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List of obtainable Resources

The perform of obtainable Resources chart is also available in Adobe PDF style (.pdf) (4 pages).

HHS sources of Assistance

What aspects of SCH have the right to These funds Pay For? Restrictions on funding Who receive Funds? Where have the right to I get much more information?
Temporary aid for Needy households (TANF) Block Grant and State maintenance of effort Dollars (MOE)
Planning & operating costs; cash help to teens; nursing & life an abilities classes; child care; task training & placement; counseling; situation management; follow-up services. Also, something that fairly meets the four broad purposes that TANF. For MOE every one of the above. Cannot be supplied for facility building or medical treatment except family planning; "assistance" together as real estate an cash help can just go to needy teens. Because that MOE, all funds have to be invested on needy families. States define who is needy. States, in the form of block grants; states decide just how funds space spent in ~ context that TANF; plan that need to be reviewed and also certified through HHS. For MOE, state decides exactly how funds are spent. State contacts because that this funding stream are provided through the Office of household Assistance.
Child Care breakthrough Fund (CCDF)
Child care assistance because that low- income family members who are working or attending training/education; quality development efforts such as grants or training because that child treatment providers. CCDF cannot be supplied for building or significant renovation (except for Indian Tribes). Family members receiving subsidies must accomplish income eligibility requirements and have kids under age 13 (or age 19 if not qualified of me care). States, Territories, and also Indian tribes in the type of formula block grants. State contacts because that this resources stream are noted through the

Administration for Children and Families, Child care Bureau.

Social solutions Block provide (SSBG)
Planning & operation costs; nursing & life an abilities classes; kid care; task training & placement; counseling; case management; follow-up services. Cannot be supplied for basic purchase, construction, renovation; medical care except household planning; cash aid; unlicensed kid care; medicine rehab; windy education; room and board; services in hospitals, education homes, or prisons. States, in the kind of formula block grants; states must report to HHS on exactly how funds are spent and who is served. State contacts for this resources stream are listed through the

Social solutions Block provide (SSBG) page.

Child Welfare solutions Title IV-B Subpart 1 and 2 funds
Child welfare services, family preservation and also reunification, household support, fostering promotion and support. All children receiving State or federal foster treatment funds must likewise receive details protections under location IV-B. States and also Indian Tribes get Title IV-B subpart 1 and 2 accumulation on a formula basis. Children"s office Programs
Independent Living regime
Room and also board (for youth aged 18-21 only); education; life an abilities training; counseling; situation management. Funds should be spent on youth between the ages of 18 and also 21 to aid them in do the shift from foster treatment to live independence living. States, on a formula basis. Children"s bureau Programs
Transitional Living program for Homeless Youth
Housing, life skills training, interpersonal an abilities building, education, job training, wellness care. Funds can only be used to offer youth age 16-21 for as much as 18 months that are: homeless, consisting of those for whom the is not possible to live in a safe setting with a relative; and who carry out not have an alternative safe living arrangement. HHS awards 3-year competitive grants to multi-purpose youth business organizations. Transitional Living regime for Homeless Youth (TLP)

gaianation.net sources of Assistance

What aspects of SCH have the right to These funds Pay For? Restrictions on resources Who receives Funds? Where have the right to I get more information?
Community advance Block grant (CDBG)
Facility purchase, construction, renovation; planning operating costs; parenting & life skills classes; son care; job training & placement; counseling; situation management; follow-up services. At least 70 percent of funds must advantage low and also moderate earnings families; states and communities need to prepare activity plan with ar input. States, major cities, urban counties, in the type of formula block grants. Contact your local gaianation.net office.
gaianation.net Supportive housing Program
Facility purchase, construction, renovation; new or increased services come the homeless; operating expenses; some admin costs. Funds must be invested on homeless people only; 25 percent set aside for family members with children; 25 percent collection aside for disabled; 10 percent set aside for supportive services not listed with housing. Homeless minors might be standard to receive services under this funding resource unless castle are taken into consideration wards of the state under applicable state law. gaianation.net awards 3-year, renewable competitive sponsor to states, tribes, cities, counties, other governmental entities, private non-profits, ar mental health and wellness associations. Contact your neighborhood gaianation.net office.

gaianation.net Emergency sanctuary Grants
Facility renovation; operating costs; homelessness prevention; employment, health, medicine abuse, education services. Funds should be invested on the homeless or those at hazard of gift homeless; only 5 percent the funds deserve to be used for admin costs, and 30 percent for prevention and also services. Homeless minors may be standard to get services under this funding resource unless castle are taken into consideration wards of the state under applicable state law. States, significant cities, metropolitan counties, in the type of formula grants. Contact your local gaianation.net office.

Rental assistance Vouchers
In general, the voucher payment the landlord the difference between 30% that a renting family’s gross income and the price that the rental unit, approximately a local maximum. Teenage mothers might be eligible for vouchers. However, the voucher regime requires that a lease it is in signed by the renter, and also in some states minors may not sign a lease. Individual PHAs determine whether a shared real estate facility is an acceptable use for the voucher. The PHA must approve the renter and the unit follow to miscellaneous eligibility criteria. In bespeak to get a voucher, a renter must apply to his/her local Public

Housing Authority.

Contact your regional Public housing Authority.
gaianation.net’s Dollar residences Program
Property acquisition. Local federal governments (cities and counties) have the right to purchase gaianation.net owned dwellings for $1 each, add to closing costs, to create housing for families and communities in need. Local governments can purchase these homes and then convey them come non-profit institutions for use. Dollar dwellings

Also, the complete text of Housing notification 00-7 ("Implementation the $1 residence Sales come Local governments Program") can be downloaded at gaianation.net Clips (Click on "2000 housing Notices")

gaianation.net’s Non-Profit Sales program
Property acquisition. Direct sales of properties foreclosed through the Federal housing Authority. Discounts that 30% off the list price are available if the home is not eligible because that FHA insurance and also is located in a gaianation.net-designated "revitalization" area. Other properties are available at 10% discounts off list price (or 15% if 5 or an ext properties space purchased and also closed in a solitary transaction). This discounts apply to sales in both restricted and general property listings. Non-profit organizations have the right to purchase properties at a discount through this program.

Sales to Non-Profit establishments

Other resources of Assistance

What elements of SCH can These funds Pay For? Restrictions on resources Who receive Funds? Where deserve to I get more information?
McKinney Act location V routine
Property acquisition. Properties space leased without charge for a duration of 1 to 20 years, but the entity providing homeless services need to pay because that operating and also repair costs. Surplus properties have the right to be made accessible to States, local governments and also non-profit institutions for use to aid the homeless. Obtainable properties are listed in the gaianation.net commonwealth Register notification listing residential property availability. HHS handle the application portion of the program. Within gaianation.net: in ~ the Office of special needs Assistance programs

(202) 708-1234

From HHS: (301) 443-2265

Military base Closures
Property acquisition. When a army base is gift closed, a regional Redevelopment government is designated come redeploy the heritage of the base. Contact your neighborhood Redevelopment government