In this post, i’ve presented name of different family relationship (in English) in one easy-to-understand way. My approach has to be to start with a crucial member the a household (father, mother, brother, sister, etc.) and mention all relationships that converge right into her/ him.

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(Note: the relationship themselves have been highlighted in bold because that ease of browsing.)

See it because that yourself. These partnership words will certainly surely enhance your vocabulary.

1. Relations on the mother side of household tree

First off, a different of mom herself. When a man remarries, his new wife is the stepmother of any type of children indigenous his previous marriage.

Mother’s brother and also male cousins: Uncle (and ‘aunt‘ because that his wife)

Mother’s sister and female cousins: Aunt (and ‘uncle‘ for her husband)

Relations two generations older to you:

Mother’s father: Maternal grandfather

Mother’s mother: Maternal grandmother

Relations three generations older come you:

Mother of your grandparent: Great grandmother

Father of your grandparent: Great grandfather

(Note that mom of maternal grandfather as well as maternal grandm is called an excellent grandmother. Very same goes for great grandfather.)

2. Connections on the father side of family members tree

First off, a different of father himself. Once a woman remarries, her new husband is the stepfather of any children from she previous marriage.

Father’s brother and male cousins: Uncle (and ‘aunt‘ because that his wife)

Father’s sister and also female cousins: Aunt (and ‘uncle‘ for her husband)

Relations 2 generations older come you:

Father’s father: Paternal grandfather

Father’s mother: Paternal grandmother

Relations three generations older to you:

Mother of her grandparent: Great grandmother

Father of her grandparent: Great grandfather

If friend noticed, numerous of the relationship in English are quite straightforward. Siblings or cousins of your parents are called uncle or aunt (their spouses also go by the exact same name). This is for this reason unlike relationship in plenty of other languages. In Hindi, because that example, father’s younger brothers is referred to as chacha (and his spouse chachi) and also father’s older brother, tau (and his spouse tai). And this is just on the brother side. Father’s sister is referred to as bua (and she spouse, phupha).

3. Your instant family

Wife/ Husband (Spouse)

Male child: Son or step-son (a kid of one’s husband or wife from a previous marriage)

Female child: Daughter or step-daughter (a daughter the one’s husband or mam from a ahead marriage)

Son’s wife: Daughter-in-law

Daughter’s husband: Son-in-law

Son’s or daughter’s son: Grandson

Son’s or daughter’s daughter: Granddaughter

4. Connections in the household of wife

(Wife is woman spouse.)

Wife’s father: Father-in-law

Wife’s mother: Mother-in-law

Wife’s brother: Brother-in-law

Wife’s sister: Sister-in-law

(Note: any type of relationship v ‘in-law’ in the finish indicates that the partnership is by marriage and not by blood.)

5. Connections in the household of husband

(Husband is male spouse.)

Husband’s father: Father-in-law

Husband’s mother: Mother-in-law

Husband’s brother: Brother-in-law

Husband’s sister: Sister-in-law

6. Connections in the household of brother

(Brother is masculine sibling.)

The two variants that this (brother) partnership are:

Half-brother: You’re my half-brother if we’ve one parental in common, but not both.
Stepbrother: You’re my stepbrother if we’ve no parental in common, yet one of our parents have actually married each other.

Here are the relationships in the family of your brother:

Brother’s wife: Sister-in-law

Brother’s daughter: Niece

Brother’s son: Nephew

7. Relations in the household of sister

(Sister is woman sibling.)

The 2 variants that this (sister) relationship are:

Half-sister: You’re mine half-sister if we’ve one parental in common, however not both.
Stepsister: You’re mine stepsister if we’ve no parental in common, yet one of our parents have married every other.

Here are the relationship in the household of her sister:

Sister’s husband: Brother-in-law

Sister’s daughter: Niece

Sister’s son: Nephew

If girlfriend noticed, brother-in-law is offered for brothers of her spouse as well as for husband of her sister. Similarly, sister-in-law is supplied for sisters of your spouse and also wife of her brother.

Just favor the multifarious usage of ‘uncle’ and also ‘aunt’, ‘nephew’ and also ‘niece’ too are used for more than one relationship. In contrast, in Hindi, for example, sister’s son and also daughter are called bhanja and also bhanji, respectively. Conversely, brother’s son and also daughter are called bhatija and bhatiji, respectively. Most relationships space far an ext straightforward in English.

8. The special case of cousins


In the household tree above, X and Y space married and also have children A0 and also B0. A1 and B1 room their grandchildren. A2 and also B2 space their great-grandchildren. And also so on.

In this family, A0 and B0 are siblings (they re-superstructure parents). A1 and also B1 are first cousins (don’t have actually same parents, however share a grandparent). A2 and B2 are second cousins (don’t have actually same grandparents, yet share a great-grandparent). A3 and also B3 are 3rd cousins (don’t have same great-grandparents, however share a great-great-grandparent). And also so on.

First cousins, in less complicated words, are children of her aunt or uncle.

Within couple of generations, the family members tree gets as well cumbersome to recognize at a glance. Right here is a proof:



Image source (Dick Cheney)

Barrack Obama (top), the previous President the the united States, and Dick Cheney, the former Vice President, space cousins.

Eighth cousins!

Obama and Brad Pitt are ninth cousins.

And it gets weirder.

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Obama and Bush, the two previous Presidents representing the contrary poles in the politics spectrum, space tenth cousins.