ns need help with latent and sensible heat. P.S: I have been v all Wikipedia and other pages that say phase adjust and temperature change.

My concern is: if over there is convection, it will take the warmth away from surface, what is the opportunities that the heat taken is implicitly or sensible?

Evaporation is additionally convection and heat carry is additionally convection, so wherein does sensible and also latent heat stands in this story.



First some definitions:

Latent heat is the heat that pipeline or beginning a system during a process where the temperature the the device stays constant. Phase changes are prime instances where latent heat leaves (exothermic) or start (endothermic) a system. Ice melts (endothermic) and water freezes (exothermic) at consistent temperature. Sensible heat is the warm that enters or exit a mechanism when the temperature the the device changes. Heating or cooling water are cases that involve cautious heat. All warm flow in between two systems calls for a temperature difference between the systems. Convection is heat flow between two solution by activity of mass. The two other warm flows room conduction and also radiation.

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Now come the questions:

During a phase change, the temperature the the system stays constant. The heat acquired or lost is dubbed latent heat. To vaporize a liquid, we should supply heat. Thus vaporization is endothermic (heat enters the system). To obtain the heat into the system, us must set the surroundings in ~ a name is temperature. Otherwise the warm will not flow. The procedure by which the warm flows have the right to be any kind of one the the three modes. We can set a pot of water in a pan ~ above an electrical heater and also realize conduction indigenous the burner come the pan come the water. We can collection use a hair dryer come blow hot air end the pot and realize (forced) convection from the air to the pan. Finally, we can set the pot a tiny distance over the glowing electric burner and also realize radiation indigenous the electrical burner come the pot.

By contrast, consider the situation of a day whereby the exterior temperature is listed below freezing and the air is still. A duck pond in the yard is not frozen over. Clearly, it’s water temperature is over freezing. Should we jump in the duck pond to warm up? Of food not! The natural convection coefficient that stagnate water is higher than the herbal convection coefficient of stagnate air (and the distinction only becomes better in flow water matches flowing air). The water pulls warm from united state by convection much faster than the air does at the same temperature, and also our human body temperature will drop quicker than once we would remain standing in the quiet air.

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Also, if the conduction coefficient of water is bigger than that for air, the main warm transfer in a liquid is convection, also in stagnate cases. The heat that flows the end of our body as our human body temperature autumn is wise heat.