Who execute I talk to to begin the quest to buy the house in Riften? I have actually talked the Steward, the Jarl, and also did a pursuit for the court mage, and still no quest started. Carry out I need to kill the dragon behind Riften, or is there part other way to do this?



This is excellent in three parts:

Part 1: get into the good graces the the Jarl

How you execute this is dependent on who controls the city during the polite war:

If girlfriend don"t let the Imperials take control of the city, the Jarl will be Laila Law-Giver. You can win she favor by perfect all components of the assorted objectives that starts through Wujeeta in ~ the Fishery.

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If the Imperials have actually taken control, you can win favor with the newly set up Jarl by speaking to them.

Part 2: become a champion of the human being of Riften

Once the Jarl likes you, you"ll be able to secure her to trust by help the world of Riften. Completing five miscellaneous missions or favors in Riften will complete this step.

Part 3: manage Riften"s medicine problem

There room three assorted objectives you have to complete: "Helping Hand", "The Raid", and "Supply and Demand". You might"ve currently completed these as part of the first two steps.

Once complete, you deserve to purchase your brand-new home because that a cool 8,000 gold.

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For a complete walkthrough, this is exactly what i did:

Spoke come Wujeeta and also completed "Helping Hand" by giving her a healing potion.Intimidated Wujeeta right into telling me whereby she obtained her SkoomaSpoke come Jarl Laila in Mistveil Keep and told her who the dealer is, and accepted her inquiry to shut him downWent into the Riften Warehouse, challenged the dealer, and also retrieved the information about where the Skooma was coming fromTold the Jarl about the source, who then told me to deal with it (noting the I"d be well on my means to a location in Riften for doing so)Went north to Craigslane Cavern and disrupted the Skooma operation by death everyoneinside and outsideReported ago to the Jarl about the disruption. At this point, the Jarl didn"t have actually anything new to say.Spoke come Wylandriah, the Jarl"s mage, and completed her retrieval searches by going come Windhelm, Winterhold, and Ivarstead.Spoke come Sibbi Black-Briar in the Riften jail, and subsequently perfect "The lover Requital"Completed a dragon bounty provided by the Jarl"s steward.Spoke to Romlyn Dreth and subsequently completed "Under the Table."

At this point, I obtained a brand-new objective to speak to the Jarl. Upon speak to her, she claimed she"d do me Thane as soon as I purchased a residence in Riften, which i was then permitted to do by speaking to the Steward.