer live on a diet the “tomato soup and also Marlboros." She gained so wafer-thin that crew members began bringing her bagels to the set! Oliver Stone, like many celebrities in the ‘80s, fought his own cocaine addictions as he wrote the script. Eventually, he visited Paris, kicked the coke, and also finished the “totally f*****g cold sober.”

Even as Pacino battled baby laxative issues, he made one crew member speak come him in Spanish the whole time to assist keep him in character. The climactic “Say hello to my small friend” got a boost when fellow director alum Steven Spielberg lent a hand. He never ever took credit since he wanted De Palma come rightfully obtain all the credit transaction for “Scarface.”

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