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It is a special syrup that comes in several ranges with a different color, consistency, flavor and also sugar content.

Molasses Shelf Life & Expiration

Blackstrap molasses – the many popular range – is the thickest and darkest in color. Unopened, it have to last in the cabinet for at least a year and up to two years. As soon as opened, it must be provided within 6 months.Light molasses is a lighter color and less thick than blackstrap, but has a comparable shelf life – one to two years if unopened and six months once opened.Unsulfured molasses walk not have actually the preservative sulfur dioxide included to the to assist prevent that from spoiling, therefore it will not last as long as sulfured molasses. It’s ideal to usage within 6 months that purchase, and also keep refrigerated when opened instead of in the cabinet like other varieties.

The biggest distinction in shelf life is between opened and unopened bottles of molasses. One unopened party of molasses lasts in the cupboard for at least a year. In reality, if save properly, it have the right to probably last up to 2 years.

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Once opened, the molasses beginning to decline and the bottle will certainly notlast as long. An opened up bottle the molasses should be offered within 6 months tobe ~ above the for sure side.

If you purchase a bottle and store it for one year before opening, itwill as such last 18 months. The a an excellent idea to write the purchase date andthe opening date on her molasses packaging, so the you have the right to be sure of the ageof the bottle.

Most party will have actually a “best before” or “use by” date, i m sorry is justa guideline. If the molasses no show any signs of being spoiled, it couldeven last up to four years if correctly stored.

How come Tell If Molasses Is Bad

It’s a an excellent idea to examine your molasses as soon as you an initial open the andgive it a taste, for this reason you know what the looks and also tastes like when it’s in peakcondition. Climate you can watch for signs of that going bad.

To check for those telltale signs before it’s completely gone bad, perform a three-part test, checking just how it looks, exactly how it smells and also how it tastes.

The first test is exactly how it looks as soon as you open the bottle. Below are somesigns the it demands to it is in thrown out:

There’s mold roughly the cap or on thesurface of the molasses.There are indicators of crystallizationor clumping.There’s a change in color or otherchange in appearance.

If that looks ok however the smell isoff, it’s best to purchase a brand-new bottle. You will have the ability to easily call thatit’s no good anymore if the odor is awful.

If the look and also smell room fine butyou still aren’t certain if it’s good to eat, girlfriend can try tasting a small spoon ofit. If you take it a small amount, it shouldn’t make you sick and also you will recognize ifit’s well to proceed using.

Can Spoiled Molasses make You Sick?

It’s not most likely that girlfriend will gain sick indigenous spoiled molasses, however tobe top top the for sure side, it’s best to throw it out if friend have any doubts about itsfreshness. It’s much easier to purchase a brand-new jar 보다 to worry around any feasible sideeffects.

Molasses additionally gets more an overwhelming to pour or usage in cooking if that getstoo thick or crystallizes.

How To save Molasses

Heat and air room the biggest factors that influence the shelf life of molasses, for this reason it’s easy to keep it fresh and also keep a lengthy time by storing the in a cool, dried place.

Keeping it at room temperature is fine, for this reason an enclosed cupboard orpantry is a good option because that storage. If possible, storing the in the basement orcellar is even more ideal, as it will certainly be far from the heat and humidity thatcan permeate a kitchen environment.

It’s important to be certain that once opened, the lid is close up door tightlyafter every use. The quickest way for her molasses to spoil is by placing itaway v the lid off or loose.

Does Molasses must Be Refrigerated?

You do not need to refrigerate molasses, through the exemption of unsulfured molasses. Since this deserve to ferment, it should be kept refrigerated, unless you go with it fairly quickly.

Keeping constant molasses in the fridge would make it an extremely thick anddifficult to pour. Mental the old saying, “Slow as molasses in January?” Youget the idea.

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Can You freeze Molasses?

It is possible to store molasses in a freezer, yet it most likely won’t frozen solid since of the sugar content. As soon as thawed, the will more than likely be grainy or crystallized, similar to what wake up to honey.

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So it’s ideal to store it in a cool, dark location like a pantry or cellar. Comfortable baking note – if her molasses walk crystallize, placed the bottle in a pot of warm water (not boiling) and let it sit because that a while. The will go back to a thinner consistency.