I constantly make intuitions concerning the future, sometimes good and periodically bad, and most of the moment they are most likely to be proven true. Therefore what would certainly a human be called whose intuitions always become true and also happen?



In such a case you space prescient.

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noun pre·science \\ˈpre-sh(ē-)ən(t)s, ˈprē-, -s(ē-)ən(t)s\\

the ability to understand what will certainly or might happen in the future



Although the word \"prophet\" may have actually a religious meaning in part contexts, that can likewise be supplied to refer to a human being with non-spiritual abilities come predict the future.


A human being who makes or claims to be able to make predictions: the anti-technology prophets the doom (Oxford Dictionaries)


A human who has:

Foreknowledge of one event, particularly as a type of extrasensory perception. (ODO)

is precognitive (adjective):

The woman who stepped into my office to be tall, leggy, beautiful - and also bewildered, \"How did you understand I was around to knock\" \"Like it states on the door, I\"m a precognitive detective.

Jack Hammett, Precognitive Detective

or has actually precognitive abilities/ability of precognition:

\"He\"s been dead because that ten years\", she said.

\"Er\", said Windle, yet the concern was currently there in his larynx, \"I to trust Mr. Cake is in great health?\"

\"It\"s okay. Oi speak to that occasional,\" stated Mrs. Cake.

\"I\"m i m really sorry to listen that,\" said Windle.

\"All right, if it provides you feel any type of better.\"

\"Um, Mrs. Cake? I\"m finding that a little confusing. Could you...switch off...your precognition...?\"

from: The reaping machine Man, by terrycloth Pratchet

(context: Mrs. Cake has the ability of precognition, therefore she answers Windle\"s questions before he has actually the chance to ask them.)

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There is words prognosticator which according to Merriam Webster way one that predicts future events or developments and defined through Lexico (powered by Oxford) as a human being who foretells or prophesies a future event. Although it sounds fairly rare, i quite choose it and the questioner has not specified if they want a rare word or a usual word. Google Ngram provides a spike between 1580 and also 1600 and then there\"s a decrease in that use. Yet it has remained in use since 1730s till now.

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If it is true, you room a foreseer:

FORESEE\"\"R, n. One that foresees or foreknows.

If you think the gift is somehow magnificent in nature, then you space an Oracle.

Reference: young name Webster\"s American thesaurus of the gaianation.net Language, 1828.

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Another indigenous you could use is augur.

From Dictionary.com:

noun 1. Among a group of old Roman public representative charged with observing and also interpreting omens because that guidance in public affairs. 2. Soothsayer; prophet.verb (used through object) 3. To divine or predict, together from omens; prognosticate.

A synonym that augur is auspex.

Also, predictor is someone who predicts.

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How around visionary?


visionary: A human with initial ideas around what the future will certainly or can be like

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